My first attempt at Harry Potter! Wish me luck!

Chapter 1: Lily Evans

June 15th

Today we arrived in North Carolina. We started packing just after school got out on June 3rd, and had a house by the 10th. Since this is where mom's best friend lives, after the divorce, her first thought was to go visit Emily Potter. Instead of visit, we ended up living there. Well, here. She wants me to go meet Mrs. Potter and her son, James. Apparently he's my age. I'd really rather just read my new book…

"Lily! Let's go!" Emma Evans called for her daughter.

Lily sighed, closing her book, and got up from the couch. With her book under her arm and her red hair tied up in a simple pony tail, she walked down the stairs to meet her mother.

"Oh, you don't need your book, sweetheart, it won't be longer than an hour or two. Besides, she has a son your age! I'm sure you two can find something to entertain yourselves." Her mom told her.

Lily sighed, deciding it wasn't worth it to argue, and set her book down, casting it a longing glance as she followed her mother out the door.

It wasn't a long walk to get to the Potters'; it was only two houses down. Lily didn't even have too much time to ponder what this James would be like.

Arriving at a modest two story house covered in light blue paint, Lily's mother walked up to the door and knocked.

"Emma!" she heard a woman cry. Glancing up she saw who she assumed was Liz Potter, her shoulder length black hair flying behind her, dark blue eyes lit up with happiness. "I missed you!"

"Lizzy!" her mom laughed, hugging Liz Potter friendlily.

"And this must be Lillian!" Mrs. Potter said, turning to Lily, who smiled shyly as she was embraced. "Come on in! Do you want coffee, Emma? Oh, and Lily, James is probably up in the tree house, go right on up."

Lily hurried away, the adults' conversation grew significantly quieter when the back door banged shut.

Walking across the beautifully mowed lawn, she admired the tree house. It was fairly large and had a comfortable look. Lily thought the tall rope ladder leading up to the deck area looked difficult to climb though.

When she approached the tree house, she gulped as her fear of heights made itself known. It was a lot higher than it had looked from the house…

But Lily didn't want the Potters' first impression of her to be that she was a wimp. So she swallowed her fear and started to climb.

Lily found that when she closed her eyes she couldn't see anything, which made it a lot easier to climb. So, eyes shut tight, she traveled up the ladder. She was beginning to think it was actually quite simple when something hit the top of her head.

Her eyes snapped open as she lost her grip on the ladder. She let out a gasp as she fell, determined not to scream. A hand grabbed hers and she looked up fearfully at the pair of blue eyes staring down at her in concern.

"Are you okay?" asked the boy who had saved her.

Lily, not quite thinking straight, just whispered "Please help me up… or down…"

"Hey, Remus, you think you could hurry it up? I'm trying really hard not to drop you here!" another boy's voice called down.

Looking farther up Lily saw another face, with chocolate brown eyes, glasses and unruly black hair, and that boy seemed to be holding Remus by the feet.

"I think we're ready!" Remus called up to him. "You're ready, right?" Lily nodded, blushing.

She heard a grunt as the black haired boy yanked Remus up hard and they both were slowly but steadily lifted into the tree house, her heart beating fast all the way. What if he dropped them?

With a great tug by the black haired boy, she tumbled in and landed on top of Remus. Rolling off him, Lily leaned against a wall and tried to calm herself. She was fine, it was okay, she was not going to die.

"So… I'm James, James Potter," the black haired boy said proudly.

"Lily Evans," Lily replied, shaking his hand.

"Remus Lupin," the second boy shook her hand as well. Lily smiled shyly at them both.

"Oh, and Lily, just a note… you might want to climb the ladder without trying to kill us next time," James whispered in her ear.

Lily flushed and glared at him. "I'll see what I can do."

"No, I was serious! If we fell… well, can you imagine my beautiful face marred by a broken nose?" he insisted dramatically. Lily glared harder.

"I was serious too. Maybe next time I'll only try to kill you," she retorted.

"As long as it's my life, not my face," James replied, winking at her.

"James, let her be," Remus told him rolling his eyes.

"Rem, I know her name makes her sound delicate and all, but I think our little Lily here is a feisty one. I like that," he winked again.

Our Lily?

"Excuse me?" Lily exclaimed indignantly.

"You're cute when you're angry," he remarked.

"I hate you, Potter," she replied, glaring at him.

"Babe, I don't care what you say, but if you're nice enough to me maybe I'll even pretend to believe it." She really hated him.

Still June 15th, still at the Potters

Why I hate James Potter

He's annoying.

He somehow thinks I like him, therefore he's delusional.

