Mystery in Danville Chapter 7

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Suzy's POV

I ran outside with Conan gaining fast behind me. I made sure to close the portal only after he was through. I grinned as I heard Conan tell them not to follow and Ai, was still outside. This was just perfect.

"Hi Suzy," Ai said with a forced smile. "What are you doing?"

"Tell me what you know Ai," I said, hating how high pitched my voice sounded. "or should I call you Sherry?"

She winced at the sound of the name, and possibly the fact that I was aiming the portal gun directly at her. Then I heard Conan step out of the building behind me.

Conan's POV

I ran back through the building and jumped through the portal Suzy had set by the pit. Thankfully she didn't think about removing it before I could make it (and I didn't run into the wall this time). The whole time I was wondering what Little Suzy could possibly be trying to do. Unless she suspected that we knew something.

Surprisingly, I didn't catch her until we got outside. By the time I reached Suzy, she already had the Portal gun she had stolen aimed in Ai's direction. Ai looked like she couldn't stop staring into the business end of the device.

"What do you know?" Suzy demanded.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Ai said evenly.

"You have been acting like you know something about me. Now what is it?"

"You're not really a four year old girl, are you?" I asked.

Suzy spun around, looking a little surprised.

"Um… well… Bubbles!" she said followed by a giggle.

"Stop acting, Suzy," Ai said. "I could tell that you were part of the Black Organization while you were still across the yard, and they don't recruit four year olds."

"Well, Conan" Suzy said. "You probably know too. Get over here by Sherry. You two are going to tell me everything you know!"

I complied. The portal gun Suzy was waving around didn't seem too dangerous, but there was really no way to tell…

"And what if we don't want to talk?" I asked

On most people, the look Ai gave me for this comment would mean they wanted to smack me. On Ai it was probably worse. Suzy looked like she was trying not to laugh.

"Well, it would be very interesting to see what getting shot with this portal gun does to a person…"

Perry's POV

I stepped outside just as Suzy threatened Conan and Ai with the portal gun. Ai was clearly terrified, but Conan looked like he wasn't sure whether to be scared or amused at the threat. I couldn't see Suzy's face but she sounded serious. Maybe Buford had been right about her.

I walked up next to Suzy and chattered a warning.

"Is he part of this too?" Conan asked, pointing to me.

"Don't try to change the subject!" she hissed- or tried to hiss. It didn't really work with her voice. "Tell me what you know!"

"You didn't think this out very well did you?" Conan said grinning.

Suzy's POV

This comment was infuriating, and I was going to shoot, but as I moved to pull the trigger something furry slammed into me. It was almost impossibly fast. I looked toward Conan and Ai, but they hadn't moved. I didn't know what knocked me over, and it didn't matter. The portal gun was out of reach and between Conan and Sherry I didn't have a chance without it.

Conan's POV

I blinked in surprise. Had Perry knocked Suzy over, just as she was about to shoot? Ai grabbed Suzy to make sure she couldn't run off, while I looked for Perry.

"Perry seems to have run off with the portal gun," I said.

Suzy only grunted in response. I couldn't imagine where the platypus had gone. There was definately something weird about him.

"Who are you?" Ai asked.

"You gave yourself away as part of the Black Organization anyway, so you might as well tell us," I added.

"Alright." Suzy said with a sigh. "My original name was Suzy Long, but the Syndicate called me Merlot."

Phineas' POV

"Conan, Wait!" Ayumi yelled.

"If he thinks he can run off like this, Again…" Genta muttered.

"Could we use one of those portal guns to follow them?" Mitsuhiko asked.

"Actually, I'm not sure you should," I said.

"Really?" Ayumi asked.

"Why not?" Genta yelled. "He's always running off to have fun without us!"

"If what they're doing could be counted as 'fun'," Ferb said.

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