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" Where the hell are they?" wondered Henry as she looked over the park.

" I wouldn't worry dad. They'll be here as usual." Said a small girl next to him.

" You would know, Susan."

" She's right. Chumly will be here." Said kazu.

" They're always on time." Added kenta.

" HA! Take that sucka!" yelled a small boy of about 12, who looked like kazu.

" Yeah, that it sucka!" repeated a small boy next to him as they play the digimon card game.

" Man, juno that's 5 in a row." Said his friend across the table.

" Wanna go again Dan? Maybe this time, I'll let jugo play you." said Juno.

" Yeah, let me fight him." His little brother said.

" No way. You're too good."

The group of grown ups watch their kids play a game that to them wasn't a game. Kenta adjusted his glasses as his son admitted defeat while kazu smiled while his wife sat next to him in a chair.

" He's cocky, much like his father." Mentioned Henry.

" I hope not. On of him is enough in the world." said kazu's blonde wife.

" I liked my cockiness, Alice."

" In you, it's cute but in him, it's not good."

" Ah, well. It's robbing the world of a great talent." He said that cause a great uproar of laughter. Things had changed over the years; because of the nexus, d-reaper was unfortunately brought but not as powerful. Jeri was captured by d-reaper but the others rescued her from its grip. Over the years, yamaki and the monster makers made travel between the digital world and the real world more common. The tamers help establish the digital watch committee to police travel between the world and capture all wild ones but after a while most of them left. Kazu met and marriage the daughter of one of the monster makers, Alice and later had two boys, Juno and jugo. Kenta became a teacher; married but got divorced, and had a son, Dan. Henry still works for the D.W.C. as chairmen, married one the first officers of the D.W.C., Mariah and together had a daughter, Susan. All the digimon did live with them but some times, left to keep the peace in the digital world. Regularly the tamers got together near where Guilmon's home still stood to relive old times.

" I wouldn't call it robbing the world; more like saving the world."

Everyone looked up to see the source of the voice, rika and takato. The two worked with the D.W.C. but left soon after. Takato took over the bakery from his parents while rika pursued a great but short modeling career. She gave it up to settle down with takato, much to her mother's disappointment and later married. Using some of her money from her career, they were able to open a chain of bakeries and now live in relative peace. Takato was older and had long shed his trademark goggles while rika lost her ponytail and let her hair hang. Holding on to his hand was a girl about the age of 12 and who looked just like rika at that age but like her mother, she didn't wear it in a pony tail and her hair was shorter that usual, and she wore a pair of goggles around her neck. Henry then noticed a baby boy hanging on a back strap on rika's back; he had takato's brown hair but had rika's eyes. Henry laughed a little as the toddler gnawed on her neck with his toothless mouth.

" It took you long enough, chumly." Kazu said as they shook hands and hugged with their old friends while the girl look over to the boys at the table.

" Dad, can I?"

" Go on, ruki." He said as she began to walk over to the table.

" Go easy on them." Said rika, taking her little brother off her back.

" I will." She answered.

" Well what have we here? Another to fall before my power." Proclaimed Juno.

" We'll just see. You ready?"

" I'm ready. Are you?"

Ruki smiled as she reached under her shirt to reveal the same card beat rika use to have and pulled her deck of digimon cards.

" I'm gonna walk all over you."

" Gee, she reminds of someone. Now who could that be?" said kazu.

" Very funny idiot." She remarked.

" She does act a little like her mother but she mellow."

" Takato!"

" Well it's true." Added kenta.

" Ok, I'll let that one go."

" And who is this little guy?" asked Henry as he reached over to him.

" I won't. He's teething and he'll put anything in his mouth." Reported takato causing him to draw his hand back while the boy stuck his fist in his mouth and began to suck on it.

" That's why he was sucking on your neck." Said Alice.

" Think that's bad, you should see the house." Said takato.

" So what's his name?" asked Susan.

" Max." answered rika.

" Why that?"

" I don't know, kenta. It just popped in there. Like I was keeping a promise. Oh well. Henry, where's Mariah?"

" She a little under the weather but she sends her love. Susie's taking a test for college but she wishes she was here too."

" That's alright."

" HA! And that would be game over boys!" ruki said in triumph as Juno trembled in fear.

" Damn! That was good!"

" Yeah, good." Said jugo.

" That's not right." Added Dan.

" Go back home and train some more and maybe you can beat me, in about ten years."

" No one's that good."

" You boys are out of your league."

" Then it's time to move up to the majors."

Ruki turned to see a boy standing behind her; he wore an orange sweatshirt and brown pants. Most notable is his golden hair, red eyes and large pointy ears.

" I saw your little match with these novices and I kinda impressed."

" Kinda? Who are you to talk?"

" Someone who can take you to the cleaners and leave you out to dry."

" You want some? Come get some."

" Oh, I wouldn't want to take advantage of you after a match."

" No. I want you to take advantage of me. I'm begging you to. Cause I want you to know why they call me the 2nd digimon queen."

" A queen can when against jesters but against an emperor, you don't stand a chance." He said as he lifted his shirt to reveal a belt with four decks of cards on it, to the surprise of the other kids.

" This one will do." He said pulling out furthest most left deck.

" Let do it."

" Right."

" You think Jeri's coming?" wonder Alice.

" I don't know. Maybe." Answered takato.

" Try a yes." Said jeri, surprising them all. Rika went up and hugged her friend as takato and the others did the same.

" It's great to see all of you."

" Ditto, jer." Said kazu.

" So where's the happy hubby?" asked takato.

