Hiya Yi San fans! This is my new Yi San story but this is only a one chapter story that was based from episode 46 of the Korean drama. I got some ideas in my mind while I was watching it and it was still in my head while I was working on my current Yi San story "Beauty and the dragon". I just can't resist to get started on it but I'm still working on "Beauty and the dragon". Please let me know what you think! ^^

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This story is not a prequel to my old Yi San story "To rescue the woman I love" even though the title is a little different. Oh and take notice that episode 46 is one of my favorite Yi San episodes including 35, 36, 32, 34, 60, 61, 62, 77, 74 (Well, not much since that episode always made me so sad when Song Yeon dies in Lee San's arms), 42, 7, 6, 9, 10, 1, 2, ,3 ,4 72, 71, 73, 63, 54 (Not so much too because I only liked the beginning when Lee San finds Song Yeon cries on his picture but not when she asks him to stay away from her) and there's this episode I kinda forgot when Lady Hyegyeong finally accepts Song Yeon and gives her a title "Consort Ui". Please tell me the number of that episode.

It was quite a surprise for king Lee San as he battles the assassin who was ordered by the norons to kill him when there are less guards and soldiers in the palace that only happens rarely at night. Fortunately, the assassin came on the right night when the soldiers are ordered to take a break and go home after Lee San's coronation. He thought that it would be his lucky day to kill the king. Unfortunately for the assassin, Lee San was able to suspect that the assassin in his room and he quickly grabs his sword to battle the assassin in the sword fight.

At first, the assassin got lucky when Lee San falls on the ground and loses his grip on his sword a little. The assassin then points his sword at him, thinking that he now has a chance to kill the king.

But Lee San has got a better idea to save himself, he then kicks a candle to trip the assassin. When the assassin trips, Lee San pulls out his hairpin and throws it at the assassin's chest. The assassin winced in pain as he feels blood on him, it slowly weakens his strength.

Lee San then stands up and aims his sword at the assassin "Now...tell me who sends you to kill me".

Time was running out for the assassin but he couldn't risk revealing the names of the person who hires him, Jeong Hu Gyeom. He then kicks Lee San away from him and he begins to hurry himself out of the room in a quick attempt to get away from Lee San.

When he runs out of the room, he noticed that the rest of the assassins who were also hired by Jeong Hu Gyeom are captured by the palace soldiers while they didn't notice him because they are too busying surrounding the other assassins who came to kill the newly crowned king. Both Hong Guk Young and Dae Su were among the palace soldiers too because they wants to warn the king and protect him. He stands frozen in place, he has to get away or he'll get caught too.

The assassin slowly tip toes behind them in an attempt to be unnoticed as he walks sideways to the corner of the grand palace outside of Lee San's room. But then suddenly, he feels his blood coming out of his chest from the hairpin and he accidentally trips down from the steps and fells on the ground on his back. He winced his eyes as he felt pain on his head, his chest, and his back.

The palace soldiers including Hong Guk Young and Dae Su turns around and gasped when they sees the assassin and realized that there's one left.

Hong Guk Young begins to shout out an order to the guards "There's one more left! Catch him!". The assassin gasped with fear, but he didn't hesistate to run away for his life. He quickly kicks away a few soldiers and he stood up with his sword in his tight grip.

He quickly kills a couple of soldiers except for Dae Su who stays in front of Lee San's room to protect the king. The wounded assassin then kicks and punches a few more soldiers away from him and he uses his remainning strength to help him run away as quick as possible.

Both Hong Guk Young and Dae Su was shocked as they sees the wounded assassin running away for his life, they wanted to run after him but they are already busy with the other captured assassins who is being held prisoner in ropes by the palace soldiers who are still alive. They know that if they run after the wounded assassin, the prisoners may have some trick up in their sleeves to use any methods or hidden weapons to help them escape and go back to their bosses who sends them to attack the king.

Just then, Lee San came out of his room with his sword in his hand, he was surprised that there's more assassins coming to kill him but they were already captured by the palace soldiers. But he doesn't want to intterogate them now, he is searching for the assassin who is now wounded and ran away.

He then noticed Dae Su and Hong Guk Young who runs to him with concern on their faces. "Your majesty! Are you alright?. Lee San nods his head "Yes, I'm fine...by the way, did you guys see that wounded man who just got out of my room? Where did he go?".

