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I did a little research on "truth serums." Symptoms here are loosely based on sodium thiopental, aka sodium pentothal. But this truth serum is Dr. Tellen's own formulation, so I basically made up whatever I liked.
And, yes, this is a riff on "Truth or Consequences" from NCIS. If anyone can talk more than Tony, it's Danny.


Danny Williams woke to the prick of a needle in his arm and a sharp ache in his neck. The last thing he remembered was a stabbing pain in his neck as he climbed out of his Camaro at home.

His sleeves were rolled up to bare his forearms and his tie, shoes and socks had been removed, otherwise he was dressed as he had been the night before.

There was an itch under his hair at the back of his neck, but he couldn't scratch it because his arms were strapped to a sturdy wooden chair that was bolted to the floor. Heavy leather straps were buckled at his wrists, elbows, chest, waist, thighs, knees and ankles. It might be overkill, Danny thought, but it was effective. He bunched his fists and exerted all his strength, but couldn't budge a centimeter.

All he did was make his veins pop.

"Thank you," said a voice from behind him. A hand swooped down to insert an IV cannula into a plainly visible blood vessel.

Danny cursed. He strained to look behind him. Two men moved forward into his view. Danny recognized them both.

"I see you know us," said Dr. Erik Tellen, an elderly physician and chemist known as Dr. Truth. The former East German interrogator specialized in using truth serums while questioning subjects. His wide forehead and bony jaw gave him a skull-like appearance that was lessened by his beaky nose and his surprisingly kindly eyes.

With him was King Singleton, a dark-haired, square-jawed, scowling mob boss who had been the subject of a Five-0 investigation. Singleton had been suspected of using Dr. Truth to gain information and Five-0 had information that he wanted.

Five-0 had taken Singleton's accountant, Agnes Stoneman, into protective custody. She was ready to talk about Singleton's business in exchange for immunity.

Singleton wanted to find her and he thought Five-0 knew where to find her. So he'd kidnapped Danny and brought him to Dr. Truth.

While Tellen prepared an IV bag, Danny scanned his surroundings, futilely looking for a way out. He seemed to be in a small cabin, maybe a hunter's cabin, out in the backwoods. The small, one-room building had been set up like a primitive doctor's examination room. A neat array of equipment and medicines was laid out on a small table. A bright light focused down on the captive. A sturdy cot stood along one wall beneath a high window that showed a view of nothing but a couple of treetops. Danny couldn't see the door, so he figured it was behind him.

The detective squirmed, knowing it was useless.

"You cannot escape, so you might as well relax," Tellen said, as he hung the IV bag and connected the tubes to the cannula.

"What is it you want, Singleton?" Danny demanded.

"We want you to talk," Singleton said, as the doctor turned on the IV.

Liquid sunshine flooded Danny's veins. His head swam and he tasted garlic. It was suddenly too much effort to fight when he could relax and enjoy the warmth. Best of all, he couldn't feel that persistent itch anymore.

Dr. Tellen patted his shoulder. "There," he said kindly. "Feeling better now?"

"Yes." Holy shit! Was that him answering like a dog taught to 'speak'? Danny wondered, panic poking holes in the golden fog in his brain.

"Good. Now tell me your name," the doctor said politely.

"Detective Danny Williams," Danny answered obediently. Dammit, Williams, you're going to get yourself killed if you can't control this.

Steve had talked about truth serum one time, but, oddly, it was Kono's surfing lessons that came to Danny's mind. If you made a sudden move on a surfboard, if you tried to force things, you'd just fall off. But if you shifted your weight a tiny bit, you could control your direction.

"You're doing very well, detective," Tellen encouraged. "Now tell me where we can find Agnes Stoneman."

In his mind, Danny edged his foot to the left on the surfboard. "I won't tell you anything about Agnes Stoneman."

Success! It was the truth, but not the full truth. He "won't" tell because he "can't" tell. Five-0 had turned the witness over to the U.S. Marshals. Danny had no idea where she was, but if Singleton realized that, Danny was dead.

Danny had to keep that knowledge a secret, despite the truth serum.

"Now, Daniel, don't you want to tell me about Agnes," Dr. Truth coaxed.

"No." That, at least, was the unvarnished truth. Calling Danny "Daniel" wasn't helping Tellen's cause. Only Danny's mom and his ex-wife called him Daniel.

"It's not working," Singleton hissed angrily.

Tellen took him aside. He spoke in a low voice, but the cabin wasn't large enough for him to escape Danny's earshot.

"I will get him talking about harmless subjects. Then, when he is comfortable talking, I will reintroduce the subject of our investigation. Be patient. This may take some time."

Knowing Tellen's plan gave Danny armor against it. He decided to comply. It was a risky strategy. He might blurt out important information before he could stop himself, but he needed to stall until his friends found him.

He could feel the drug draining his will, the growing desire to tell the nice doctor what he wanted to hear; but Danny called on the essential core of stubbornness that had carried him through life when he was told too often: You're too young to play with us, too small to be on the team, too short to be a cop. The obstinate streak that let a Jersey detective keep up with a Super SEAL reared up and bared its teeth in a feral snarl. The fact that the interrogators saw only a goofy grin made no difference to the internal defiance.

If they wanted talk, Danny would give them talk. And boy would they be sorry.

"Tell me about yourself, Daniel. Are you a good detective?" Dr. Truth asked.

"Yes. I closed 84 homicide cases in New Jersey before coming here. Since I've been with Five-0, we've solved a few homicides and we've saved a lot of lives, which is even better than solving murders."

Danny began to chatter about some of the Five-0 cases, all information that had been well covered by the news media. No secrets here.

Dr. Truth interrupted the flow. "Do you like working with Commander McGarrett?"

Thank you! Danny thought. He could rant about Steve all day.

"Hated the guy when we first met. He stole my crime scene and hijacked me into being his partner, then wouldn't listen to a word I said. After I saved his life, he showed his gratitude by twisting my arm behind my back in some SEAL-ninja move. I had to slug his jaw for that," Danny said in satisfaction.

"So you don't like him?" Tellen was a little surprised. This did not fit with his intelligence.

"That was just the first day," Danny said. "We've gotten used to each other since then.

"He's no kind of cop. Geez, he breaks down doors with grenades! But he'll back up his friends without hesitation and he'll kill you if you hurt me." Danny laughed. "And that's the truth!" he taunted.

Tellen was disconcerted. This interrogation wasn't going as planned.

"Ah, what about the other members of Five-0?"

Danny chose to take that as a follow up to the last statement he made. "Kono's a good cop. She probably won't kill you if you hurt me. She'll just kick your butt," he said judiciously. "And Chin Ho's got a shotgun I'd like you to meet," he told Singleton.

"Your 'truth serum' is a bust!" Singleton growled to Tellen. The mobster pulled a pistol from his shoulder holster and cocked it.

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