" He's right here."

They all turned to see Jeri's husband.

" Pikkan, how are you, man?"

He growled at a little at he stood there with a light frown. After the d-reaper incident, Hypnos made contact with a new race of digimon called alterians who helped with transport problems. Pikkan was assigned as ambassador to both races and live in shinjuku where he met jeri. The two fell for each other and later married. The young boy that faced ruki was their son, the first digimon/human hybrid, solar. Gone was his flowing clothes for he choose a more human wardrobe; he wore a blue tee that had 'bad man' written on it, blue jeans, sneakers and a baseball cap turned backwards, hiding his golden hair.

" Glad to see you're still Mr. Cheerful."

" I'm only here because jeri wants me here. I'm not here to make friends." He said. Just then, he felt someone tug at his pant leg and looked down; at his side was a small brown haired girl with large pointy ears and an innocent grin on her face.

" Daddy?"

" Yeah?"

" Piggy back?"

Pikkan broke his frown with a smile as he reached down, picked her up and put her on his shoulders.

" Piggy back." He said as he began to run around at super speed.

" That's why I love him. Pikkan may seem cold to you but he loves his children." Said jeri with pride.

" You don't have to explain, jeri." Rika said.

" Speaking of his kid, where's solar?" asked Henry.

The son of pikkan was lock in combat as he and ruki face off each other in battle.

" You ready to give up?"

This girl's good.

" Dream on!"

This big-eared freak is giving me a good match.

Suddenly both threw down the exact same, completely surprising the other.

" No way! I play it first!"

" Dream on, human! I had you beat!"

" Screw you, big eared freak!"

" Freak?!" he said throwing down his cards and getting in her face.

" You heard me!" she said doing the same.

" I rather be a freak than a weak human!"

She rather cute, as humans go.

" If I'm weak then you're an even bigger freak!"

Those ears of his make him kind of handsome.

" I can't let that go unchallenged!"

" So what are you gonna do about?"

Without warning, solar kissed her on the lips quickly before she jumped away. She touched her lips with a little blush before her whole face was covered red with rage.

" COME BACK YOU SON OF A BITCH! I'LL KICK YOUR ASS!" She yelled as she jumped over the table and chased after him while the grown ups just sat and watched as on thought went through their heads;

" Young love."

" Where are they?" wondered Tai as he looked out the wind of his house. Tai and the other digidestined were gathered at the kamiya home for max and Keke's engagement party. Tai, matt, Mimi and sora was a little older but still look the same.

" Don't worry, dear. They'll be here."

" Yeah, if you keep worry like this, you'll get more gray hairs." Joked matt.

" Just think sora, we'll be related twice over." Said Mimi. Suddenly the door rang and Tai answered it. Outside was a young man with his same hair as him. He wore blue raincoat and blue jeans and behind him was a GTO mustang.

" BW! Bought time you got her son."

" Sorry pop. Traffic." He said as he entered with a blonde hair woman behind him; she wore a black jacket with a ying/yang sigh on the back, a yellow tank top, yellow pants, boots but the most striking part was her eyes which were an intense shade of blue.

" Well, who is this?" asked his mother.

" Mom, dad, this is my girlfriend, Rena."

" It is pleasure." She said with a bow.

" Well mannered, good looking. Well, looks like you found a good girl amid the sea of groupies, Mr. Rock star." Matt said, referring to BW's rising music career.

" It's doing good but not as good as the teenage wolves."

The doorbell rang again so Tai opened it again. This time, it was the twins and David; all three were now teenagers, both tike and kara looked like their parents at their age and David looked like he did as a kid but older and had his arm around kara.

" Hey uncle Tai." Said kara.

" Forget that! Where's the food?" said tike.

" Idiot." Remarked David as they entered. Tike made a beeline to the kitchen while kara sat next to her aunts.

" So where's you folks?" asked matt.

" They had business to handle but they will be here soon." Answered kara.

" So where's happy couple?" asked David.

" They were suppose to be here at 5:00 but they are late." Answered Tai.

" Well, dad, you know knuckle head hates those paparazzi asshole. He just wants a normal wedding."

" Yep but you're a sports star and you're marrying music star, the public wants to see It." answered Mimi when the phone rang. BW went over and answered it.

" Hello? Keke! Where are you? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. You're where?! You're what?! Ok. I hope you know what you're doing. Right. I'll tell'em. Love ya too. Bye." He said hanging up the phone with a grin.

" Well?"

" Pop, you may want to sit down. You won't believe this."

" Order up!" said the cook as the bagged food came over the counter.

" Here you go! That'll be 18.99." the waiter said a young woman in a biker jacket as she closed her cell phone.

" Here you go." She said taking the bag and giving him 50-dollar bill.

" Keep the change."

" Thank. You know I'm not trying to hit on you but you look just like........."

" I know. I get it all the time. You should see my husband." She said placing a pair of shades on. Outside of the diner was a gas pump where he was filling up his Harley-Davidson.

" You phoned them?"

" I got your brother. He said he would tell." She said as she got on the bike.

" Good."

" You think it's right what we did." She said.

" I think they'll understand. You having second thoughts?"

" No. I just wish I didn't have to do this."

" I know but we'll be back. Besides, I thought you always wanted to see America?"

" Of course. Ready to go, Mrs. Max kamiya?"

" Let's ride!"

With that, max put on his shades and started the chopper. With a kick of dust, the bike roared down the highway and to somewhere into America.

The future is what we make of it. Thanks to you max and your friends, the future is in your hands. Shape it, mold it, but most importantly, make it yours.


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