After Harry and Draco had been to all their lessons, they were sat in the library doing their homework. Or rather, Draco was doing his homework while Harry sat and watched.

Their transfigurations lesson had not gone well. Draco insisted on having a full conversation with Harry the entire lesson through their telepathic thoughts and Harry was trying hard to listen to the lesson. When Professor McGonagall had asked Harry a question, he did not know the answer as he hadn't heard the question because Draco was being an idiot and was talking to him the whole time. It turned out to be such an easy question and everyone laughed at him for answering an easy question wrong. That was embarrassing enough, but when he was asked to transfigure a quill into a chair and managed to transfigure it into a plant, that was the final straw. Draco was talking to him the entire time, refusing to shut up and Harry couldn't concentrate. The bastard had made out that it was completely innocent and that he just wanted to talk to him, but Harry wasn't stupid. He knew he was doing it to get back at him for that potions class not that long ago.

Now they were working on their potions homework, and Harry had completely forgiven him. How could he not? All Draco had to do was batter those big grey eyes and Harry would do anything he asked.

"Harry, do your homework." Ok maybe not everything. Harry hated homework; he always left it until the last minute and then rushed it to the best of his ability. Draco was more organised and did everything the moment he got it so it was done and out of the way.

"I will do it later." He said as he waved his hand dismissively. Plus there was the fact that he had no bloody idea how to even attempt the homework.

"No, I believe you will do it now." Draco said sternly. Draco was extremely demanding and bossy, a trait that most people would find annoying. Not Harry though, to Harry, it just looked like Draco cared and was concerned. "I will not under any circumstances be married to someone who fails their N.E.W.T's next year." Draco picked up a few parchments and shuffled them together. "We will instantly be divorced if you fail your N.E.W.T's Harry."

Harry laughed slightly, and then stopped when he noticed that Draco actually looked quite serious. Over my bloody dead body Blondie! Harry stopped that line of thought when he realised that actually, that is pretty accurate.

"Are you actually being serious?" he asked shocked. He wasn't sure if he was or not. He hoped to god he wasn't serious, because Harry hadn't really been paying much attention in class these days.

"Quite." Draco commented dryly. Harry was still gaping at Draco.

"You mean to tell me, that you would break our bond the moment I fail my N.E.W.T's?" Harry was still trying to convince himself that Draco was joking. He must be joking.

"That I would." Draco picked up his quill and started to write again, trying hard to hide his smirk.

"I can't believe you. You would seriously break our bond just because of that?" Now Harry was sure that he couldn't convince himself he was joking anymore. Now he was getting angry. He stood up abruptly from his chair. "Well I'm sorry if I would be an embarrassment to you. I'm sorry if you couldn't have a husband who, god forbid, failed his N.E.W.T's. Well you had better go and see Madam Pomfrey or something and ask how one would go about getting rid of a Bond because there is a high chance I will fail. I wouldn't want you to be embarrassed after all. What next? You will be divorcing me over everything I do that embarrasses you? Next you will be deciding you can't stay with me because of the clothes I wear." Harry stopped himself when he realised that he was being an utter prat. Why should he care if Draco wanted to do such a thing?

Draco was staring at Harry in shock. He was only trying to get him back for the jokes Harry was saying to him earlier. He didn't think Harry would actually get this angry and upset.

Harry looked back down at Draco when he stopped his rage. His fists were clenched at his sides.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to get quite so angry." Harry apologised as he sunk back down in his chair. He tried to hide his face out of pure embarrassment.

"Harry, I was joking." Draco said dryly. "I would not break the bond if you fail your N.E.W.T's. I promise." He reached out his hand and placed it over Harry's. "And about the clothes situation, I would just plainly insist that you change your clothes or I would hex you." he said with a smirk.

"Good." Harry mumbled quietly.

"I was not joking about you doing your homework though Harry. Do it." Harry groaned loudly. "Now!" demanded Draco.

"God, yes sir." He removed his hand from under Draco's and opened his potions text book and started to read. "You are so bossy." He pouted.

Harry stared at the textbook and wondered how in the name of Merlin he was ever going to pass potions.

"Yes, I am very bossy. Now get used to it because I am going to be bossing you around for the rest of your sorry little life until we are both a couple of old men." Draco and Harry both paused and stiffened slightly. What the fuck? Why the hell did I just say that? you stupid bloody idiot! Draco was cursing himself and he winced when he went over what he had just said.

"Oh, Draco sweetie, what a lovely image." Harry joked. He could see Draco's embarrassment and he could see he was cursing himself for saying it. Harry decided to save him by joking back. Secretly, the words had warmed his heart and made him happy. He could imagine them both spending their lives together, but neither had really talked about what future they might have. Harry had just assumed that if they fell in love, which he could defiantly see happening, that they would just stay bonded and live happily ever after in utter bliss. But now he was wondering if that was really what Draco wanted.

"Draco, can we talk seriously for a moment please?" Harry knew it was about time they had a little chat and see where they both stood.

Draco swallowed hard but nodded.

