MA: hey peoples. Here it is; the official sequel to fight for the future.
Max: about damn time.
MA: what are you so mad about?
Max: I miss everyone.
MA: well keep on missing because you not in this yet.
Max: aw, man.
MA: just do the disclaimer.
Max: ma doesn't own digimon or dbz.
MA: that's a good character. Now on with the fic!


Dear journal; it's me Tai. Sorry I haven't written lately but thing have been weird. Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm a digidestined and weird is common for me but this was weirder than the usual weird. It started after we beat malomyotismon and we thought thing would calm down. We were wrong. We were attacked by some guy named the digital warlord wanted to destroy us and he was no joke. He was in change of an entire army and ruled a good chunk of the digi-world. We would have been goners if not for the help of five kids; we had no idea who they were but they some strange powers. Later we learned why; turns out they were from the future, 25 years to be exact and make things even more weird, they were our children as well. The twins, tike and kara, were the kids of Kari and TK, sam is yolei and ken's son, Keke's matt and mimi's daughter, and, to my surprise, max, their leader, was the son of me and sora. Together we battled the warlord battle after battle until we learn that he was, in fact, ken's dead brother, sam, and after some training, faced his ultimate weapon; bring back all our old foes to absorb their power. Max fought him in a kick ass fight, and in the end, we won. (That's my boy!) Well, afterwards, while we celebrated our victory, max disappeared without a trace.

It's been two months since that night and things are pretty good; Davis' family decide to go on a vacation in America and from what I heard, has a girlfriend there. Ken and his folks went to see relatives in another part of Japan while yolei and hers went with them. Joe has gone on to medical school, finally and gomamon went with him. Cody and his family moved away after the battle because his house was destroyed. TK and Kari are still together and have sort of become surrogate parent to the twins, since theirs died when they were little. Mimi and matt still go together and keke has joined the band as piano player. As for me and sora; it's been like heaven. I love her more and more with each day. Digimon are appearing on a daily basis but no one seems to mind. In the papers all over the world, people wanted to know who the mysterious gold fighter was who saved the world but we ain't telling. We haven't heard from Simms since max disappeared. Wherever the hell max went, he took him with him. Doc went back to his home in Hawaii and izzy decided to go with him and now both are searching for max. Opps! Gotta go now. I promised sora I'd go to lunch with her. See ya!

Tai saved his file and shut down his computer as he got up from his desk. He put on his orange jacket and was out his door.

" Agumon!" Tai exclaimed as he watched his digimon on the couch in front of the TV, surrounded by junk food.

" Mom, how could you let him stay up all night?"

" Well, he did ask me." She said from the kitchen. Ever since the battle, Tai's mom has been babying the digimon, letting them do a lot of stuff that Kari and Tai could never get away with.

" What were you watching all night?"

" What do you think? When's gatomon getting home?"

" Eww! I'll see you later." He said as he walked out the door and downstairs. He passed his father, trying to jack up the car but doing it unsuccessfully.

" Hey son? Think you can give me a hand?"

" Sure dad." Tai said as he took hold of the front bumper and lifted it off the ground with one hand. Ever since he learned the style from the d3s, he is now super strong; though he's not as strong as his relatives, tai is still stronger than everyone on else in the city, if not the world. His dad then put the tire on the car and Tai let it down.

" Thanks, son."

" No problem, dad." He said as he as took off like a flash. Not only was Tai strong but also now he was super fast. The trip to sora's was a 30-minute walk but now took only a minute. Tai stopped in front of his girlfriend's apartment but he saw no one in. he began to float up to her window when he saw her mother putting clothes her closet.

" AHHHHHH!" she screamed as she turned to see Tai floating next to her window.

" Tai! I told you not to do that!"

" Sorry, Mrs. T."

" Well if you're looking for sora, she's on the roof in her garden."

" Thanks, ma'am." And with that, the teen flew up to the roof. He looked to see his vision, his sky, and his sora, leaned over her small garden with biyomon. He quietly floated overhead as he was about to surprise her.

" Don't even think about it Tai."

" How did you know?" he said as he landed.

" I'm your girlfriend. I'm supposed to know." She answered as they drew into a kiss.

" Have you heard anything?" she asked.

" No. Doc and izzy have been searching all of Simms headquarters but no one's heard from since that night. Are you worried?"

" I am but I know he's a big boy."

