Disclaimer – I do not own the story, the characters or even the actors (well, I'd like to own Daniel Day-Lewis, but I don't ^^).

Pairing – Cora Munro / Nathan Hawkeye

Length – 111 words

A / N – I used a quote from the movie as a title. It's a quote from the fort scene, when Hawkeye and Cora are kissing. She looks at the fort, and she says: "The entire world is burning."

The ff takes place on their first night at the fort, after the surgery scene. [I wrote about the kiss scene.]

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The world is burning.

They could stay like this forever, miss Munro and Hawkeye.

Still, embraced, brushed by the fort's fires.

They could stay like this forever, Cora and Nathan.

Hugging each other, eyes in eyes, they could keep on breathing one another, touching one another, understand one another… forever.

His lips are seeking for hers: harsh, wild, certainly not a gentlemen… he's just Nathan.

Cora does not stop him, neglecting the etiquette.

It's easy to forgot Duncan: he never actually had her heart.

What an utopia, thinking that they will get through that night.

What an utopia, thinking that the world will not burn anymore.

But with Hawkeye – with Nathan –, everything could happen.