Chapter 19:

Conversations and Confessions Pt. 2

Brittany P.O.V

"Yes, darling and by your choice of words I could hear exactly what was going on." You begin to blush excessively at your mother's words.

"We didn't have sex!" You blurt out.

"Who didn't have sex?" Another rough voice enters the conversation. In comes your father with Charles in tow with usual smirk on his lips. How you ever found that attractive you'd never know.

"Miss me?" Charlie says with his sly voice and I know this conversation just took a bad turn.

"Are you freaking kidding me right now?" I mumbled under my breath as my eyes widened at my dad and Charlie's entrance. "Why are you here?!" I raised my voice as Charlie's smirk reached ridiculous proportions.

"Well love, your mother and father called me to fetch them from the airport." Charlie said as he stood next to my father dressed in a blue skinny jean, waist coat and white semi-formal shirt.

"Indeed. Charles had the decency to pick us up from the airp-"

"Oh my god, mom! I didn't even know you guys were coming today! Aaron told me she you guys were flying in tonight not…" I checked the time on my watch. "… 10:40 in the morning." I unfolded my arms and covered my eyes at some illogical reasoning she was about to spew out.

"Sweetie, Charlie said that you-"I stopped my father in his tracks as he was about to take Charlie's side too.

"Dad, you've been brainwashed too!" I stared at him big eyes. I know he was the softer one when it comes to his family side compared to my wannabe-high-society-bitch of a mother. I mean I love her and everything, but fuck… I thought he would be less substantial to brain wash.

"Brittany, we're here to talk to you about this breaking off your engagement with Charlie." My mom said with a raised hushed tone.

"Yes, but why? I have a valid reason for doing it."

"Which is...?"

"He cheated on me! What other reason do you fucking need?!" I shouted with my hands raised. I almost never shouted with my mother but she was being ridiculous and getting on my last nerve.

"Don't you dare use that language in this house, Brittany!" Her eyes went wide, but remained cold with just a hint of surprise flickering behind it.

"I can use whatever language I fucking want to, mom! This is my apartment after all!"

"That your parents pay for." Charlie deadpanned and everyone turned to his sudden comment. The room went silent for all about two seconds before I got pissed. I mean we spent two years together and now he is against me and starting to act like we never had anything.

"Charlie, shut up. No one was talking to you and you know I pay for more than half of my rent." I rolled over my eyes in his direction. "The only reason my parents pay for anything is because they want a key to my apartment and I was fine with that seeing as you…" I pointed to my mother who was still sitting on my couch. "… barely show your face in New York twice a year."


"Remind me to take your key before you leave because clearly, if you are going to start marching in to my apartment unannounced, I need to take it now."

"You're just pissed because your little Mexican gardener left." Mexican gardener? What the.. Oh Santana. That freaking asshole.

"Santana isn't Mexican, she's Hispanic you dumbass. No wonder you almost failed out of college."

"You almost did what Charles?!" My mother looked at him like he had three heads.

*Ding Dong*

Saved by the bell.

"I gotta go get this." I said slowly and pointed to the door as my mother started going off on her 'Pedestal Son.' I weaved in between the couch and ducked behind my father to walk to the door. I opened the large wooden door and lost my breath.


"Hi." She stood there smiling shyly. "I know you're uhmmm… 'busy'" She air quoted. "But I kinda left my keys here and Quinn is working and Emma took Beth out sooooo?"

"Y-yeah, yeah… sure." I stuttered out like an idiot. "I can't believe you're here." My smile extended.

"Was that conversation with your mom that bad?" She chuckled quietly and I just looked down and stared at the floor. "Wow… That bad." Santana mumbled into the cold, crisp air.

"It's not just my mom that's in there…"

"Your dad too?" She offered up.

"Yeah and Charlie."