Hong Guk Young nodded his head "Yes your majesty, he manages to kill some of our soldiers and he ran away in that direction...just follow his blood on the ground" and he then points his finger to the same direction that the wounded assassin goes without realizing that he have left a bloody trail.

Lee San nodded his head "Thank you, excuse me...I need to find him" and he quickly runs to the direction that Hong Guk Young shows to him in order to find the assassin.

Both Hong Guk Young and Dae Su looked at Lee San who was now out of their sight, they were now very worried about his safety. Then they looked at each other with concern. They now have two choices: Take the prisoners to the intterogation room or follow the king to make sure that he's safe.

Eventually, one of them, Dae Su makes a decision "Sir, I don't think that he'll be able to fight on his own...let's follow him". Hong Guk Young nodded his head "You're right Dae Su, let's go!". The both of them then runs to the same direction that Lee San took in order to find him because they don't want to see him get hurt or killed if he finds the assassin.

As Lee San searches for the assassin by following the bloody trail, he begins to have more worries than ever 'I have got to find him or more people will die by his hands if they are in his way!'.

Meanwhile, Song Yeon is still searching for the palace soldiers while trying to hide from the assassin. She is very worried for herself and the innocent people in the palace. Especially the newly crowned king Lee San. She wants to save his life by calling out for the soldiers to help but she couldn't find a single one.

She is now on alert because she remembers that she has seen the assassin's face when he disguised himself as one of the bureau artists who repaints the palace designs with a hunched back. She feels very frightened and she really wants to run away from the danger. But she stays in the palace because she wants to save innocent lives by calling out the palace soldiers.

All the sudden, she hears running footsteps on the ground behind her. She then turns around to see the person behind her. She then gasped in surprise including the person behind her. She recognized him 'Oh no! It's him! He must be a assassin because of he has a sword! But who wounded him with a hair pin?'.

She then points her finger at him "You...you're the man with a hunched back!".The assassin stood frozen in shock as he stares at her without saying anything. He knows that he was supposed to be the kill the king and leaves no wittnesses. So he then picks up his sword and walks toward her without showing any mercy.

Song Yeon begins to panic as she walks backwards to keep herself away from the assassin "W-What are you doing? S-Stay away from me!". But the assassin didn't listen to her as he responds to her "I'm sorry, but I can't let you live and tell anyone that you have saw me. Now hold still!" and he begins to attack her with his sword.

But Song Yeon screams and quickly dodges herself out of the way from the sword and ran for her life. The assassin then follows her while swinging his sword to kill her.

The chase keeps on going until Song Yeon arrives at the place where she and Lee San first met as young children. She feels very tired as she stands nearby a stone pillar but she is too scared to rest.

All the sudden, she hears the assassin's voice and she turns around to see him coming in more closer to her. She begins to run away again but she trips on one of the stone tiles and fell down. She then turns herself around and screams out with fright as the assassin is now ready to end her life in a few seconds. She then closed her eyes to wait for the impact 'No...no...NO!".

Then suddenly, she hears clashes of swords and she didn't feel a blade touching her. She then opens her eyes and she gasped with surprise.

The assassin's sword was blocked by Lee San who came just in time and protected the woman he loves by colliding his sword against his enemy's sword. Song Yeon manages to speak "Your...Your majesty!".

Lee San however didn't reply because he was busy blocking his enemy's sword to protect Song Yeon. Then they split up and stared at each other face to face.

The assassin begins to speak "So your majesty...you have followed me here, is it because you want to finish this battle and end my life? Tell me why", Lee San didn't answer back for a few seconds, then he speaks "Because I can't allow you to kill more people, now surrender or I have no choice but to stop you".

The assassin however snarls at the king and swings his sword once more but the king was ready for him. They begin to fight again with swords while Song Yeon tries to get herself away.

But the assassin spots her and he tries to aims his sword at her but Lee San uses his sword to protect her which gives Song Yeon enough time to run a little and gets out of the building to watch the fight. The fight lasts on more longer until the assassin begins to lose the strength the fight because he was losing more blood. The assassin knows that his time has run out, so he quickly swungs his sword and injured Lee San's arm, giving him a bloody wound (Same thing from episode 46 when Lee San got wounded on his arm).

