Fallen meets hush hush

Chapter 3

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"Wait!" I called as Nora ran off, bawling. I felt a pang of guilt as I saw Daniel look at me. "Danny?" Luce whispered. If looks could kill I swear his would. He looked at Luce and said under his breath. "You said you loved me…. Liar." His wings sprung from his back as he launched himself into the air. Luce ran up to him and grabbed his foot at the last moment. He looked down at her in anger as they hovered at least twenty feet in the air now. He shook his foot. The aim was wrong though, as his boot came in contact with her face….


I heard the screech of pain emerge from my troat as his boot hit my face. I felt the blood trickle from my face and I let go. I hit the ground as I heard my legs crack. It all went black…