A/N ok, so this is my first ever slash fan fiction. It is seriously crap as anything. I just wanted to say that if the thoughts are in quotation marks then they are telepathic thoughts, if they are not in quotation marks then they are just their thoughts, not actually telepathic. Just thought I would clear that up. Anyway, please enjoy this really crap story.

Harry opened his eyes to see Ron standing over him with a face of panic. Harry quickly sat up, and reached over to his bedside table and picked up his glasses. Once they were firmly framed around his face, he took another quick glance at Ron. It was at this point that Harry could tell that not only did Ron's face convey panic, but also horror.

"What's going on Ron?" harry reached a hand onto Ron's shoulder for comfort. Ron shifted away, and Harry's hand fell back onto the bed. Ron started to shake his head.

"Come look for yourself." he stated as he made his way to the door. Harry suddenly felt his stomach churn as he thought about what had made Ron look so uneasy. He fell into place next to Ron as they walked down the stairs to the common room. The portrait was swung wide open and the whole common room was a mess. Harry swallowed hard and made his way next to Hermione.

"What happened?" he asked as he rested his hand on Hermione's shoulder.

"I don't know Harry." She said, looking down at the floor with her sad eyes.

"Someone must know what happened." He shouted, sounding rather angry when in actual fact he wasn't. So many questions were running through his head. Who did this? What did they want? Were they looking for something?

"Sorry harry. It happened when we were all asleep. No one knows what happened." Harry followed the trail of the voice and saw Dean stood beside him.

"How did they get in?" Harry asked. Neville Longbottom's face flushed. Dean wondered towards him and put his hand on his shoulder.

"It's my fault harry." Neville piped up. "I forgot the password again the other day. So decided to write it down, but I lost it, someone must have got hold of it." Harry gave him a weak smile.

"It's ok Neville. We don't know that is what happened. And even if that is what happened. It doesn't matter. We all make mistakes." Just as the words left his mouth, Dumbledore was stood in the portrait hole looking at them all with questioning glances. He coughed loudly to gain their attention.

"I have every right to assume that this was a fellow student at Hogwarts. I do not believe that any one of you is in any danger. I assume this was a fool hardy joke on behalf of someone from another house. Myself and professor McGonagall will get to the bottom of this. For now, go about your day as normal, and do not fret about this for much longer." He gave them all a courteous nod and departed out of the portrait hole. Harry shook his head in disbelief. Of course it would be a silly prank.He thought as he made his way up the stairs back to his dorm room. Without much thought of the prank, he dressed himself and exited through the portrait and started down the hall, after stepping off the moving staircase.

"Had a bit of trouble this morning potter?" harry swung around on his heels and was faced with Malfoy a few steps in front of him.

"How did you hear about that?" asked harry as his narrowed his eyes.

"Bit hard not to hear it when it's travelling around Hogwarts quicker than me on a broom." He smirked. Harry growled at him. Just simply because of his arrogance.

"Did you have something to do with it Malfoy?" he asked as he lowered his hand to his wand.

"Of course not potter." He snarled. "I have better things to do with my time than ransack the stupid Gryffindor tower." Malfoy's eyes darted down to Harry's wand.

"If you don't tell me what you know Malfoy, I will hex you into next year." Harry raised his wand so that it was near enough in Malfoy's face. Harry felt very angry.

"Lower your wand potter. I had nothing to do with it and I know nothing about it other than the talk that has been going around Hogwarts." Malfoy pushed Harry's wand out of his face and gave him a big smirk. "Plus, there is no way you would hex the great Draco Malfoy. Would you?" Harry once again gave Malfoy a low growl and turned on his heels and stalked off. He heard Malfoy shout out behind him. "Thank you so much for kindly answering my question potter." Harry could have easily hexed the 'great Draco Malfoy.' That boy had made him so very angry.

Draco stood there watching Harry go. Draco could never quite put his finger on what made him so obsessed with potter. Maybe it was the fact that he knew he was almost, so much better than him. Draco could never quite accept that Potter could beat him at nearly everything. It made him angry and resentful. There was once a time that Draco very much wanted to be friends with potter. But now, after 6 years enduring the insufferable git, he did not want to be his friend at all. Ok so maybe he did a bit. Maybe he did just want to be civil to him. He turned to his side and saw Crabbe and Goyle looking at him rather strangely. What the? He thought as he looked at them strangely back. Draco admitted that he almost forgot they were even there.
"What?" He barked at them.