"Do you think we will fall in love?" he asked bluntly. There was no point beating around the bush. Harry was sure that he had never been in love before, and wasn't really sure what it felt like. He wasn't sure how anyone in their right mind would fall in love with him, but for the sake of his bloody life, he hoped Draco would. "Do you think you will ever love me?" Draco smiled, much to Harry's surprise. Draco leaned closer and whispered to Harry.

"I don't know Harry. I hope so. Maybe…." He blushed slightly. "Do you think you could ever love me?" Harry smirked.

"Of course you idiot." Harry couldn't wait much longer and lunged over the table to hug Draco. He wanted to kiss him but thought better of it when he noticed all the people in the library. He pulled back and sat back in his chair. "That leads to my next question though. If we do fall in love…" he was cut off by Draco.

"I think you mean when we fall in love Harry." he scowled at him. They were going to fall in love, they had to. Draco didn't quite know what to do if they didn't. What would he do without Harry? Harry had been a constant in Draco's life for quite a while, and Draco had to admit that he would miss the old git a little bit if he was gone. Ok he would miss him an awful lot! Therefore he was not going to let Harry leave him! Draco shivered and banished that thought out of his head. Where the hell did that thought come from? He thought.

Harry sighed. "Fine, when we fall in love, are we going to stay bonded or not?" he asked dryly. He wasn't sure if Draco would actually want to spend his life with Harry, regardless of whether he actually loves him or not. Draco wants to carry on his name and he needs a woman to do that.

"Harry, what the bloody hell are you going on about? Of course you prat. Malfoy's are very possessive people. Now that you are mine, which you are may I add, I am not going to be letting you go."

Harry sighed dramatically. "Oh, however am I going to cope?" he lifted his hand to his head in a dramatic motion. "So you would really want to spend the rest of your life with me? The rest of your whole entire life with me. You would actually want to do that?"

"Yes, now shut up and do your homework." Draco picked up his quill and started to work again. He could think of worse people to spend his life with, that's for sure. It had nothing to do with the fact that he already wanted to spend the rest of his life with him. Nothing to do with that at all!

"So you wouldn't leave me for some rich pureblood woman to bare your children?" Draco's head snapped up and glared at him.

"Is that what this is about? You don't want to stay with me because that's what you want? You want to find someone to have your children?" Draco couldn't give him his own children. He knew that. But he thought that if Harry really did want children, then there were ways around it, surely? But that of course would be so far in the future that Draco didn't even want to think about that. Children with Harry? Bloody hell, what a strange thought!

"What? No! Of course not. I just thought that was what you wanted." Harry said shocked. He did want children more than anything in the world, but if that meant leaving Draco then no bloody way.

Draco sighed a sigh of relief and Harry laughed when he saw it.

"Thank merlin." Draco picked up a quill and chucked it at Harry. "And no, I do not want to have children with a pure-blooded woman. The only person I would be having children with would be…" OH GOOD DOD WHAT AM I SAYING? Draco blushed so much and quickly stood up. "I'm going to the toilet." He announced. He was absolutely mortified beyond belief. He needed to stop letting his mouth run away from him and spill out words that he did not want to say. He didn't want Harry to know about that. That was something he wanted to keep until much much much much later on in their relationship. What a stupid bloody thought. Why did you have to say that you idiot!

"Draco, sit down you idiot." Laughed Harry. "There is no way you need to piss; we went before we came in here." Draco was fidgeting with his robes. "Were you going to say you wanted to have children with me?" Harry was brave enough to ask it even if Draco wasn't brave enough to say it.

Draco sat back into his seat with a huff.

"No, why would I say something as stupid as that?" Draco glared at him hard.

"Well I don't think that is stupid at all. We are having children when we are older whether you like it or not. We will adopt." He smirked at Draco. "I want to adopt 8 kids, and that is certainly not negotiable. I have wanted 8 kids specifically since I was about 14 years old. I want a large family." Draco's jaw dropped open.

"Do you not think 8 kids is going a bit over the top Harry?" Draco didn't mind having children if that was what Harry wanted, but 8? Not bloody likely. More like one small, quiet little child that would not get in his way and leave him to do whatever the hell he wants. "We are not having 8 bloody children Harry. I would like to keep all my hair thank you." Harry's lower lip quivered slightly.

"Are you saying that my dreams of having 8 children are down the drain?" Harry tried hard to perfect a devastated face but Draco was having none of that.

"Harry, how bloody stupid do you think I am? Cut the crap and do your homework." Harry cursed himself under his breath; his acting just wasn't good enough. He wasn't entirely comfortable having this conversation in the first place. He had known he wanted a family ever since he was little, and he knew the only way he was going to get one was if he made it himself. But the thought of having that family with Draco fucking Malfoy was not on his mind at a young age. In fact, the thought of it now was scaring him slightly.

"Fine, but this discussion is not over Draco. I want 8 children, and by god will I have 8 children." Of course, he didn't really want to have 8 children, but if it made Draco feel uncomfortable then that was all Harry needed.

