The Fine Line

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Chapter One

Faye had been sitting in the bar of the Aching Heart Grill, for three hours now, and she was getting a little testy. She was still nursing only her second drink, a phenomenon even she found unbelievable. Every once and a while the door would open and she would turn a little desperately hoping it was the bounty she was waiting for. But it never was.

"You need me to get you something else?" the bald bartender asked, as he threw a dirty towel over his shoulder. He flashed her a grin that left something to desire…like teeth.

"Nope." Faye replied. 'Gotta keep my head tonight. No screw ups.' She thought to herself as she stared into the shot glass in front of her. Her head was already swimming from not sleeping, not to mention the fact she was starved. Jet had made his specialty again, Bell Peppers and Beef—Vegetarian Style. She just couldn't handle it again, so all she ate all day were some old crackers she found on the Bebop, and some stale pretzels. "Yummy," she said as she put the hard as a rock pretzel in her mouth. 'I could sure go for some Bell Peppers now' she thought as she tried to chew the pretzel. 'No. I will not go back there, yet.' She said as she put a hand full of the salted rocks in her mouth. Subsequently spitting them at the bartender as he passed. She smiled at the man, and smacked her head against the bar as he walked to the other end.

Jet had really got on her nerves today. He kept yelling at her about screwing up the last bounty. It wasn't even her fault…at least not all of it. No she owed half the honor to the puffy-haired wonder that returned to torture her. She had to give Spike credit though, when he says he's not going somewhere to die, he meant it. But that day is something that they both agreed not to talk about, it was as if nothing happened. Though Faye did mention the fact that the only reason he lived through it was because she 'convinced' Jet to go out after him. This consisted of twenty four minutes of her yelling, screaming, crying and hitting Jet until he went. But she left that part out and just told Spike that she rationalized with the big man. Jet, the sly old dog, put tracking devices in both their ships, just in case. She didn't really know in case of what, and with the way he smirked when he said it, she figured she didn't want to know.

The door again opened and closed, but her bounty didn't come in. She was beginning to doubt he ever would. She absent-mindedly she played with the frayed fabric of her loose fitting jeans. The holes in the knees kept getting larger every day. She had taken to wearing jeans after a guy rid a little too hard to get a date. She ended up with some nasty bruises, but nothing compared to the guy. Every now and then, she wondered if he could walk yet. Five months, you'd think so. Jet's only reaction had been to say "Well if you ass didn't hang out so much, people wouldn't think you were giving it away." He had a point…she always hated that. Of course she didn't admit it to him. She just got some new clothes. Of course she still wore her trademark yellow shirt, but sadly, tonight she didn't have her red sweater. She had planned on wearing it to cover her gun, but Spike practically ruined it when he threw his dirty clothes on it.

The bounty she and Spike had messed up so wonderfully this afternoon, left Spike covered in horse shit, and Faye with some nasty gashes on her left arm. Which, now that she looked at them, were still bleeding quite nicely. She smiled as she thought back to the seen earlier. Spike covered in horse shit and chicken feathers, and her bleeding, desperately trying to keep standing because she was laughing so hard. He had yelled at her at first, and of course she had yelled back. Then he noticed the blood and yelled at her while checking the wounds and making sure she was alright.

They had a great relationship…yell, yell, yell. Nag, nag, nag. It was great. Faye swallowed the shot in front of her, and slammed the empty glass on the bar.

"Great," she said to no one in particular. "BARKEEP!" she yelled as she again put her head on the bar. As he filled the glass the door to the bar opened. She peeked around her arms to see her bounty saunter into the bar. She was determined to bring in a bounty and shove the fact that she did it on her own with out anyone, right into the faces of her two comrades.

She picked her head off of the bar and got a better look at her bounty, Johnny. The guy was a lot bigger than she had been expecting. Then again she had looked at his picture on the tiny view screen in her Red Tail. But of course, it wasn't anything she couldn't handle. She was just going to have to hit harder…a lot harder.

She checked the gun she had tucked into the back of her jeans. Beautifully hidden by her new black sweat shirt, which was standing in for the red one. 'Good. Here we go.' She thought as she downed the shot in front of her. She walked slowly over to the large brown haired man, with muscles that were as wide around as she was, and no neck. She smiled sweetly at the man, and got a grin back. When she was with in arms reach she smiled again, pulled her gun and placed it directly between his eyes.

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In the next chapter Faye goes back to the Bebop, and some interesting events take place.