The characters that were animals in the movie are no longer animals. They are the human characters :).

Alice: Tea

Mad Hatter: Yami (Revolutionshipping! I may add more YamixTea scenes :)

Cheshire Cat: Yami Bakura (Kitty XD! He's human, but a shapeshifter)

March Hare: Joey

Door Mouse: Yugi

Red Queen: Vivian

White Queen: Ishizu

White Rabbit: Ryo

Stayne the Knave: Yami Marik

Bandersnatch: Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Absolem: Seto Kaiba (he sits on blue-eyes instead of a mushroom)

Alice's mother: Aerona Gardner (Made-up name for Tea's mom XD)

Alice's father: Gareth Gardner (same as the mother's name)

Hamish: Weevil

Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-dum: Noah, Mokuba

Bayard: Silver Fang

Twin girls: Serenity and her twin, Shizuka (again, made-up)

Alice's sister: Mai, but they aren't sisters in this


The ending to this fic will be completely different from the movie :). There are things in the beginning that I left out so that Tea has no reason to want to return to the human world. I've also made her mother HORRIBLE (again, a reason not to return) and she does not have a sister. Except for the parts I changed, I am trying to follow the movie line-for-line, however some things may be changed, added, or omitted. Enjoy :)!

Six-year-old Tea Gardner sat up in bed with a yelp, breathing heavily and looking around. She was herself again—petite, porcelain skin, chocolate hair, and sapphire eyes. She was back in her home—a large, beautiful estate filled with elegant decor, plush furniture, and the welcoming smell of old books. She was in her room—pale white wallpaper with tiny blue flowers, pretty, pale pink furniture, dolls and teddy bears, and sketches she had drawn herself of the strange world and creatures she saw in her dreams….her nightmares…..nightmares….

The girl had had one such horrible dream just now. Once again she was falling….falling…. falling into that grotesque world full of color and strange creatures the likes of which she'd never seen nor imagined. Tea would also see people….very strange people who somehow seemed familiar….but who were so queer that she though she SURELY could not have met them before. Each time she'd fall….and the world would show its queer beauty….before twisting into a horrid image of darkness, contorted faces and people and…..fear.

Tea sat up, straightening out her flowered white nightdress which had become uncomfortably twisted by her nightmare-induced tossing about. She knew there was only one person who could comfort her now—her father, Gareth Gardner. Gareth was a patient, gentle, kind-hearted gentleman, with dark blonde hair and Tea' cerulean eyes. He always seemed to understand his little girl better than everyone else, especially Tea's difficult mother, Aerona.

The girl slipped noiselessly out of her bedroom and down the red-carpeted, portrait-filled hallway. Each picture depicted a deceased relative, each more unlikable than the next, and Tea could only hope that when she died, her picture wouldn't go up next to anybody she absolutely HATED.

Finally reaching her father's office, Tea stuck her little head in through the doorway. Gareth was currently conducting a business meeting with three other men who the girl vaguely recognized from previous visits: One was known as Sid, a man with unnatural-looking red hair who always wore perfectly round glasses. Another, a very large individual with a black, spiked mullet and bushy eyebrows, was named Zigor, and was about as dim-witted as his "macho" name suggested. The last was a very short little man who's REAL name Tea did not know, but was referred to as "Bonz". He had sickly white skin and a skeletally gaunt face that gave her nightmares the first time she saw it.

At first, the men seemed not to notice their young visitor, caught up in a slightly heated conversation. They were scolding Gareth about an "impossible venture" and saying that he had "finally lost his senses".

Gareth, however, simply gave his smile glinting with a slight spark of mischievousness and replied, "Gentlemen….the only way to achieve the impossible is to believe that it is indeed possible."

"THAT kind of thinking will RUIN you," Sid scoffed.

"I'm willing to take that risk."

They went on talking for a few moments until Tea stepped fully into the doorway. All four men turned to look at her and she felt suddenly afraid, sensing the hostility from three of them. The fourth however, her father, simply cocked his head with concern and asked,

"The nightmare again?"

The little girl nodded, her pink lips trembling slightly.

Gareth turned to his associates and said, "I won't be long," before going and taking his child into his arms. As he carried her back to her bedroom, Tea snuggled deeper into his arms, clinging to the essence of kindness and optimism that radiated from his body.

Turning on a small bedside lamp, Mr. Gardner placed the girl in her plush bed and pulled the thick blanket over her petite form.

"Tell me about it," he murmured softly.

Tea thought for a moment and took a shaky breath. "I'm falling….down a dark hole….then I see strange people."

"What people?"

"Well…." The brunette bit her lip. "There's a boy with long white hair….he wears a waistcoat and is always very quiet and nervous…there's another one who looks a lot like him….same hair, same color eyes….but he seems older and always wears this big, kinda scary smile…..and there's another small boy…..big, purple eyes….hair that looks like a star…and a high voice…."

Gareth squeezed her tiny hand and smiled. "I didn't know people could make their hair look like stars….."

"Neither did I…." the girl continued, "And…..there's this brown-haired man with the bluest eyes I've ever seen…..he always wears a long, white coat and sits on top of a large white dragon….."