Draco smiled at him. "Oh Harry dear, I suggest if you want to live, that you drop that subject at once!" he patted Harry's cheek.

"You bloody hypocrite! You tell me not to make jokes about my death, crying all over me, wailing because you wouldn't be able to go on with your life without me, and here you are pulling out one of your own." Harry shook his head with a mock look of offence.

Draco scowled at him and folded his arms over his chest. "I was not crying thank you very much. I do not cry. I just had-"

"Something in your eye?" Harry raised an eyebrow and smirked at him. He bloody well was crying. He saw it with his own eyes.

"At least I'm not some insecure little girl who has to have their bonded partner list off everything they like about them in order for your ego to grow."

Harry laughed and held up his hands, "Alright, alright. No need to attack me. I already told you that I don't mind that you cried all over me. You can't help that I'm so amazing that your life would be horrible without me."

Draco narrowed his eyes, but Harry could see he was fighting a smile. "Do. Your. Homework," Draco growled.

"Are you two bloody serious?" Draco and Harry's heads snapped round to see Ron red in the face staring at them. Blaise, Hermione and surprisingly Ginny were stood next to him smiling terribly. "You were just discussing bloody having children." Ron's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head. "Are you serious?"

"Well it's good to be prepared and all that." Harry said laughing. "You know how much I want children when I'm older. I was just making sure my husband wanted the same thing as me. That being that I want 8 children. Have you got a problem with that?"

"YES!" Hermione shot Ron a stern glance and he stuttered slightly. "I-um I mean no. of course not."

Harry stood up and sat in a chair next to Draco to allow room for everyone else to sit around the table. He looked back over to his friends and smiled. A shinny surface caught his eye and he found it hard to suppress a laugh.

"Blaise, are those new shoes? I bet they cost a lot." Harry had noticed the shining new shoes on his friend's feet. They were bloody hard to miss. Harry reckoned he could probably see his face in it if he were to look close enough. The shoes looked ridiculously expensive and Harry knew people would wonder why anyone would even waste an awful lot of money on shoes he is clearly going to grow out of soon anyway. None the less, Harry had a strange obsession with new shoes. He had never actually owned or wore a pair of nice new shoes. He always got casts off from charity shops. Therefore he could understand why people would pay to have nice comfortable shoes even if they were going to grow out of them. Therefore that is how he managed to notice the new shoes instantly.

"Yes, they are. You are the first to notice actually Harry." Harry found it hard to believe that he was the first to notice the bloody dazzling shoes, but smiled all the same.

"Well they look good. Mine are horrible and scuffed." Only then did Harry notice the glare that Draco was sending his way. Draco cleared his throat slightly, and his glare grew deeper when he noticed Harry looking. He wasn't quite sure what he had done, but he just shrugged it off.

"Your shoes don't look that bad Harry." Blaise laughed.

"Are those new robes as well?" Now Harry really was jealous. New shoes and robes! What he wouldn't give to have a new pair of comfortable shoes to wear. He looked down at his shoes and sighed. They really were dreadful.

Draco's hand snapped out and he dug his hand into Harry's thigh. "I think that is quite enough talk about Blaise and his new things, don't you think Harry?"

Harry tried hard to supress his laugh. Now he knew what was bothering him. He leaned forward so he was close to Draco's ear. "Do you think you could stop squeezing my thigh in that overly possessive manner?" he laughed.

"Stop giving Blaise the eye and then maybe I wouldn't have to do It." he snapped. Draco pulled his hand away and glared at Harry. He was about to protest and say 'I bloody well am not giving Blaise the eye you prat!' but didn't have the chance as Ginny started to speak.

"Harry, I hope you don't mind me knowing about this." Ginny asked worriedly as she sat in a seat at the table.

"I had to tell her Harry, sorry." Hermione bit her lip nervously and sat next to Ginny. Blaise and Ron just stood awkwardly behind the two witches.

"Why did you have to tell her?" Harry asked confused. "Not that I mind."

"Well she guessed something was going on between the two of you. And I'm a terrible liar!" Hermione paled slightly, but Harry just smiled. He wasn't entirely happy about Ginny knowing, but there wasn't much he could do about that.

He tugged at his hair in a nervous manner. Everyone was looking at him expecting him to say something. He was grasping for something to say, so ended up blurting out:

"Blaise, how in the name of merlin do you get your hair to go like that? Mine doesn't ever want to do anything I tell it to do."

Blaise raised an eyebrow slightly. "Oh, well it is easy really. I can show you sometime if you like."

"No you bloody well cant!" Draco's shriek echoed around the library and everyone turned to stare.

"Oh, honestly." Hermione rolled her eyes, but let a small smile play at her lips.

"You will not go within 10 inches of Harry's hair!" he glared at Blaise and then turned to everyone else. "And that goes for the rest of you as well."

Draco caught the mischievous look in Blaise's eye. He knew instantly that Blaise was about to do something that Draco was going to make sure he bloody regrets! Blaise reached out his hand and ran it through the soft locks on Harrys head. Draco's wand was out in seconds, and he hit Blaise with a Jelly-Legs Jinx. Blaise let out a cry of distress and then was on the floor in a heap.

