The Keys of My Heart.

You Don't Know My Name.

Just an ordinary day at the coffee house/diner where I worked...children running around, their parents trying to run after them but failing horribly. Random french fries, ketchup bottles and napkins sprawl along the floor. Countless menus being given and endless order sheets written on. Everyone shoves in here during the lunch rush and our staff run around like headless chickens getting their orders, making their orders, serving their orders and cleaning it up afterwards so the next customers can take that place. My manger, Sue Sylvester may practically be the worst boss ever and I've worked a lot of dead end shitty jobs the past year to know what I'm talking about. Sue used to be some cheer leading coach that lead her team to winning multinational championships but she was focusing on literally destroying the opposition! She would sabotage the opposition in her division by pushing their coaches down stairs or somehow injure their top tumblers and flyers. Now I know what you're thinking... Maybe that was the only way her team could win, by cheating? Well the truth to the fact is that she didn't need cheating to win, her team was flawless! She worked her team to the bone. They were all kept on strict diet and had weekly weight checks and fitness updates. They practiced daily for at least 5 hours everyday. They were only high school students but Sue treated them like they were all in the Navy. Don't believe me? Well, the U.S Navy itself donated Sue one of their vigorous obstacle courses and every Saturday her team had to run, jump, flip and tumble through the course and those who couldn't make it through the obstacle course Bear Grills wouldn't survive, they were cut and put on the island of unfit misfits. Sue Sylvester wanted to dominate the competition in every way and JUST winning wasn't enough. She wanted to CRUSH them, scar them for life and make them quiver in terror when they heard or even saw Sue. Anyway one thing lead to another and the parents of her cheerleaders finally got wind of what Sue were putting their children through to which she plainly reacted 'The don't need education! Look what has that gotten us? A double dip recession thanks to those educated fossil monkeys and drag queens that look like Barbra Streisand and Tina Turner. Oh and by the way! I'm running for congress, you sickening bags of dirt. Vote Sue.' Let's just say that the parents weren't too optimistic being called 'sickening bags of dirt' and took the matter up with the Cheerleading board. They conducted an investigation and interviewed Sue, her cheerleaders and some of the other competitors in the division and some parents. The results that they found was disturbing to say the least and they instantly banned Sue from ever coaching or competing again without a trial of any sorts. It was all over the news a few months ago and Sue used the hype to promote her campaign at any chance she had. I don't know what happened exactly that she ended up being the manager at a semi-popluar run down coffee house/diner in the heart of New York but your guess is as good as mine.

"Jugs The Clown! Stop daydreaming and get your ass to those sloppy diseased organisms called customers!" Yep, that was Sue. Since I've worked her she's thinks that I got a boob job or used breast enhances or something cause my boobs 'don't look normal!' What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I look down at the little clevange that I show in my black and baby blue uniform. They don't look they?

"Hey, San..." A hand waves back and forth in front of my face. As I'm slowly pulled back to reality, I see who it is. Quinn is my best friend slash roommate for the past 6 months. She's a single mother, working a crappy job and a part time model. She got pregnant with her daughter, Beth when she was 17, one night when she drank to much and her friend Noah Puckerman kinda took advantage of her but he denies it and says she kept on asking for it. She and Puck have matured from back in High School and they have joint custardy over Beth.

"Quinn?..." I register her face.

"Welcome back from your inner montage." She chuckled softly and I smile back at her.

"Okay, so why pull me out my montage? I was beginning to enjoy it!" I whined playfully.

"You're never gonna guess who's here..." She smiles at me and I looked at her confused. Guess who's here? Who is she...I look at the time and I realize that its 3 'O clock on the dot which means one thing. Brittany S. Pierce is coming for lunch...

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