"Wait." Her head shot up immediately. "That douche-ward is here?" Santana's face scrunched up as she frowned in anger and irritation. I nodded slowly to her question. I guess she saw the look on my face because cupped my face and made me face here. "Awww Britt… I shouldn't have left you here." She tried to peck me on my lips, but she could sense my hesitation. What if one of them saw what was going on between me and Santana? This would definitely not help this situation.

"Sorry." She started to let go of my face.

"No, no, no…" I covered my hands over hers and kept her hands on my face. I leaned down and sweetly kissed her on her lips.

"Uhmmm…." She breathed out, unsure of what to say. "Do you need me to come in or….?"

"Only if you are totally sure, I mean I think they already know that we are an 'us'."

"Your ex told your parents?"

"Well more or less." I blushed when I thought back of the phonecall with my mom. Santana raised a sceptical eyebrow at me that said 'We'll talk about this later.'

"Come on, let's go." I reached down and intertwined our fingers, mixing the colour of our skin to an incredible contrast combination. I pulled her in to the apartment and closed the dor behind us

"Who's at the door?" My dad asked as he probably heard the door close. "Britta- oh uhmmm…" He stopped mid-through my name and stuttered out unsurely. At this, the whole room turned to me and Santana and I could feel her squeezing my hand. For the second time in less than 10 minutes, my living room became quiet.

"Oh wow, speak of the devil! Here's Dora The Explora." Charlie broke the silence with an insult.

"'Sup Pretty Pony. You know your insults are so unoriginal that the smartest thing that ever came out your mouth was a dick." Santana said back and I couldn't help but giggle.

"That doesn't even make sense." My father questioned.

"But it hurt Charlie, so yeah, it totally made sense." Santana said proudly as she saw the remains of Charlie's pride being hurt on his gobsmacked face.

"What are you even doing back here?" He asked once he recovered his barely there pride.

Santana looked at me confused for a second then back at Charlie. "Do I really need a reason to visit my girlfriend?" She said cheekily.

"You're her what?!" My mother screeched as she stood up in disbelief. "I thought you were just fooling around?"

"Is she the reason you broke off your engagement with Charles, sweetie?" Dad said in his usual rough voice but in a softer tone.

"Are we really going over this again?! I told you guys the reason why. I mean last time he came home at almost 4am smelling like woman's perfume and a thong stuck in his blazer pocket."

"Is this true, Charles?"

"And did he tell you the reason why he didn't fail out of college and how he even got this internship?"

"Brittany, baby…" He pleaded.

"Don't you dare fucking call her that!"

"I can call her whatever the fuck I want to. She's my fiancée!"

"I don't know in what demented world you live in, but you better back the fuck off before I shove my foot up your ass." She stood the menacingly in front of him, even though she was more than 4 inches smaller than him. "But then again… you would enjoy it too much." She said with a cocky smirk as she saw Charlie's patience loosening at the seams.

"I'm not gay." He seethed.

"Yeah, but I am and my gaydar is off the charts when I look at you." She looked at him up and down with her arms folded.

"You're wrong."

"Yeah, because I was wrong about Brittany." She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"San…" I whispered harshly as she put her foot in her mouth and her eyes stood still as she realised my parents were still in the room.

"You're wrong, Santana. She's not this…" She looked down at our intertwined hands. "… whatever this is." She spat disgust.


"Excuse me?"

"I said out, mom!" I screamed as I closed my eyes. I could my hot tears trying bubble over like a volcano begging to erupt. "Now! All of you." I said with the last ounce of strength I had in my body. I was so tired of everything.

Santana P.O.V

"Out." Brittany stated simply.

"Excuse me?" Mrs Pierce exasperated loudly. She even stood up in disbelief at her daughter.

"I said out, mom!" I could feel Brittany start to shake, trying to be strong yet at the same time trying not to crumble and choke out in sobs. "Now! All of you." I started to rub her back as curled herself into me which was a little bit difficult seeing as I was shorter than her.

"Britt…" Her father's voice floated through our little bubble, but my blonde refused to look up from her position.