"Anyone else want to have a go at touching Harry's hair?" Everyone stared at Draco with familiar shocked faces, and then they all shook their head in unison. "I thought as much. Anyone who goes near it again will be hexed on sight!" He tucked his wand away again and then looked at Harry. "And there is nothing wrong with your hair. I like it the way it is!" Just to prove the point that only he was allowed to touch it, he reach out his hands and started flattening down the hair that Blaise had so rudely messed up. Once he was done he looked down at Blaise who was glaring up at him from the floor. "So there will be no one touching or changing his hair!"

Harry thought that Draco actually sounded genuinely distressed at the thought of someone else touching or changing his hair and he wasn't quite sure what to do. So in the end, he just reached out and grabbed Draco's hand in a way he hoped was comforting. He watched as Draco visibly calmed down and took deep breaths.

Hermione pulled out her wand and cast the counter curse on Blaise and then helped him up from the floor. Only then did she break the tension and laugh! "Bloody hell, Malfoy." Ron joined Hermione and started to laugh.

"We had all better watch what the hell we do around Harry now! We don't want to set him off again."

"Half of that is down to the bond Draco. It doesn't really create the jealousy. That is already there. But what it does do, is it does magnify it, and make it 10 times worse."

Draco just nodded and tried not to let it show that he was extremely embarrassed. "Sorry." He mumbled under his breath. He didn't even care if no one heard it; he wasn't going to repeat it. They were lucky they got him to say it at all. He felt Harry squeeze his hand slightly and so Draco shot a smile at him. He could see that Harry looked concerned, but when Harry saw the smile, the concern face dropped and a smile replaced it. Harry edged his seat closer so he could whisper to Draco. "Shit, sorry Draco." he mumbled. He couldn't help but feel responsible. He was just looking for something to say. He didn't think it was going to make Draco go into a jealous rage and end up with Blaise on the floor with jelly fucking legs. He would have to be more careful. No one would be able to come anywhere near him, or Draco would do his bloody nut. However, Harry found it very hard to care that he would have to stop letting people hug him or even touch him, because all he could think about was how much he loved that Draco got that jealous. It showed him that Draco really does care about him.

Draco was not amused at the sudden turn of events and so tried to change the subject. He was still a bit pissed off that they had interrupted his work time, so he latched onto that and used it. "Now what the hell do you all want? I was trying to get Harry to do his homework."

Ron snorted. "Yeah, that's really what you were trying to do. More like you were sat planning out your life. Planned any nice family holidays with your 8 children?" he joked. Hermione smacked Ron on the arm lightly.

"Ron will you shut up." She looked back over to Harry and Draco. "We are all going into Hogsmeade and we wondered if you wanted to come along." Hermione had her fingers crossed under the table hoping they would say yes. She knew they didn't need much encouragement to fall in love, it was going to happen. But she just wished they would hurry the hell up already. The quicker they did it, the sooner everyone could relax. She also wanted Blaise to stop worrying and blaming himself. Hermione was constantly reassuring him that it wasn't his fault, but it wasn't doing much. He needed Harry to be alright before he would let himself off the hook.

"Yeah sure, why not?" Harry said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"I will tell you why not Harry James Potter. Because that would mean you have got out of doing your homework." He glared at Harry. "Again!" he added. " You will be staying and you will be doing your homework."

"Merlin Draco, who put the bossy potion in your drink this morning?" Ron rolled his eyes.

"When are you going to understand that I am not going to do my homework?" Harry rolled his eyes and stood up. "I am coming." He looked down and Draco and smirked. "You can either come along, or stay here. But if you don't come, I hope you feel terrible when I collapse on the floor because you are not there." Hermione giggle.

"Don't be a spoil sport Draco. Come on." Blaise said helpfully. Draco groaned and stood up next to Harry.

"Fine, but if you get in trouble for not doing your homework then don't say I didn't try and help you." he glared at Harry.

The group of students were making their way to Hogsmeade. Draco was walking with Blaise, talking animatedly about how much they hated Pansy, while Ron and Ginny were arguing over the fact that Ginny fancies Draco. Hermione and Harry were having a conversation about Draco.

"Harry, I don't mean to be sticking my nose in your business but don't you think it is a bit early to be talking about your future with Draco? You are only 16." Hermione bit her lip nervously. She wasn't sure whether Harry would be angry with her for suggesting such a thing. Harry just chuckled slightly, and that relaxed Hermione slightly.

"Hermione, you have to understand that I will be spending the rest of my life with Draco no matter what. If we don't fall in love, well then I will meet my end, having spent what time I have left with Draco. If we fall in love, then I will also be spending the rest of my life with Draco. I am spending my life with Draco regardless." He paused for a moment to smile at Hermione, who was also grinning from ear to ear. "I don't see any problem in talking about my future with Draco. But you are aware that we were only joking. No bloody way am I have 8 kids. "

"Well, good." she blushed slightly at the thought of all their futures. "I just cannot get over that you; Harry Potter, and Draco Malfoy are going to have a future together." She shook her head.

