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A/N: While I do think that Sadie and Ben are an adorable couple, I was still peeved that Ben interrupted their little moment in The Mask.

Italics = Thoughts

She saw the conflict in his eyes and could almost imagine the internal monologue that he was having.

She's really, really nice. But would we ever become more than friends? There's only one way to find out. Although…I have no idea if she's willing to take the next step like I am…

As they leaned in, time seemed to slow down. Sadie swore that she could hear her heart hammering against her ribcage and knew that her feelings for Chris were real. His eyes held a lot of determination laced with a little bit of uncertainty. Hers reflected hesitation, but at the same time, a willingness to take a big leap out of her comfort zone.


She vaguely heard a chair scrape and Margaret squeak out, "Hi! B-Ben!"

Chris took the plunge and pressed his lips against hers. All thoughts of the blonde photographer disappeared from her mind as their lips moved together. It was only the first time that they kissed, but it was as if they had been doing it forever.

Excited was putting it mildly for him. He knew from the first time he met her that she was definitely someone special. Sadie felt like she had met her match, but not the competitive kind of match. Her match was someone who understood her hopes, dreams, and passions.

Ben looked over Margaret's shoulder and froze. He felt like his heart dropped into his stomach as he saw his Red with that…guy. There wasn't any denying that he had feelings for Sadie, but unfortunately, he wasn't the best at articulating them. Margaret looked behind her and had to clamp her lips shut to prevent her excited squeal from escaping. She was about to open her mouth to sympathize with Ben, but he had already walked out of the Wow.

Sadie and Chris sat back down with big smiles on their faces. Margaret didn't hide her grin, but couldn't help but wonder if it was worth it to tell Sadie about Ben.

He walked back to his house in a daze, trying to forget the image. It was burned on his brain though. It should have been him kissing Red, not Chris. Him making her laugh and smile, not Chris. He had to admit to himself, he had brought this on himself. not His parents were reading in the living room when the front door flew open and a distraught Ben slumped in, muttering incoherent things. They looked at each other and nodded, affirming that this wasn't the best time to talk to their son.

Ben opened the door to his room and immediately flopped down on the bed, his head spinning. He had so many regrets now that someone else had swept Red off her feet. He regretted not being more understanding of her little spiels and rants, more sensitive when she was having a bad day, and more emotional when she encouraged him to drop the mask. He groaned and rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling. Sleep might help clear my head.

It didn't. His dreams were filled with visions of all the times he daydreamed being with Red, but now he was on the outside looking in, with Chris in his spot. Ben woke up in the middle of the night, sweat pouring down his face. He sat up and let his head hang, the tears falling onto his comforter. His emotions were finally coming out, but this had to be the worst time for them to do so.