"Nothing." Goyle shot back. "Just…" Draco widened his eyes realising they obviously had something to say.

"Just what?" he stepped closer to them.

"Well, oh it's nothing." Goyle shook his head and started to walk off.

"Goyle!" Draco shouted after him. "You get your arse back here now and explain to me why you looked at me like that." Goyle smiled and carried on walking, Crabbe was close by his side.
What idiots. Draco thought, as he followed Harry, Crabbe and Goyle to the great hall for breakfast. As Draco walked through the great hall doors, his head started to pound quite heavily. He wobbled a bit on his feet before he was able to steady himself. He glanced around the great hall to see that not many people were in the hall at this time. Harry caught his eye. It seemed that harry was having a very similar situation happen to him. Draco gave him a glare and settled down at the table to eat.

"Are you ok Draco?" asked Crabbe. Draco hardly even heard him, he spoke so quietly.

"Fine." He snapped back. Draco picked up a piece of toast and started eating it. 'Maybe I just need to eat something.' He thought as he started nibbling on it. He looked up to see that Potters head suddenly snapped around and looked at him. Draco was so startled but this. He gave potter a questioning look. Potter just looked incredibly confused and then looked away. The headache just grew stronger and stronger. When he had finished the last mouthful of toast he looked around the great hall once again. Potter was lying with his head rested on the table. Draco growled under his breath. 'Why does my head hurt so much? Must be from being so angry with Malfoy.' Draco startled. Draco couldn't believe he really just heard that.

"What the hell?" he breathed out. How did he just hear that so clearly, as if potter was so close to him? Draco glanced at potter with narrowed eyes. Draco was getting more worried as time went on. Draco watched as Potter stumbled to his feet and started to walk to the doors of the great hall. Potter kept stumbling as if he had no strength to keep himself up. Then he fell to the floor, defeated, smacking his nose on the cold hard floor in the process.

"OUCH!" Draco shouted as he clutched onto his nose in pain. God potter, I felt that. He thought as he held firmly onto his nose. It was still throbbing with pain. Hermione and Ron were by Harry's side trying to help him up. Potter was also clutching onto his nose in pain. Blood trickling down onto his lips. Draco caught potters eyes as he was lowered down by Hermione and Ron on the bench.

Harry caught Malfoy staring at him as he sat back down onto the bench with the help of Hermione and Ron. Malfoy was clutching onto his nose. Harry felt himself getting extremely angry. Harry knew that Malfoy was mocking him. Harry pulled himself out of the bench.

"Where are you going?" Hermione screeched as harry stormed over to the Slytherin table, feeling very uneasy on his feet. Malfoy looked horrified at Harry marching over with pure anger in his eyes.

"Are you mocking me Malfoy?" Harry shouted as he stopped by his side.

"What? No." he said slowly.

"Well then stop clutching your nose; I know you are only doing it to mock me. It's not funny. It really hurt." Harry wiped a drip of blood from his nose.

"I know." Malfoy said. Harry startled back a bit and gave Malfoy a questioning look. "I bloody felt it." How can he feel it?Harry thought. He pushed Crabbe over a bit and slumped down on the bench next to Malfoy.

"What are you doing? Go away. You can't sit here." Snarled Malfoy as he gave Harry a little shove.

"I can. And I bloody well will until you explain." He narrowed his eyes and waiting for Malfoy to reply.

"You think I understand any more than you? All I know is that my nose bloody hurts as if I somehow fell flat on my face. Oh hold on a minute. A bit like what you just did." Malfoy matched Harry's glare.

"Do you have a headache?" Harry asked softening his face a little. He noticed that Malfoy then relaxed his facial expression too.

"Yes. Do you?" Malfoy asked harry. Draco wasn't sure why he was asking. He already knew that harry did. He heard his voice in his head telling him so. He thought it was best not to mention this to harry though. Harry bit his lip and nodded. Malfoy raised his hand and rested his palm flat against Harry's forehead, as if he was taking his temperature. Crabbe coughed next to harry and Malfoy's hand snapped back down to his side. Harry couldn't quite imagine why on earth Malfoy had done that. What worried him most was how comforting he found it. Harry quickly stood up with a start and glanced down at Malfoy. He felt so weak and like he was going to fall over at any moment. He wondered if Malfoy felt the same. He once again couldn't hold himself up any longer and fell straight onto Malfoy. Much to his astonishment, it was because Malfoy had stood up and actually caught him. Not because he had fell onto him. Harry closed his eyes and let the darkness flow around him.