Song Yeon cries out "Your majesty!". The assassin feels a little happy and he tries to kill the king, but Lee San was ready for him as he kicks the assassin away. The assassin staggers backwards and holds his chest in pain.

He then leans on to a stone pillar and fell to the ground, he holds on to his bleeding chest. Lee San then points his sword down on the ground and stares at him "If you don't want to die, then drop your sword and come with me to the intterogation room". The assassin looks at Lee San with anger in his eyes, but just as he was about to speak...he begins to feel himself shaking a little and then he cloes his eyes and lays back to the pillar...dead.

Both Song Yeon and Lee San were silent after they have wittnessed the death of the assassin. Lee San then turns his head to Song Yeon and walks toward her as he holds on to his wounded bleeding arm "Song Yeon...are you alright?".

Song Yeon quickly nods her head "Yes your majesty, how about you?". Lee San nodded his head too "I'm fine...ah!" but then he feels pain on his bleeding arm which causes him to drop his sword away from him and he kneels down on the stone titles while holding his injured bleeing arm.

Song Yeon opens her eyes wide with worry and concern "S-San!" and she kneels down to see Lee San's wound on his arm. She gasped "Oh my gosh! B-Blood! You're bleeding!". Lee San quickly answers her "It's nothing, it's just a little scratch".

Then Song Yeon looks up at him "A little scratch? B-But S-San...I-I mean your majesty...you're still bleeding! How could there be a small scratch? Please let me see". Lee San hesitated, he didn't want her to see his wounded arm because he didn't want to worry her. "No...it's alright Song Yeon...you don't have to look".

Then Song Yeon starts to have tears seeping from her eyes, she is too worried about him. She begins to beg him "Please San, *sniff* let me see...because I'm afraid that it would be very serious...so please, let me take a look". She then begins to weeps in tears as she closes her eyes.

Lee San begins to feel remorseful in guilt because he doesn't want her to cry in sadness but he doesn't want her to be too worried about his wound. He then gives up and sighs, he raises his good arm and touches one of her shoulders "*sigh*...Song Yeon, I'm sorry for not letting you see my wound, I just don't want to worry you, so go ahead and look".

Song Yeon feels relieved and then she unrolls the sleeve on Lee San's wounded arm and takes a look, she gasped as she noticed that there's a slash wound on his arm, she became devastated "Oh no! You have a cut mark! Your blood is coming out! This is bad! Did it hurt?".

Lee San begins to winced in pain a little and he replies "Ugh, a little bit...that man is quite persistant on trying to end my life and yours".

Song Yeon however begins to cry more and hung her head low as she stares at his injured arm "*sniff*...This is my fault! It's me who should have taken that wound instead of you, I should have been the one to be killed while risking my life to find the palace soldiers...*sob*...I'm so sorry San...".

Lee San shook his head "No Song Yeon, it's not your fault...". Song Yeon then raises her head to look at him with tears covering her face, waiting for him to say what he wants to say to her.

Lee San then pats on her shoulder with his good arm and begins to speak to her "It was me because I followed the assassin to stop him oir more innocent people will die...and when I have finally tracked him down, I was completely devasted when he attacks you and he was about to kill you with his sword...then I rushed in and stopped him in time before he kills you in front of me...I can't let him kill you because I want to protect you until the end...so don't blame yourself Song Yeon, it's not your fault".

Song Yeon was surprised, yet she was touched from his words, now she no longer blames herself for being the cause of Lee San's injury. She softly replies to him "San...".

All the sudden, the couple notices both Hong Guk Young and Dae Su who have finally finds the king and they were very worried when they noticed that he was injured. Then they asked Song Yeon if she was unhurt but she tells them that she was fine.

Lee San explains to them that the wounded assassin tries to kill Song Yeon in order to make sure that she won't tell anyone that she has seen him. But she was luckily saved by Lee San and she runs for cover while both the assassin and Lee San continues their fight. At the end, the assassin gives in to his wound and he dies because he has lost a lot of blood.

Both Hong Guk Young and Dae Su was surprised and they calls out for the soldiers to take the dead assassin's body and bring in a physician to heal Lee San's wounds. After that, Lee San's arms was healed about a few days later and he was ready to call out for his soldiers to track down the norons.

Thanks for reading guys! I'm so sorry that this story has only one chapter but I only wanted it to be that way. I'll see you again in the next chapter of my current story "Beauty and the dragon, a Yi San fanfic".