"Yeah, maybe." He mumbled under his breath. He wasn't really entirely sure that Draco was ever going to love him. He couldn't help but think that he was only being nice to Harry because he felt sorry for him. There was defiantly attraction there. He was sure of it. But was there going to be any love?

"Harry," Hermione said in her warning tone. "Don't."

Don't what? Harry thought, don't delude yourself that you are even going to live past the next few months? Don't lose hope? Which one was it?

"You will live. You are Harry sodding Potter."

"Yeah, Harry sodding Potter who is bloody married!"

"Yeah, lucky you." she pouted. Harry patted her on the back.

"Well, it is Draco Malfoy so can we really call me lucky?" he laughed.

"Harry, I fucking heard that you prick." Draco turned around and glared at his bond mate hard. Harry just rolled his eyes. He wasn't even going to dignify that with an answer.

"The thing is Harry, has anyone told you that you are actually legally married, not just bonded?" Harry looked at Hermione with a blank face, so Hermione was sure that no one had told him. She sighed heavily. "You are actually both married. Your vaults have been pooled together, and you are now recognised by the ministry as a married couple." Hermione frowned in concentration. "I wonder what has happened to your names. Are you Harry Malfoy? Is Draco, Draco Potter?" she laughed slightly and then carried on. "Oh who knows? Only the ministry knows that." She paused and then laughed again. "Maybe you are Harry Potter-Malfoy."

"Ok Hermione, stop with the suggestions." He laughed and smiled at her. "And in answer to your question, no. no one told us we were actually legally married, but I think we guessed we were. We were both classing us as married anyway." Hermione just nodded in reply.

After they had been walking in silence for a few moments, Hermione decided to speak up again.

"Ginny doesn't know the bond is killing you Harry. I just told her that someone cast a bonding spell. I didn't think it was appropriate to tell her." Harry nodded at Hermione and smiled. He was grateful she didn't tell her about that. Although he did wonder how Ginny hadn't come to the conclusion it was killing him already. Hermione had basically told everyone a dangerous curse had been cast on him. He shivered slightly and the thought. He needed to change the subject.

"So Hermione, why are you not seeing anyone? No one that catches your eye?" Harry laughed at the blush that appeared on his friends face. He was only saying it to pass the time, he didn't actually think that she liked anyone, but from the blush that appeared, Harry was thinking maybe she did.

"Nope, no one has caught my eye just yet Harry." she said it so quietly that Harry had to strain to hear it.

"You are such a liar Hermione Granger." Harry gave her a slight push with his shoulder.

"Harry, shut up." She blushed even further and tried to hide her face.

"Oh come on Granger. Who is it?" Draco had turned away from his conversation with Blaise to join in with theirs. That caught the attention of Ron and Ginny who turned to face her too. They all stopped dead in their tracks waiting for Hermione to answer.

"Can you all carry on walking and shut up please?" Hermione was embarrassed. There was no way in hell she was going to tell them all who she liked. They were all being nosey and she had no intention of gossiping with them.

"Oh Hermione, don't me a spoil sport. Who is it?" Ginny asked excitedly.

"Yeah come on, who is it Granger?" Draco was grinning.

"You can't not tell us now Hermione." Harry spoke up from next to her.

"You are one of my best friends Hermione, you have to tell me." Ron smiled at her supportively. The only one not to push her into telling them all was Blaise.

Blaise was stood next to Draco trying his hardest not to look at Hermione. He didn't want to know what arse she liked. In fact, he would rather just turn back in the direction of Hogwarts and run back there as quick as possible. He was sure that if she did tell them all who she liked that his heart would break into small pieces and he would have the biggest urge to hex the hell out of whoever the hell it was. He knew he wasn't good enough for Hermione, he wasn't smart like her. She deserved someone who would be able to hold an intelligent conversation with her, something Blaise couldn't do. He wasn't anything special. But that didn't stop him wanting her. He had wanted Hermione since the moment he laid eyes on her. For years and years he would just admire her from a far. He couldn't believe it when they started to work together to fix this mess. Sure, he would have rather of been friends in different circumstances, but to actually finally be her friend was a good start and he couldn't believe his luck. But somehow, he couldn't get rid of the thought that being her friend was worse for Blaise. Before, he could just admire her from a far, but now, she was with him basically all of the time, and it was just too much for Blaise.

"I am not telling you who it is, so leave me alone." Hermione went to walk again but was held back by Ginny.

"Hermione, is it because you think we won't like him? Is he from Slytherin?" Ginny smiled genuinely, hoping it would encourage her friend to open up.

"He is in Slytherin actually." Hermione had said it before she could even think about what she was saying.

Blaise clenched his fists at his side. No bloody way was he going to let her be with any of those slime balls. Over his dead body. He couldn't stand there and listen to it anymore, it was tearing him apart. He knew Hermione didn't like him, but to have it dangled in his face like this was just horrible.