Her father scratched his chin in contemplation. "White dragon….? Hmmmm….."

Tea's cerulean eyes widened with fear. "Do you think I've….gone round the bend…? She squeaked.

Gareth reached up and felt her forehead with his knuckles. Recoiling his hand, the man whispered, "I'm afraid so…..you're mad…bonkers…off your head…but I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are."

The little girl giggled as her father smiled and brushed her chocolate bangs from her face. "It was only a dream, Tea. Nothing can harm you there. But if you get too frightened…you can always wake up like this…." He reached out and gently pinched her arm.

Tea laughed. "Ow…."

Gareth smiled, stroked her velvety cheek and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead before turning down the lamp.

Thirteen Years Later….

It was a rather dreary morning for nineteen-year-old Tea Gardner as she sat in an ebony-wooded coach, grimacing each time a bump in the uneven road jostled the primitive vehicle. She was a beauty—porcelain skin, chocolate hair just above her shoulders that had been tied into an elegant bun, sparkling azure eyes, and a slender form. She was wearing a light blue dress decorated with white ruffles and gauzy blue gloves that left her delicate fingers uncovered. All in all she was beautiful….and miserable.

Tea was trapped in a carriage with her mother, Aerona, who was adamant that she already be married to a lord. Her father had died quite a while back….and with him died her confidant, guardian, and dearest friend.

Muttering crossly to herself, Aerona reached out and began tucking a few stray strands of hair behind her daughter's ears. She often reprimanded Tea for not letting her hair grow excessively long like "proper young ladies did"….but this analogy only made the girl more adamant on keeping it above her shoulders. Finally having enough primping, Tea scowled and pulled away from her mother's picky grasp, saying,

"MUST we go? I doubt they'll notice if we never arrive…."

"They WILL notice," Aerona snapped, reaching out and straightening the brunette's dress at the torso. "Where is your corset?"

The girl averted her gaze and Aerona lifted up the hem of her dress, revealing….bare legs.


"I'm against them," Tea replied simply.

"But you're not properly dressed!"

"Who's to say what is proper?" The blue-eyed beauty snapped. "What if it was agreed that 'proper' was wearing a codfish on your head? Would you wear it? To me a corset is like a codfish."


"Father would have laughed…." Tea muttered and settled back in her seat.

"I'm not just grumpy about these clothes or this ridiculous gathering…" the girl thought. "I'm so tired…couldn't sleep last night. I always have the same dream…I wonder if that's normal? Don't most people have different dreams…?"

Tea could feel her mother's scrutinizing glare and didn't even look up when she reached over and fastened a necklace around the girl's neck.

"There…" Mrs. Gardner huffed. "Now you are SOMEWHAT presentable….would it kill you to smile?"

Tea shot her a quick look of contempt before giving a slight, closed-mouth grin that faded as quickly as it appeared. For they had finally arrived at their destination, where Tea would want to do ANYTHING but smile.

It was the Underwood Estate, a large mansion that sat on a beautiful stretch of land….but was owned by the most UNLIKABLE people. Sullen-faced, Tea followed her mother along a pebbled path on a slight incline that allowed viewing of the party below. People in stiff suits and fancy dresses were scattered about, standing on the lawn or sitting at small tables covered by parasols.

The mother-daughter duo finally reached the host and hostess of the party at the end of the path, neither of which looked too pleased.

"At last…" Mrs. Underwood scowled. "We thought you'd NEVER arrive." She was a woman about Mrs. Gardner's age with bluish-green hair and eyes that were always cold and narrow. She stood with her spectacled husband who was probably unlikable….but not positively so, since he never spoke two words.

Mrs. Underwood turned to the brunette. "Tea, Weevil is waiting to dance with you. GO."

Tea suppressed a grimace and walked down to the party. In the middle of the lawn, there was a large stone square and near it, several musicians played classical music. It was set up for dancing….and Tea was convinced that she had the WORST possible dance partner.

Weevil Underwood. He was a boy her age with hair exactly like his mother's and large glasses like his father. He had a high, screechy voice and an insect fetish….as well as an overly sour personality.

Tea stood in front of Weevil while everyone else took their places. The dancers bowed to each other, and began the orderly dance. Trying not to cringe at the fact that Weevil was holding her hand, the brunette inquired,

"Weevil, do you ever tire of quadrille?"

"On the contrary…" the bug boy replied, "I find it most invigorating."

"Most BORING is more like it…" Tea thought and remained silent for a few moments.

Suddenly, the girl giggled.

"Do I amuse you?"

"No…" the brunette smiled. "I had a sudden vision of all the ladies in trousers and the men wearing dresses…."

Weevil wrinkled his nose. "I think you'll do best to keep your visions to yourself. When in doubt, remain silent."

His arm slid around Tea's waist and the girl gave an inaudible sigh, searching for something else to distract her. She saw an orderly group of geese in the sky, soaring peacefully….not a care in the world. She yelped when she bumped into another passing couple.

