plot summary: When Ten year old Emily Parker receives a beating from her drunken, abusive mother, she slips into a coma and wakes up to find herself in 1973, twenty two years before she was even born. Now Emily, a girl who was born in 1995 finds herself adjusting to life in the 1970s and having Sam Tyler as a father figure. Warning, this chapter contains scenes of child abuse.

June 15th 2006:

Emily Parker sighed with boredom and looked at the clock on the wall while she ate the second slice of toast on her plate. It had just reached Eleven pm and her mother was not back from her night out and she had left Emily on her own again, like she did every night.

Emily Parker was Ten and a half years old, she was born on September 22nd 1995, her dad died in a house fire when she was seven and since then, her mother had become an alcoholic, would often physically and verbally abuse Emily and often leave her on her own every night while she went out drinking and not come back until the next morning.

Emily and her mother lived in a tiny flat, they had been living there since their old house burned down and the little girl was now in it, on her own, eating toast and flicking through the channels on the 16 inch portable TV in the corner but there was nothing on, just late night programmes and feeling rather tired, Emily curled up on the sofa at the other end of the room and fell asleep, without turning the TV off.

She was woken up about an hour later by her mother who had come back from one of her frequent nights out. Emily sat up and saw that her mother was really drunk again, looking at Emily like she was something disgusting.

"You little cow" she slurred as she staggered over to Emily and pulled her up from the sofa "I hate you, it's your fault I'm always miserable, it's your fault the old house burnt down and killed your dad." Tears began to fill the child's eyes as the drunken woman grabbed her roughly by the shoulders and began shaking her.

"If it wasn't for you, he'd still be here" she practically screamed.

"It wasn't my fault mummy, I didn't make the house burn down" Emily said, tears falling down her now puffy cheeks. Her mother snarled and slapped Emily hard across the face, sending her falling to the ground.

"Now you are going to pay for what you have done" her mother snarled as she loomed over her.

"Mummy, it was three years ago, can't you just move on and accept it was an accident and not my fault" Emily pleaded before she received a hard kick from the vicious, intoxicated woman who was supposed to be her mother. The terrified little girl covered her eyes as she received further kicks and punches, trying to block it all out, hoping she would eventually give up and leave her alone., but she didn't, she carried on kicking and hitting her even further and after the final punch, she was dragged off the ground and with a snarl, her mother shoved her backwards, causing her to slam her head on the fireplace mantel piece. Emily slid to to the ground and was beginning to lose consciousness as her mother loomed over her, glaring.

"You deserved that you little bitch" she snarled before turning around and walking out the door, slamming it in the process. Emily tried hard to stay awake, but unconsciousness was consuming her rapidly and unable to fight any longer, Emily's world became dark and silent.

Sorry this chapters so short, I will try and make the next one a bit longer. The next chapter will see Emily waking up in 1973 and meeting the main Life on mars characters.