Mystery in Danville Chapter 6

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Anyway, to the story!

Ai's POV

"So, is there something we're supposed to be doing?" I asked.

"Nah." Buford said. "If someone doesn't want to play they usually just wait around for everyone else to finish."

The rest of the kids had only been up in the building for about ten minutes, but I was already getting restless. Buford had stopped talking, and I was getting worried about Conan. It would be really bad if Little Suzy figured out who he is. Then again, she had to keep acting like a kid for Phineas and Ferb. Conan was probably fine. At least for now.

Isabella's POV

Phineas started showing Ayumi the controls for the portal gun. Genta and Mitsuhiko looked a little jealous, but they didn't say anything. I couldn't tell if they wanted a chance with the portal gun, or if they had a crush on Ayumi. Maybe it was both. Then Ferb came in with two more portal devices.

"Good thinking Ferb!" Phineas said, "We can split into groups! Maybe we could even race through…"

Suddenly Little Suzy ran past Ferb and took one of the portal guns. She seemed to be heading outside. Everyone looked confused.

"Or I guess that works too."

Conan recovered first and raced after her. He was really fast for a first grader.

"We should go find them!"

Perry's POV

I watched in shock as Little Suzy grabbed a portal gun from Ferb and ran back towards the entrance, placing a portal to get over the gap. Conan was running after her. Buford was coming in with another portal gun. Apparently he decided to join in after all. I looked out the window to see that Ai was still sitting in the yard.

"Who should I follow?" I wondered.

I heard Isabella say that they should go find them, and Conan call that, "No, they shouldn't." That was it. I was definitely following them. It seemed that if something dangerous was going to happen, those three kids would somehow be in the middle of it.

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