"I'm going back." Blaise spat. He turned on his heels and stormed off in the direction of Hogwarts. If he happened to come across any slytherin's in the process then he would not refrain from hexing them all into oblivion.

"Blaise, wait a minute. You can't just go back." Hermione ran after him fast. There was no way she was letting him go.

"Just go back Hermione." He spat as he carried on walking. Hermione had finally caught up to him and was walking next to him.

"What is wrong?" she asked concerned. She didn't even dare hope that it was because he was jealous.

"Nothing! I'm just cold and tired so I'm going back." He tried to soften his tone but it wasn't working.

"But you can't leave." She protested.

"Why not?" he stopped in his tracks and faced Hermione. "It isn't because you actually want me to stay is it?" he said angrily. "It's just because you want me to help you with the plan. You don't actually want me to stay because you like my company do you?" he spat.

He knew he shouldn't take it out on Hermione. It wasn't her fault he was an absolute waste of valuable living space. He couldn't even stop Pansy from casting that spell. How pathetic was he? He wasn't surprised that Hermione didn't want him, not like he wanted her. He didn't fit in with his Slytherin house mates, and he didn't fit in with anyone else. His only friend was Draco, and even he had more important people in his life. Blaise had no one, and it was his own entire fault. His own family didn't even want him. He was only good to them to do his dirty work. No one wanted him.

"Blaise." Hermione said quietly. She reached out to touch Blaise but he just stepped away from her.

"Its fine Hermione, I understand." He tore his eyes away from Hermione out of fear he would just break down and cry.

"What the hell is wrong with Blaise?" Harry asked as he looked at the two talking further down the path.

"I have no idea." Draco said as he too was watching the pair.

"Are you all that stupid?" Ron asked with a snort. "He is angry." Ron's companions all looked at him confused. "And why might he be angry?" They were still looking at him confused. "Oh for merlin sake. You are not all very observant are you?" he rolled his eyes at them all. "What were we talking about before he stormed off?"

"We were talking about who Hermione likes of course Ron." Ginny said. "But why would that make him angry?" Ron groaned loudly.

"Are you seriously asking me that? I have seen the way they look at each other and the way they act when they are together." He shook his head with a smile. "He was angry because he thinks Hermione likes some sleaze ball Slytherin and not him." He walked closer to all of his friends and lowered his voice. "Blaise isn't the brightest person out there is he? He didn't realise that the Slytherin she was on about was him."

Draco laughed slightly. "That would explain so much. He used to always go on about Hermione. Not in a nasty way." He said quickly to defend his friend as they all looked outraged. "He would blab on about how smart she was and how nice she was to everyone. I just thought he was jealous of it, I didn't think it was because he liked her."

Ron looked shocked for a moment. "You mean he has liked her for ages? I thought he only started to like her since they started to hang around with each other." Ron looked over to the pair who was still talking. "Right, if Hermione can convince him to come back, then we have to start getting sneaky ok?" Everyone looked at Ron and smirked a devilish smirk.

"It is not fine Blaise. Why on earth would you say that?" Hermione was outraged. What on earth had she done to make Blaise think that she didn't like him? That was not true at all.

"Because it is true. I'm not stupid Hermione. I know you think I'm a stupid waste of space. Hey, I even think I'm a stupid waste of space." Blaise threw his hands up in frustration. "Just go and find your stupid Slytherin arse." He spat. He went to walk away but Hermione had grabbed him by the arm.

"Blaise, stop being stupid." She protested. She didn't understand where this had all come from.

"Yeah, that's all I am, isn't it? Stupid bloody Blaise who does everything wrong and fucks up everyone's lives. The stupid boy who no one even wants." Blaise knew he was being a twat, feeling sorry for himself, but he couldn't help it. He had tried to keep it all bottled up for years but now it was pouring out of him and he couldn't stop himself. "Just leave me alone Hermione." He said quietly.

Hermione didn't have time to reply because he walked away, and she wasn't quick enough to stop him this time. "Blaise." She shouted desperately, but he carried on walking. She watched him leave until she was staring at nothing. She felt a warm hand on her shoulder.

"Just let him go, he will calm down soon." Hermione turned around and saw Draco stood there looking as sad as she felt.

"Why does he feel like that?" Hermione asked. She had no idea that Blaise felt so alone.

"He doesn't come from a very loving family." Draco sighed heavily. "I have never heard Blaise say some of those things he said. I had no idea he felt so worthless. He isn't usually the type to say things like that. He keeps his feelings bottled up most of the time." Draco felt like a bad friend, he had no idea that Blaise hated himself so much. "I had no idea."

She could feel that he was sad about it, but she was sure he wasn't as sad as she was.

"Oh damn! Our plan is going to have to be put on hold guys." Ron walked over and scowled at Hermione. "Why didn't you convince him to come back?" he asked annoyed.

"Ron! Do you not think I tried?" she was outraged that Ron would think she wouldn't try. "He was upset, and nothing I could have said would have got him to come back."

Ron snorted and walked closer to her. "Don't be stupid Hermione. I'm sure he was waiting for you to say something alright." Harry smacked him arm hard.

