His Senses – His Sense of Touch



The wood grain ran differently than the direction his fingertips were moving, only changing when a knot or switch of board f littered past. The bridge hadn't changed in the years since his first time there, maybe a board under his feet had been replaced but despite Kyuubi, Pein, and even the false Madara's vengeance, the old bridge remained against the test of time. And here he stood waiting for her, upon one of few landmarks untouched in all the years of the village. Had it really been ten years? He wondered a moment just how many hands had run across this small bit of wood, and had left their own marks upon it.

He had learned from Sarutobi that building said bridge was one of his first D ranked missions. He could see a boy, rather much like Konohamaru, working with a young Koharu and Homrua under the watchful eyes of the Two Senju brothers, Hashirama and Tobirama. Running a finger underside of the hand rail he could feel a badly done nail try and bite back through his toughened skin. Koharu's work he could only imagine. The original team seven was much like all the others that had succeeded it and for a moment the image of a laughing Hiruzen being pushed into the stream by his female teammate brought a chuckle to his lips.

A chip in the wood, his pinky slipped in for only a moment, but the memory of the reason filled him. Hiruzen was older now, his still youthful eyes gazing upon a blonde haired girl, who was chasing a gray headed boy angrily. A few yards away against the poles sat a pale ebony haired boy, reading calmly in a book. The young Jiraiya tried to run upon the bridge to escape the area when from the sky the then flat chested Tsunade struck with frightening force. He managed to dodge but the railing took the brunt of the attack. The two danced away and from his mind. He tried to run his finger back through it but the vision had passed. He moved on.

Three perfectly in line cuts soon drifted under his palm. A flash of golden light and there squatting upon the bridge staring at his soon to be students was his father, Namikaze Minato. A bored looking lanky silver headed child stood aloof from an eccentric Uchiha and a nervous brunette with cheek markings. Just as the older blonde was to speak a gust of wind blew in Naruto's eyes and the scene was gone when he opened them.

The smile faded when he came across a place more smooth than all of the wood combined. He remembered this spot as it was here he first saw her cry. The place where Tsunade and Rin must have stood as well. Just under and past the tallest part of the bridge he had watched as Sakura and Tsunade had stood gazing out at the water with similar expressions. His fingers trailed the edge of the smooth area, feeling the pricks of long nails digging into the wood. His Hokage had come here to gaze into the waters after Jiraiya's death. For a moment his fingernail caught in an indention and a spark of the pain and hurt filled him as if putting his hands in Tsuande's marks had allowed him to feel what she did. Smaller more delicate nails had put their own paths. Each one brought a new memory to mind. Sasuke's defection, the failed or near death missions, countless others all brought from a solemn Sakura.

He quickly moved on, finding a smudged burn. Sasuke. For a moment he laid his hand upon the mark, wishing that for a moment he could feel the heat that had produced it. Nothing came and a few moments later he moved on, hoping to feel more. Various nicks that came from heavy use ran under his palm as memories and faces came up. Until one relatively new mark appeared below his thumb.

As if in a trance he watched himself approach a downtrodden Sakura. He paused, watching her from one side then the other, she remained unaware of his presence. He leaned in, feeling her silky pink locks brush up against his nose, causing him to sneeze. She started, trying to hide her tears to no avail as she turned with a smile so fake it hurt him to see it. His calloused hands ran over smooth cheeks, the wetness of her tears adhering to his index finger as he wiped her tears away. Suddenly her arms were around him, the firmness and warmth of her body against his. It was uncertain how long they stood there, upon that old bridge holding one another, but Naruto couldn't have been happier.

"Thank you, Naruto. For being here for me." She murmured into his chest. She sounded so cute, he couldn't resist any longer. Leaning his head down he gathered his courage and softly pulled her head up. Her green eyes looking at him with an unreadable expression.

"Anything for you...Sakura-chan" He moved in, taking the risk to feel her lips against his. Only to kiss her fist as she punched him in the face.

"I DIDN'T SAY YOU COULD KISS ME, YOU IDIOT!" Echoed loudly as his head rebounded off the rail hard enough to make the old heavy timber shake and his hitai-ate gouged a small furrow in the top. Icy cold water slowed then stopped his impromptu fight and when he rose up screaming at the chill and the shock of his head sound of her laughter brought a new warmth in his chest. "Your f-face, f-funny!"

"Sakura-chan! That's not fair, ~ttebayo!" He chattered out causing her to laugh harder. After a moment of wiping the tears of laughter that had replaced the ones of sadness, she hopped over the railing and onto the water with a small exasperated sigh.

"You're going to catch a cold if you stay in there, Naruto." She commented on as she grabbed his hand and helped him ashore. Once clear of the water the two moved to a bench beside the stream. She caught him looking at her with a smile. "What?"

"I don't get sick, you know that Sakura-chan. And even if I did, I have a Sakura-chan who could take care of me, right?" He smile faltered slightly as she turned away with a slightly disinterested look.

"Don't want to." Her abrupt rebuttal caught him off guard for a moment before he compromised.

"It's okay. As long as I can keep holding this hand I'll be invincible." She started, having realized then she was still holding his hand. However instead of punching him again or pulling her hand away, she did something both of them was shocked by. She scooted closer, taking their joined hands into their lap, and leaned against him. The feel of her against him once more and in such a tender way eased what little tension remained and his cheek was soon against her soft hair. His eyes closed, letting his free hand run through her hair. Silence reigned until she turned her head towards his and in a wavering voice.

"You really mean it?" He gave a questioning noise and she reiterated. "You'll be invincible and you'll never leave me, right?"

"That's a promise of a lifetime, Sakura-chan." It was then, out of the blue his lips felt hers for the first time.

Naruto watched from the bridge as the scene faded away. A small smile upon his face. So out of it was he that he didn't react to her until her arms wrapped around him.

"S-Sakura-chan!" He jumped. "You scared me!"

"You idiot. You'd have been dead had I been an enemy and not me." He smiled taking her hand and giving it a loving squeeze, loving the feel of her hand embracing back not a moment later.

"So long as I have your touch, Sakura-chan. I'm can't die. I'd have too much to loose."

Yeah it ended up another Sakura piece. So I guess the senses (Five senses that) are all Sakura. If I feel like it and I have inspiration I MAY make something like a senses per character. As in Senses: Sakura, Senses: Hinata, and Senses: Ino, so on and so forth. BUT. That's only if I have it in me. Lately? Not so much.

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