Draco didn't know what made him go to the rescue and catch Potter, but he did. And now with potter unconscious in his arms, he realised how weak he, himself, was. He started to sway with potter in his arms. God, please don't fall, there is no one here who will bother to catch me. He thought as he felt himself sway. Before he could sit back down he was falling. With a crash, he and potter were on the floor in a heap, tangled together.

When Draco opened his eyes, he could see the high ceiling of the hospital wing. With a sigh he sat up and looked around. He let a scowl appear on his face when he saw potter was in the bed next to him. Out of all the beds in the wing free, he had to be put in the one next to Draco. He felt anger build up in him when he remembered why he was here. Before he could think much more about it, potter sat up, panting hard, with a nice layer of sweat over his forehead.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Draco snarled at harry.

"You are angry with me." harry stated as he looked at Draco with questioning glances.

"And how would you know that exactly?" Draco asked glaring at him. 'Because I can feel it like I can feel my leg'. Draco's eyes widened and he startled back in his bed.

"I don't know. You just look angry with me or something." Said harry as he averted his eyes from Draco.

"Liar." Snapped Draco. Relaxing again. Harrys head snapped around and his eyes settled on him.
"And how would you know that exactly?" Harry asked in a mocking voice. 'Because I'm pretty sure you felt that I was angry.' Draco thought. Harry's eyes widened and his hands clutched at the blankets. Draco smiled when he realised that harry heard that. Draco didn't mention that he knew.

Harry felt his face flush. Now he was sure that he could read Draco's mind. This was only the second time it had happened.

"You can read my mind can't you?" Harry snapped. "I know you can, because I can read yours. I first heard it in the great hall. You were talking about how eating something might help you. If you remember I gave you a very weird look then. You must have noticed. It was so strange." Draco nodded.

"Yes, I think I can read your mind. I have only heard it twice. The first time was in the great hall. You were wondering why your head hurt. In fact I believe you blamed it on me, something about being angry with me. I knew I bothered you more than you let on." Draco had a very wide smirk on his face and harry felt himself even smile. Before he could reply, someone announced their presence with a slight cough.

"Boys," Draco and harry both looked around to see Dumbledore stood at the foot of their beds. "I believe that I need clear a few things up." Harry felt a slight pull at his stomach and realised it was relief. If Dumbledore knew what was going on then surely everything would be alright.

"Well get on with it then." Draco snapped rudely. Harrys head snapped around to Draco and gave him a long glare.

"Don't be so rude Malfoy." He retorted. Draco smiled at him. For some reason harry found that smile so enduring.

"Harry, it's quite alright. Young Draco here has every right to be quite on edge." He cleared his throat and carried on. "I believe that we have figured out exactly what it was the person wanted in the Gryffindor tower." Dumbledore paused and closed his eyes.

"I don't care." Snapped Draco. "I just want to know what's going on here. I couldn't care less about the stupid Gryffindor tower." Draco went to get up but harry moved off the bed and pushed him back down.

"Will you just sit and listen please?" harry said quietly. When Draco gave him a slight nod, harry got back in his own bed. Before Dumbledore could continue Draco spoke up again.

"Touch me again potter and you will regret it." Harry just smiled politely back to Draco's heated glare.

"Listen boys." Dumbledore's stern voice interrupted their looks. "This is very serious. You must listen to me, and not interrupt what I am saying." He directed his glance at Draco and harry felt his mouth twitch into a smile. "We have every reason to believe that what the person was looking for, was you harry." Harry let out a sharp breath. Even Draco let out a shaky breath. If Harry didn't know any better, he thought Draco looked like he cared. "While you were both unconscious, madam Pomfrey did some observations on you both. I regret to inform you young harry that someone put a spell on you. The headaches that you both experience were the spell beginning. The spell is a bonding spell. Quite a rare one indeed. The reason this spell is rare is because you cannot control who it is the person bonds with. Therefore most people do not use it, as the person the spell has been cast on could bond with anyone. The spell was cast on you harry and you alone. You would then bond with the first person you felt a very strong emotion for after the spell was cursed. There, is where young Draco comes in. you must have felt a very strong emotion for Draco, that it meant you both bonded. As we are not sure how strong the bond is, we ask you to both stay in close contact with each other for today. Come back here at the end of your lessons. Please do not separate under any circumstances. We don't not wish for either of you to be harmed." Draco was up on his feet at this point and was stood next to Harry's bed.