"Look here, Mr Pierce." I started off as I looked at his pleading blue-ish, grey eyes. I knew he was a good man, but he just married a bitch of a woman. Love does crazy things. "I know this wasn't what you expected especially when I can see that you haven't said all you wanted to, but just give Brittany a little time to deal with everything." Mr Pierce opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again like he changed what he was about to say.

"Sure." He smiled sadly as he took a side glance at his daughter then to his wife and ex-future-son-in-law who were now exiting the apartment without another word. "Just tell her to call me whenever she's ready." And exited just like the ones who occupied the room before him.

"C'mon, Britt. Let's go to bed." She nodded silently in my neck as we made our way from her lounge, up the stairs to her bedroom.

"Brittany?" I said to her once I put her under the covers of the huge king size bed.

"Mhmm?" She said, well moaned with tight lipped.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah…" She breathed out the word at first then shook her head and whispered. "No… I'm not."

"Baby…" I wrapped her up with my arms as I saw her begin to let the walls down and the floodgates burst open as she clutched onto my body. "Let it out." I began to rub her back affectionately as I pulled her down to her bed with her on top of me and nuzzled in my neck.

"This is so unfair, San! I fucking hate my mom, I despise Charlie and I'm beginning to lose my respect for my dad."

"Brittany, don't say that about your dad." The other two could burn in hell for all I care, bur I felt sorry for the poor man.

"Why not?!" She raised her head from my now soaked shoulder. Her eyes were now tinted red from all the crying she did in such a short time. "He just stood there and barely said two words!"

"Britt…. Babe." I tried to calm her down as I cupped her jaw to make her face me. My hand was instantly met with the wetness of her tears tumbling down her face. "We'll talk about this later, I don't want to make you more upset okay?" She nodded as I wiped off the remaining tears that were on her freckled cheeks and pecked on her now dry lips.

"Let's sleep for abit, maybe you'll feel better." I made her lay down once again, but instead of getting in with her I stood up which immediately the choreographer's body tense as she whimpered out:

"Aren't you staying with me?"

I looked at her as she was on the verge of crying again. Her face screaming vulnerability.

"Ofcourse, babe!" I saw the light restored to her eyes. I stared at her in admiration. I can't believe she's mine. "I just wanted to take off my shoes." I chuckled loudly. Letting her know I wasn't going anywhere, I took off my shoes as quickly as possible and jumped into bed with her which earn a huge smiled from her. "That's what I love to see."

"What?" She tilted her head to the left and looked at me confused.

"Your smile, silly." I said with a smile erupting on my own face and hers, I could even see the faint tint of red at the tip of her ears.

"Sing me something." She made herself comfortable and I could feel myself already being whipped by her. Her wish was my command.

"Uhmmm… Let me think." I scanned my brain for a song and I immediately thought of a song. "Okay here we go." I cleared my throat before I started to sing quietly.

I'm a train wreck in the morning,

I'm a bitch in the afternoon.

Every now and then without warning.

I can be really mean towards you.

I could faintly hear the blonde giggle when I sang the second sentence.

I'm a puzzle, yes indeed.

Ever complex, in every way.

And all the pieces aren't even in the box,

And yet you see the picture clear as day.

I felt movement under the blankets, and then I felt a fair arm going over my midsection and starting to cuddle into me. I felt another movement as Brittany put her head on my chest and gave a chaste kiss to my collar bone before making herself comfortable.

I don't know why you love me?

And that's why I love you.

I breathed out the lyrics in tune, not wanting to spoil the moment as I was trying to convey what I really wanted to say to her in song. A confession of some sorts.

You catch me when I fall.

Accept me flaws and all.

And that's why I love you.

And that's why I love you.

"And that's why I loooooovvve…" I sang out the last part of the chorus when blue eyes stared at me intensely. "You."

She put her forehead against mine and she was so close I could feel the breath warming my lips. Just like that we savoured the moment, just me and her. Not her parents, Charlie, Quinn or anyone. Just us.

"I love you too, Santana."



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