"Ron shut up!" he scowled at him. "What Ron is trying to say Hermione, is he is only angry because he likes you and doesn't think you like him back." He paused and gave Hermione a smile. "When you said you liked a Slytherin, did you mean Blaise?"

Hermione blushed instantly. Was it obvious? She hoped that it wasn't, but now she knew that it was. She groaned loudly and covered her face with embarrassment.

"Ron, you know what you have to do." she instructed. "I'm going to talk to Blaise." She went to walk away and paused. "Ron, do not screw up please." She glared at him. She hoped to god that he would somehow convince the bonded pair to play with the children. Ron nodded and she walked away.

Harry narrowed his eyes at Ron. Draco was doing something very similar.

"What does she mean?" Draco asked through clenched teeth. He knew Hermione was planning something.

"Nothing." Ron said a bit startled.

He shared a worried look with everyone and then started to walk again. Harry and Draco just shook their heads and followed. They had walked for a few minutes and then stopped when they reached a field. There were 6 children laughing and playing near a tree.

"Oh look!" Ginny said excitedly. "Children." She clapped her hands together with a laugh. "Let's go and play with them."

Ron knew he had to look just as excited, but to be honest; he was rather embarrassed to do so. Hermione was meant to be the one that convinced them all to go and play with the kids. Not him.

"Yeah come on guys, it will fun." Ron tried to hide the blush that was appearing on his face.

"No bloody way am I playing with them." Draco protested.

Before anyone else could say much more, Harry was running up to the kids. Draco sighed heavily and shared a look with Ron, who looked at him with a smirk. Draco rolled his eyes and followed Harry.

"Do you mind if we play?" Harry asked the children. They all instantly smiled excitedly.

"No. not at all," Said one boy who looked to be about 9. He ran up to Harry and smacked him on the leg. "You're it." he shouted and ran away. He was soon followed by the other children who shrieked happily and ran away.

As soon as Draco was stood next to Harry, he hit him on the arm and laughed.

"Sorry, but you're it now." Harry gave him a peck on the cheek and ran away. Draco groaned loudly. He was about to run after all the annoying children when he felt a tug on his trouser leg.

"Excuse me sir." Draco looked down and saw a little girl who looked around the age of 3. "But you're it, which means you have to run after people and try and catch them." Draco grinned at her and bent down so he was level with her.

"Is that so?" he asked. The little girl nodded and Draco rested his hand on her shoulder. He lifted it up slightly and then patted her on the shoulder. "You're it." he said quietly. He got up quickly and jogged over to where Harry was. The girl laughed and started to run after the other children.

Ginny and Ron were also being good sports and running away with the other children. The little girl was getting frustrated. She was one of the youngest there and wasn't as quick as everyone else. She stopped when she ran to the tree and sunk down on the floor.

Draco had watched her get upset and he felt his chest hurt. What was happening to him? He shared a look with Harry. He could tell Harry was feeling the same thing because he too was looking at the little girl with worry. They both walked up to the tree and bent down in front of the girl.

"What's the matter?" Draco asked. The girl looked up at the two boys and sniffed her tears away.

"I'm too small to play." She cried. "I'm not fast enough to catch them." Draco laughed slightly.

"Well, we can't have that now can we?" with one quick motion he picked the girl up and slung her on his back. "Let's go and get them." He said evilly.

Draco started to run with the little girl's arms tight around his neck.

"No bloody way. Stay away from me." Ron laughed when he noticed Draco running towards him. He started to run and Draco was hot on his heels. The girl giggled loudly every time she bobbed up and down on Draco's back. Once Draco was right behind Ron, the little girl reach out and patted Ron on his back.

"YOU'RE IT!" she shouted. Ron groaned and stopped running and turned around and smirked at the two who caught him.

"Crap, we better run." Draco said as he turned around and headed back to the tree. He managed to get away from Ron, who had gone after the 9 year old who got Harry to start with. Draco placed the girl back on the floor. As soon as her feet hit the ground she grabbed onto Draco's leg and held on tight.

"Thank you." Her voice was muffled as her face was buried in Draco's trouser leg.

Harry was watching with admiration. His heart melted at the site of Draco with the little girl. He was being so nice to her. Harry didn't think for one minute that Draco would be good with children. He thought he would groan and moan and try and pry them off.

'Harry, get her off me.' He mouthed. Harry shook his head with a smile. Ok so maybe he did try and pry the kids off him.

Draco sighed heavily, he had to admit it to himself that he liked having the girl cling to him like that. Of course he wouldn't admit that to anyone who asked. He leant down and hugged the girl properly. "It's ok." He patted her back. "I know someone who was always tiny for his age. I met him when we were both 11. He was so skinny and small. But do you want to know a secret?" he smiled when the little girl nodded. "He is one of the most powerful people I know. He may have been a skinny little 11 year old, but he managed to stand up against someone who is very evil." He looked up at Harry and smiled before fixing his gaze back on the girl. "And he has been doing it ever since. So don't think that just because you are small, that you can't achieve great things." The little girl pulled away from Draco and wiped her tears with a smile. Draco was instantly horrified of the words that had come out of his mouth. He was sure that he now looked like a complete knob and that Harry would be taking the piss for god knows how long.

