Ch.1~The Amused Wind and the Raging Flame

Author's Note [4/1/2014]: I am currently in the process of revamping this whole story. At the moment I am currently unable to continue this story, because I am not content with how poorly in the past I have presented this story to you my readers. I will be fixing grammatical errors and probably just rewriting scenes to make them sound clearer, make them flow better, but don't worry. The synopsis for every chapter and the story as a whole will remain the same. So if you are a new reader, I'm sorry to say you won't really see the "old" me when I was writing this, but at least the story will be clearer and more mature in a sense. (I will be posting the revision of each chapter, one at a time, so you guise won't have a whole glob to re-read.)

Summary: Two weeks have passed since the grueling battle at Pandemonium and also the sweet moment that occurred at the Kannagi residence's pond between our two protagonists. Right after these two events, Kazuma was ordered by Jugo to go on a mission. Having not to receive many details on what and where Kazuma was doing/going, Ayano has been completely immersed in her thoughts, more-so her feelings for the contractor. Well let's see if anything gets sorted out for the Kannagi princess and if she'll get to see her charming individual, shall we?

Disclaimer: I do not own Kaze no Stigma~! ^ ^ Also, need I remind you, this is only merely a fanfict based off of my desires of what I wanted in KNS 2, and it is not the actual Kaze no Stigma Season 2. Thank you & enjoy c:

Looking at the tips of her scarlet colored hair, Ayano had just gotten out of the shower. Her mind was preoccupied with the memory that the one whom she held dear had left her. Two weeks. Two weeks have past since that one fujutsushi user, the one named Yagami, Kazuma was present with her, standing near the pond in the Kannagi courtyard, holding the tips of her hair, grasping them with such courtship. But now that man has gone, he said he would be back as soon as he was done with his affairs, but she longed for him. Her eyes drifted towards her window, in which she left wide open so she can feel the breeze, feel the wind. She slid down against the opposite wall, facing the window, wrapping her arms around her knees, hugging them tight. She buried her head into her arms.

Stupid Kazuma… She thought to herself. He toyed with my feelings and then left... even though it was for Otou San... But still! And what did he mean when he called me "Partner" Like his partner in crime? Nah…sexual partner? Ayano blushed at the thought of her in Kazuma's bed. No, no, no...that's too degrading...or did he mean his...his... GIRLFRIEND! Ayano's blush deepened, her mind fantasizing of what it would be like to be able to be dating the crimson-eyed man. When Ayano's mind snapped back into reality, her thoughts began to sour. No... no, he doesn't see me in that way. He doesn't even love me- in that manner. For all I know he only cares for me as some distant cousin he has to protect because she's the heir of the Kannagi family. Ayano felt so- so pathetic. Yea right…She thought to herself again … Kazuma and I? Please. I might as well invest my feelings in another two-faced, perverted, idiot. Ayano sighed.

Interrupting her self-pity session, Ayano felt a gust of wind flowing from the outside of her window. Ayano's eyes widened. She quickly grabbed the closest article of clothing, a loose button-up collared blouse and rushed to dress herself before jumping out of her one-story window to greet none other than Yagami, Kazuma.

Even though her mind was currently filled with disheartening thoughts, her heart skipped a beat when she first caught sight of Kazuma, making his way towards the ground, towards her.

"Welcome home, Kazuma." A grin lining her face. Her eyes were beginning to get a bit glossy.

Now settled on the ground, Kazuma made his way towards the young woman, but halted his movements as soon as he caught sight of Ayano's bold outfit choice. Wow such ignorance. He chuckled to himself. He then finished making his way toward Ayano and (to Ayano's astonishment) greeted her with a warm embrace. Wide-eyed, but so in-still with the moment Ayano returned the embrace, not questioning whether the purpose for the warm greet was sincere or not.

Lowering his lips to her ear, Kazuma whispered. "You know... I'm quite fond of a woman who can greet me in an outfit as bold as the one you're fashioning, Mistress Kannagi."

Steaming with anger like a wild piranha, Ayano pushed herself out of the contractor's arms.

"You filthy pervert! You and I can never endure a sincere moment without you going and doing idiotic things like this!" Ayano said, summoning her prized Enraiha.

"Ahaha, me? Princess, I'm certain the blame can easily fall on you this time. How can one not comment on your poor outfit choice- you're not even fully clothed. How dauntless." He smirked, knowing he was really riling up the enjutsushi user.

"Kazuma...!" Ayano growled. She then dashed directly for the fujutsushi user, who stood there and yawned as Ayano made an attempt at slashing him. Unfortunately for Ayano, his wind wall successfully blocked the hit.

"Nice try princess. In all honesty, we really need to work on your training again. The way you're coming onto me with a direct attack is certainly not the way I have taught you to deal with your opponents."

Ayano scoffed. She averted her eyes. "I supposed you haven't changed at all. Even after..." Her mind drifted back to her earlier thoughts.

A look of concern appeared on Kazuma's face. He wasn't so fond of seeing the heir to the Kannagi so down.

"Hoy, Ayano."


And with that Kazuma released a gust of wind as he lifted himself off the ground, away from the now enraged Ayano.

"KAZUMA! YOU BAKA." She screeched with all her might as she struggled to keep her blouse on.

"I'll see you later princess!" An amused grin laced the contractor's face as he fled the seen, leaving Ayano raging like a wildfire.

Thank you all for reading! Anime and Manga have been quite a passion of mine for a long-while and with writing this, I hope to contribute a piece to the Anime/Manga fandom! (: And again, I apologize for wanting to re-do this. I always say I'm proud of my work, but as one grows up, they look at their past and think of what they could've done- what they could've surely achieved. So, I'm doing this to help get my writing mojo back and to aid me in finishing this story. And in the end so I can be proud of what I have achieved when I do finish this story. Thank you all for the support and understanding!

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