He's arrogant and likes to talk about his "pretty face".

He's messy (as I could tell the second I was safe in the tree house).

He basically told Remus I was "Their Lily".

He's rude.

I hate him.

Did I mention he's annoying?

"Lily! What're you writing?" he asked, jumping around me, trying desperately to see what I had just written in my journal.

"Shut up." I replied, putting the journal in the back pocket of my jeans.

"Do you hate me?" he asked, giving me puppy dog eyes.

"Yes." I replied, glaring at him. Could he not leave me alone?

"Why?" he asked me.

"Well, one reason is that you're annoying me," I told him.

"What am I doing that's annoying?" he asked again.

"You will not leave me alone!" I exclaimed.

"Does that bother you?"

"Yes, you idiot!" I yelled at him.

"Why would that bother you?" he 'wondered' dramatically.

"Because I want peace."


"Because I said so."

"Why do you say so?"

Having had enough, I picked up a pillow from the ground and chucked it at his head.

"What was that for?" he asked innocently.

"You're a butthead, Potter, you know that?" I said, rolling my eyes and sitting back down on the floor.

"A butthead?" he asked incredulously.

"Yep," I replied, not looking up.


"Head, butt head," I told him, smirking.

He glared at me.

I had about 20 seconds of quiet before James got bored.


"Yes?" I replied, raising my eyebrows at him.

"I'm bored."

"Good for you."

"Will you do something interesting?" He asked.

"Maybe I will, Potter, if you will leave me alone." I told him, exasperated.

"Yes! 20 questions!" he yelled dramatically. "Okay, so, how you play is I ask you 20 questions and you have to answer them honestly. Ok?"

"Okay." I said. May as well get this over with.

"Why do you call me Potter?" he asked.

"Seriously? That's your question?"

"Just answer it!" he snapped.

"Fine, because you annoy me." I told him. "What?" I exclaimed when he continued staring at me.

"What does that have to do with my name?" he asked, still staring at me.

"Is that your second question?" I smirked at him.

"No." he sulked. "Okay, what is your favorite color?"

"Green," I replied easily.

"What gift could a guy give you to impress you?" he asked.

I rolled my eyes at him. "Are you going to get it for me?" I asked.

"Yes, no, maybe so!" I narrowed my eyes at him. He was so annoying.

"I don't know, chocolate?"

"Great. Now… what is your favorite thing about me?" He asked, smirking.

Shoot. That was actually a difficult question.

"Um…. Let's see… I like… um… do I have to answer?" I whined.

He just smirked.

"Got something to hide, Evans?"

"No, I'm just worried you'll murder me if I say nothing," I retorted.

"No. But I might throw you off the tree house if you don't answer soon," he told me.

My eyes widened. Well, he was going to hate my answer, I thought as I resumed glaring.

"Nothing." I said.

"What did you say, Lily Evans?" he asked.

"I said, I like nothing about you, James Potter," I replied, smirking.

"Oh, you're going to regret you said that," he smirked. My smirk disappeared when I saw him open a back door.

"You wouldn't." I whispered. He walked slowly up to me before answering. When he did, he was whispering in my ear.

"I would."

I screamed as he threw me over his shoulder, carrying me towards the open doorway. I truly hadn't believed he would do it until he actually dropped me over the edge.

"Try not to land on your head! It'll hurt!" he called down.

I somehow managed to twist myself into a sitting position. Not would do much good, falling from my height.

I shut my eyes tight, waiting to hit the ground, when I landed on something. That wasn't the ground. And didn't hurt any more than it would falling off the monkey bars at my elementary school playground. As far as I could tell, I wasn't broken. But the strangest thing was… I was bouncing.

I opened my eyes and saw that I was up in the air again, and screamed as I fell once more. This time I kept my eyes open though, and saw what had saved my life: a large trampoline on the ground. Landing unceremoniously on my butt, I only bounced slightly this time and then came to settle on the elastic. I took a deep breath.

James Potter was going to die.

"Look out below!" he yelled. I screamed and jumped up to run away from the spot.

When he landed around where I had been sitting seconds before, I was livid.

"I hate you James Potter! How dare you do that! Who do you think you are? You can't just throw people out of tree houses higher than my roof!" he interrupted me when I paused for breath.

"I knew you wouldn't get hurt!" he exclaimed, starting to jump.

"'wouldn't get hurt'? I could have died! If I had slid just slightly more to the left, I'd have gone splat! If I had landed on my head, I would have broken my neck! What did you–"

"Lily! Time to go!" My mom called.

"Coming Mum!" I called back.

"I hate you," I told him in my normal voice, turning to go find mom without looking back.