" A big boy? He's as old as us."

" Yeah well, in a way, we are still his parent so it's natural for me to worry."

" Don't worry, sor. He beat the warlord so he's ready for anything. You ready?"

" Yeah." She said as she got into his arms.

" It's gonna be so boring without sora." Said biyomon.

" Don't worry, biyomon. If you get bored, you can visit agumon. I'm sure he'd be happy to see you." With that, Tai flew of with sora in his arms, leaving her digimon with a questionable look on her face.

" Who's first?" asked the small digimon in front of a crystal ball in the middle of a dark room when a larger digimon appeared behind him.

" His name is ogremon, virus type digimon, champion level. He served devimon with leomon a while back."

" Willingly?"

" Yes."

" We can't use leomon but ogremon will have to do."


" There. Now go. Steal their energy, my minion."

" Rubba-dub-dub! Thanks for the grub!" said the twins as they began to dig into their food as TK and Kari watched with pride. They had gone to a restaurant as after visiting grandpa at work. It was kind of a strange situation to try to explain how two teens are walking around with two kids who look just like them.

" Damn! This food is kick ass!" exclaimed tike.

" Tike. What have I said?" said TK.

" Tone down the sailor talk. Shit."

" Tike!"

" Busted asshole!" snapped his sister.

" Kara!" exclaimed Kari.

" What?"

" So what do we eat now?" asked tike as he, kara, TK and their digimon walked down the street.

" Man, when do you two not think about eating?" asked patamon.

" When we're fighting." Answered kara.

" And I thought digimon at a lot." Added gatomon.

" I wonder where max is? It's been two mouths now." Wondered Kari.

" I won't worry kar. Max is the strongest of us. He can handle anything that someone will throw at him." Said TK.

" I know he will cause..." the boy was cut off as ogremon appeared before them, but he looked different; his eyes were red and baggy but the most noticeable was the large M on his forehead.

" Hey! Ogremon! How's it going?"
The youngster's answer came with a blow from his club, sending him into a car. Before kara could re-act, she too fell victim to his club, knocking her out. Patamon and gatomon lunged forward at the virus digimon.



Their attack had no effect as ogremon appeared to be in a trance and didn't feel it.





Their attack again had no effect as he jumped and with one punch, put down the two angel digimon. As he prepared to club them again, tike hit him with a flying kick while kara came up with an uppercut. He immediately got back up and seemed more eager to fight than before to the surprise of all watching.

" Damn! What's up with him?"

" I know! Ogremon was never this tough before." Said angewomon.

" It's not that. I'm sensing a lot more power than he usually has. It's like he's possessed." Said tike.

Without saying a word, ogremon was on the attack as he used his pummel whack on kara but angewomon intervened with a kick that barely fazed him. He grabbed the two and rammed them together. Tike and Angemon charged at him but spun around and hit them both with his club. Both digimon de-digivolved back as he prepared to end the fight when a blast hit him from the back. From the sky, Tai, with sora in his arms, landed and met the twins.

" Ok, what have you two done this time?"

"We didn't do anything; Ogremon started attacking us with some insane power." Said tike.

" Well we'll have to deal with him." Tai spoke as he dashed forward and appeared behind him, putting him in a full nelson. The twins, with fist flying, attack his mid-section and face. Tai then let go and the twin and him fired energy blast at the champion, exploding in a cloud of smoke. As it cleared, a dazed and hurt ogremon was on his back.

" Hey. What happened?"

" You tell us. You attacked us." Said TK.

" I did?"

" You don't remember?"

" No. Last thing I remember, I was on File Island, chasing some tail when I got a bad headache and then I blacked out. Next thing I know, you guys are putting the smack down on me."

" Whoa!"

" Yeah, sis. Hey, what happened to that M on your forehead?" asked tike.

" What M?"

" Nothing. What do you remember?" asked Tai.

" I remember a little evil voice saying ' attack them. Take their energy.'"

" This is all very informative but think I we better get out of here. Our little fight may have caught some eyes." Suggested TK. The others nodded as they helped ogremon and the other digimon out of the street and towards their apartment.

" Idiot! He only got 5% energy from them!"

" Don't worry, master. There's an entire planet of digimon to enslave."

" Of course you're right. We all the time in the world."

NEXT TIME: the unthinkable is thinkable; the unbelievable is believable, as the title should speak for itself;


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