Nightmares of her past

Emily squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for her mother to strike her but nothing happened and the little girl slowly opened her eyes to find herself laying on a bed in what looked like a Hospital room with people stood over her who she guessed where Doctors and she could hear them talking.

"She isn't showing any signs of response."

"We did an x-ray and it shows that she suffered a severe blow to the head, causing her to slip into a deep Coma. We believe her mother must have pushed her so hard if it caused this amount of damage."

"Do you think she'll wake up?"

"It's too early to say but her mother is not to go anyway near her."

Emily desperatly tried to call out to the people around but no sound came from her mouth and they could not hear her. She tried to lift her arm up to reach out to them but found she couldn't move her whole body and tried calling out to them as they left the room, leaving her alone and scared whn the room suddenly began to disapear around her and this time, she found herself stood in what looked like a park with a play area in the far corner, a play area which seemed really familiar to her and Emily realized that this was the park where she and her parents used to come every weekend before her dad died and her mum became an abusive and phycotic alcoholic. Wearily, she began making her way towards the play rea and when she got closer, she saw that it was empty except for three people, a man, a woman and a little girl who appeared tob e about five years old and it didn't take long for her to realize that the little girl was herself as a five year old.

"Daddy" she whispered as she watched her dad pick up her five year old self and swing her round and round by her arms as she giggled with excitement. She then saw her mum watching her dad and she looked alot more cleaner and sober than before but Emily knew that two years from this happy event, her dad would perish in a house fire and her mum would become the person she knew now. The park then began to dissolve and transform like the Hospital room did until Emily found herself stood in her old bedroom from her old house and she saw her youngerselve sleeping under the covers on her bed before crossing over to the wall where a calender was hung up and to her horror, she realized that it was the night of the fire and that was when the room began to fill with the smoke before the alarm went off and Emily's seven year old self woke up, screaming and crying in terror. The Ten year old Emily shut her eyes and covered her ears before she found herself stood outside the now burning house and her parents where also outside but her seven year old self was still trapped inside.

"Emily's still inside, I have to go get her" her dad yelled.

"But you'll get killed in there" her mum replied. Emily then looked up to see her seven year old self hanging out the bedroom window with sheer terror on her face.

"Daddy, mummy help" she screamed desperatly and despite her mother's pleas, the older Emily watched as her dad ran back inside the burning house before sticking his head out the bedroom window and telling the firemen to place a trampoline under the window because he was going to throw Seven year old emily out the window and Ten year old Emily watched as her dad dangled her youngerselve from the window before dropping her onto the waiting trampoline below and he was about to do the same himself but before he could, an almighty explosion erupted and Emily screamed, covering her ears with her eyes squeezed shut before she felt herself falling and falling until she hit the ground before opening her eyes to see that she was now in the tiny flat that she and her mum had been living in since the fire.

"This is the day she first hit me" Emily whispered as she saw her mother, slumped on the sofa with a half empty bottle of vodka in her hand when Seven year old Emily came toddling into towards her in cotton Pyjamas.

"Ohno, it's coming" Emily whispered as she prepared herself for what was about to happen next as her seven year old self gave her drunken mother a little shove.

"Mummy, I had a bad dream, can I have a hug?" Seven year old Emily asked, her voice quivering.

"Piss off back to bed you little shit" her mum slurred in a drunken manner but Seven year old Emily didn't move an inch and Ten year old Emily braced herself for what was to come next.

"But mummy, I'm too scared and I want you to hug me, tell me everythings ok like you usually do" the past Emly begged and the older Emily watched as her drunken mother heaved herself of the sofa and towered over her tiny, seven year old self.

"Don't you ever listen?" her mum slurred before raising her voice " I SAID GO BACK TO BED, NOW!" and that was when it happened, her mum had struck the seven year old Emily across the cheek, sending her falling to the ground and Ten year old Emily found herself screaming in the process.

"STOP IT, STOP HITTING ME, STOP IT"she screamed as she watched her mum deliver another slap to her seven year old self.

"It's all your fault, it's your stupid fault he's dead and I'm going to make sure that you'll live the rest of your pathetic little life feeling guilty for what you've done to this family" her mum hissed. Unable to bear it any longer, Emily covered her eyes and sobbed, curling up on the ground where she could still hear her mother's hordes of abuse which seemed to fade away until she felt someone shaking her and Emily opened her eyes to find herself laying on the bed in Sam's flat and he was crouched down beside the bed.

"Are you ok, I heard you crying out in your sleep" he told her.

"I'm fine, I just had a bad dream" Emily replied as she sat herself up and realizing it was now morning.

"What happened, was someone hitting you because I heard you screaming, telling someone stop hitting you" Sam told her.

"It was my mum, I saw her hitting my seven year old self and I just wanted it to stop"Emily replied "I also had a dream about the night of the fire and my daddy rushing in to save me but the house exploded before he could get out."

"So, it was like you were having nightmares about your past?" Sam asked her. Emily nodded and told him how it had started with them at the park two years before the fire before turning into the nightmare she had been living since she was Seven years old and before her mum put her in a coma after viciously attacking her.

"But I can't understand as to why I ended up here if I haven't even been born yet"she continued. Sam didn't know how to explain the whole situation to her as it would probably be too complicated for a Ten year old to understand.

"Listen" he suggested, changing the subject "I'll let you come down the station with me again but tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can get you a place at the local school."

"Ok" Emily replied in a polite manner "I understand." Just then, the front door burst open and Gene came bursting in.

"C,mon Tyler get a shake on, there's been reports of a hostage situation over at the post office" he said.

"Ok, but what about Emily?" Sam asked "I can't leave her."

"Can't I come?" Emily asked, sounding eager "I want to see what you do?"

"It could be dangerous" Sam explained to her "but if you do come, you stay in the car."

"What, in my car?" Gene asked as though someone had taken away his year supply of whisky.

"I don't think she'll drive off with it, she's only Ten years old" Sam replied.

"Ok, but make sure she stays in the car, it could get messy" Gene replied before heading off outside. Emily gave same a look as though to say "how do you put up with him?" and Sam noticed this.

"Oh don't worry, he does that but you'll get used to him" he told her.

"Oi Tyler, are you and the sprog coming or what?" Gene yelled from the hallway. Sam helped Emily off the bed and then went off to the Post office.