"What on earth do you mean bonded?" Draco asked with a huge look of concern etched on his face.

"You surely don't mean like a marriage do you?" Dumbledore's face looked just as concerned.

"I'm not sure young Draco. All I know about the curse is that you are bonded. You will most likely feel each other's pain. I also believe that you can communicate telepathically. You cannot read each other's minds like you thought." Dumbledore's mouth moved into a small smile, before he managed to compose himself and his face became serious again. "You have to learn to control it. If not, then you might start sharing things with each other by accident, which you do not wish to share." Draco's hands clenched into fists and Harry wondered if Draco was going to turn to him and punch him in the face.

"Why would someone do that to me?" Harry asked as he stumbled out of his bed and stood next to Draco. Harry wasn't sure if this was a good move, but he did it regardless.

"I have no idea Harry. All I know is that someone wanted to. I'm not sure who they thought you would be bonded to. It would have been foolish of them to use this curse if they intended for you to be bonded to a specific person. You could have been bonded to any one at all." Dumbledore sat on the end of Harry's bed and both Draco and harry turned to face him.

"This is ridiculous." Spat Draco. "What must be done to get rid of the bond?" Dumbledore clasped his hands together firmly on his lap.

"We are working on that part Draco. But rest assured that we are doing our best to work it out. Now," Dumbledore stood once more and let his hands fall limp by his side. "You are free to leave the hospital. All I have left to tell you is that you must try and control your telepathic thoughts. We do not wish for one of you to say something you regret." He gave a weak smile and made his way to the door, while having one last glance over his shoulder, he departed from the hospital wing.

Draco felt like someone had punched him in the stomach. He could not believe that he was bonded to that idiot. He let his fists free and relaxed. He turned his attention to potter. 'Great. This bloody idiot is going to know what I think if I don't control my stupid telepathic thoughts'. Harry turned around and smiled.

"Well, you are not doing so well to start with are you Malfoy?" Draco looked utterly shocked and blushed slightly. He could not believe that he had no control over this.

"I don't even know how I just did that." Draco whispered. 'There is a lot you don't know. God, he is such an idiot.' Draco's hands clenched at his sides.

"I heard that you arse." Draco tried as hard as he could to make his face look as angry as he could. Draco took a look at the clock that was placed nicely on the night stand. It was 9 o'clock. That meant that both he and harry had to get to their potions class. He swirled around away from harry and started to walk out of the hospital ward.

"Where are you going?" harry asked as he quickly ran after Draco and started to walk next to him. 'To bloody potions potter.' Draco had no idea if he sent that as a telepathic thought, so had no idea if Harry had actually heard it.

"Oh god, yeah. I forgot we had lessons today." Harry suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and that made Draco feel unnerved.

"What?" Draco asked irritably. Harry just started at him not saying a word. Draco just waited for Harry to talk.

"Did you not feel that?" asked harry. Harry felt like his body ached all over. He could feel something pulling at his waist, pulling him closer to Draco. Harry couldn't hold himself back anymore. Harry stepped forward and lunged himself at Draco. He wrapped his arms around Draco and held on extremely tight. Draco thought he was never going to let go. He was far too shocked to even move, let alone push him off him. Soon enough the shock subsided and he pushed Harry off him with as much force as he could. Harry stumbled back.

"What the hell was that Potter?" He snarled. Harry looked like he was about the keel over at any moment.

"I don't know. I just felt like I had to hug you. Now you are not touching me, I feel like I'm about to fall over." He grabbed onto the wall to try and steady himself. Draco gave him a glance with glaring eyes. He held out one finger and poked Harry's arm, keeping as far away as possible.

"Does that feel better?" Draco asked. Harry suddenly pushed himself off the wall and stood up straight. Draco knew that it helped. Harry looked at him for a moment before he pushed Draco's finger off his arm.

"Yes." Draco wasn't quite sure why harry had pushed his arm off if it helped, but he wasn't going to argue with it. He did not want to go around touching Harry flipping potter. "We had better get to potions." Said harry, he looked like he was about to throw up his breakfast at any moment. Draco just hoped that he would not throw up all over his nice clean shoes. Draco nodded in agreement and walked to lesson.