"What happened to the little boy? Where is he now?" Draco laughed and gave a quick glance at Harry before looking back at the little girl.

"Well, I went on to marry the idiot." Draco laughed again when he saw the little girls face light up. He thought that adding that the marriage actually started unwillingly would not go down well with the girl.

"You did?" she asked excitedly. "Can I meet him?" Draco stood up and put his hands in his pockets.

"Of course you can. He is standing right here." He poked Harry in the chest. The little girl ran up to Harry and wrapped her arms around Harry's leg.

"I promise that I will do good things like you." she promised. "I won't let my size stop me." Harry bent down and hugged the little girl.

"Good." Harry laughed and rubbed her back. "You should listen to Draco, he has this annoying habit of always being right."

"Of course I am always right." He patted Harry on the head with a laugh.

"You two are very nice. I wish I had parents that were nice like you." she was still hugging Harry tightly. "My parents died not that long ago. I'm living with a family while I wait to be adopted." Draco bent down next to Harry and the little girl.

"Harry's parents died when he was young too. But don't worry. You will find someone to care about you just as much as your parents did. Harry has loads of friends who care about him." The little girl sniffed and then smiled.

"And he has you." she clapped her hands together excitedly.

"Rose, come and play!" Another little girl, who looked much older than Rose, had come and tugged on Rose's sleeve.

"I will be right back." Rose smiled and then followed the other girl to play.

Ron and Ginny were watching the whole thing. Ron smiled, Blaise and Hermione had been right. Spending time with children does soften your heart. Ron even found himself warming to the children.

They all played with the children more. Rose had stuck to Harry and Draco like glue. She was so thankful that they had told her that her size didn't matter. She would always get upset for being the smallest of the children. But now she knew that being small didn't matter.

It had got dark, and the children all had to go back in. The Hogwarts students had all missed dinner but none of them minded.

After walking back to Hogwarts, Ron and Ginny had said their goodbyes and went back to the Gryffindor tower, while Harry and Draco had gone back to their new room.

Hermione had looked for Blaise everywhere when she left her friends, but could not find him anywhere. She had spent a good hour searching everywhere for him. She had even asked a 5th year Slytherin to go in the Slytherin common room to see if he was in there. She didn't realise that the 5th year had found him in his dorm room. Blaise had told the 5th year to tell Hermione he was not in there, or he would hex him. So the 5th year did as he was told and told Hermione he wasn't in there. Hermione had just sighed and accepted defeat. She was never going to find him because he didn't want to be found. She had decided to give up and go back to the common room. She would find him tomorrow. He couldn't avoid her forever.

Harry and Draco had got in their pyjamas and were lying in their bed. Draco and Harry's legs were entwined together and Harry was resting his head on Draco's chest.

"Thank you for saying what you did about me." Harry said quietly. Draco tightened his arms around Harry.

"I was only telling the truth." Harry lifted his head and attached his lips with Draco's for a short while.

"Well, thank you." he rested his head back on Draco's chest. "Although, I will forever be taking the piss about it, just so you know." Draco didn't reply, but cursed himself for even saying the stupid thing anyway.

They laid in silence for a few moments until Harry broke it. "So I was thinking of names for our 8 children. So far I have only come up with Lilly but I was thinking-" Before he could say much more, he felt a sharp dig in his side, and was being kicked off the bed. He fell on the floor with a thump!

"Shut the hell up Harry." Draco groaned.

From his position on the floor, Harry smirked. Now that he had found a new way to antagonise Draco, he was not going to let it go that easily. "Well, alright. We can talk about it at a later date I suppose, but just known that we are going to have this conversation."

"If you think for one bloody minute that you are funny, then you can think again."

Harry rolled over so he was lying on his back. He lifted his hands and pillowed them under his head, staring at the high ceiling of their room. "Hey Draco?" he asked.

"Mmm?" Draco answered, already feeling his eyes drift shut.

"How big is your little member down there? I need to know these things you see. If it is not an acceptable size then I'm afraid we may need to rethink-" Once again he was cut off, but this time it was because a pillow had been smacked into his face.

"Fuck off!" was the only reply Harry got.

"Well if you are not going to tell me then you leave me no choice. I will just have to inspect it for myself when you are sleeping. If you feel some odd spells while you are sleeping then don't feel alarmed."

"You really are not funny in the bloody slightest."

There was yet another few minutes of silence.

"Am I allowed back in the bed now?" Harry asked quietly.

Harry only got a muffled reply that he couldn't even hear. So he took that for a yes and climbed back into bed with his pillow. He settled himself down and shuffled closer to Draco. He soon realised that his feet were bloody freezing, so he wedged them in between Draco's legs in a desperate attempt to warm them up.

Harry ended up kicked in the stomach this time and landed on the stone cold floor with another loud thump!