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BTW, this chapter is gonna take place at the beginning of the movie.

Two Years Later…

Pepper's POV:

Another day over with. Gosh I hate high school. Especially vaccination day. It doesn't work well with my pregnancy hormones. They just make me wanna punch those stupid nurses that put their hands on my stomach. At least it is finally over with. As we walk out, we get stopped by Wanda's mom. She bitched on about her dinner. As we get to the car Crybaby put on his music and lit a match trying to capture the eye of a certain blonde girl that was running towards us.

"Hide me please, hide me." Allison pleaded as she tried to hide behind me.

"Ally cat I am only 4'10. You're at least 5'4. How do you think this is gonna work?" I ask staring at her, also wondering why she needed to hide.

"Peps, I am willing to crouch down." As I was about to ask why she needed to be unseen so bad, I soon got my answer. The square of all squares looked towards us, eyes burning as he saw who was trying and failing to hide behind me.

"Allison darling, don't hide behind those creatures. Come over here right now, you know you should be on my arm at all times."

"Baldwin, I can hide behind whoever I want." Allison said as she attempted to hold her ground. This made the others angry as Baldwin always tries to control her. It isn't her fault she is with him, her grandmother made them date. That evil witch. The rest of the gang kinda looked out for Allison now since she is my best friend from the wrong side of the tracks.

"Beat it creep or your gonna get a black eye to match that idiotic getup." Mona said as she balled her hands into fists, she felt very protective of the young square blonde. Beating Baldwin to a pulp was just a plus. Baldwin grabbed Allison by her elbow and all hell broke loose. Crybaby had him by the neck before any of us could blink. I always knew he had feelings for her, him admitting it to me a year ago just proved it.


I was sitting on the front porch wandering about my friend Allison. I knew she had fallen head over heels in love with my brother but I had no idea how he felt. I decided to ask him myself.

"Crybaby, what do you think of Allison?" I asked nonchalantly hoping he would take the bait.

"She seems pretty hip, why?" he asked.

"Just wondering, I think you got blue balls for her." I said giving him a knowing smirk.

"What…me? No, not her, never." He stuttered out. I knew then and there he liked her.

End Flashback

Mrs. Vernon-Williams pulled up in her car and started shrieking, this woman, my gosh.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF HIM YOU VIGILANTE!" She screamed at my brother while hitting him with her purse. This lady is crazy.


Allison got into the car as did Baldwin with a smirk I just wanted to rip off his face.

"Wait, Mrs. Vernon-Williams, can Allison come over to my house tonight? We are gonna be having a little get together." I asked sweetly.

"I think not. My granddaughter shouldn't be associating with you hooligans." She said as she sped away.

We knew that Allison would be allowed over tonight, I looked into Crybaby's eyes and knew he had a plan. First we had to go home though.

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