"Pardon us sir," Weevil lamented. "Miss Gardner is distracted today." He grabbed Tea and roughly turned her to face him. "Where is your head?"

Tea shrugged. "I was wondering what it would be like to fly."

"Why would you waste your time thinking about such an impossible thing?"

"Why wouldn't I?" the girl shot back. "My father said he sometimes believed in six impossible things before breakfast."

Weevil did not seem to be paying attention. He looked at his mother who signaled something to him, then turned back to his partner.

"Tea… meet me under the gazebo in precisely ten minutes."

The girl gave him a questioning look, but he walked away without explanation. A soft giggle made Tea turn around and behold the twin girls, Serenity and Shizuka. They were each dressed in identical white dresses with only different colored stripes to tell them apart.

"We have a secret to tell you!" Shizuka grinned.

Tea arched an eyebrow, saying, "If you're telling me, then it's not much of a secret."

"Perhaps we shouldn't…" Serenity murmured.

"We decided we would," her twin replied.

"If we tell her, she won't be surprised."

"Will you be surprised?"

The brunette said, "Not if you tell me. But now that you've brought it up, you have to."

Shizuka grinned. "No we don't."

"In fact, we won't," Serenity completed.

"Oh really?" a crafty smile played on Tea's lips. "I wonder if your mother knows you two swim naked in the Pegasus' pond."

Both girls paled. "You wouldn't…."

"Oh, but I would. There's your mother right now."

Serenity cringed and blurted out, "Weevil is going to ask for your hand!"

"You've RUINED the surprise!"

Tea gasped as someone suddenly wrapped an arm around her shoulders. It was Mai Valentine, a beautiful blonde-haired woman who Tea almost considered a friend out of all the people at the party. Wrapping an arm around the younger girl's shoulders, Mai stormed off, muttering, "I could just STRANGLE them….everyone went to so much effort to keep the secret…"

Tea swallowed hard. "Does….does EVERYONE know…?"

"It's why they've all come. This is your engagement party. Weevil will ask you under the gazebo. When you say yes—"

"But I don't know if I want to marry Weevil!" Tea interrupted, her face paling.

Mai looked confused. "Who then? You won't do better than a lord. You'll soon be twenty, Tea. That pretty face of yours won't last forever. You don't want to be a burden on your mother, do you? Of course not. So you'll marry Weevil and you'll be as happy as I am with my husband. Your life will be perfect."

"Tea, dear?"

Both girls jumped when Mrs. Underwood suddenly appeared before them.

"I'll leave you to it," Mai smiled and walked away.

Arching a green eyebrow, the woman asked, "Shall we take a leisurely stroll through the garden, just you and me?"

A few moments later, Tea was walking though the rose-filled hedge maze, her hand firmly in Mrs. Underwood's grasp.

"Do you know what I've always dreaded?" the woman asked.

Tea shrugged. "The decline of the aristocracy?"

"Ugly grandchildren. But you're LOVELY. You're bound to produce little…imbeciles!"

Mrs. Underwood stopped suddenly and stared at the flower bush. "The gardeners have planted white roses when I specifically asked for red!"

"You could always paint the roses red…" Tea ventured to suggest.

Mrs. Underwood furrowed her brows. "What an odd thing to say….anyway, you should know that my Weevil has extremely delicate digestion…."

Tea was only half listening and gasped when she saw a flash of white round the corner of the hedge up ahead. "Did you see that?" she inquired. "It was a rabbit I think…"

"Nasty things…." Her future mother-in-law scowled. "I do enjoy setting the dogs on them."

Tea gave her a look of horror to which she paid no attention.

"If you serve Weevil the wrong foods, he could get a blockage…."

The girl gasped again, this time seeing that it was not a rabbit….but had a larger form. "Did you see it that time?" she exclaimed.

Mrs. Underwood scolded, "Don't shout! Now, pay attention. Weevil said you were easily distracted. What was I saying?"

"Weevil has a blockage…" Tea's eyes lit up. For peeking at her around the corner…was not an animal….but a white-haired boy. Separating from Mrs. Underwood she said, "I couldn't be MORE interested, but you MUST excuse me…"

The blue-eyed beauty took off through the garden and back out into the party. Through the throngs of people, she could see little flashes of white here and there….but never could seem to lock onto them. Just as she was about to take off again, someone grabbed her arm.

"There you are!" Weevil scolded and began hauling her off. "Come, we're going to be late."

When they arrived under the gazebo, Tea could feel her hands shaking with nervousness. Elegant music was playing, an artist was painting a portrait of her and her supposed fiancée, and at least a hundred people were standing there….staring.

Weevil dropped down to one knee and took her hands in his.

"Tea Gardner….will you be my wife?" he gave her a grin that was an utterly unpleasant attempt at looking….pleasant.

"Well…." Tea croaked, her throat growing dry as she looked out at the crowd. "Everyone expects me to….and you're a lord…my face won't last…but…" she recoiled her hands. "This is happening so quickly, I..."

Tea gasped when she heard the sound of a clock ticking and turned to see…..that white-haired boy in the waistcoat, holding a pocket watch and beckoning to her.

"I think I…..need a moment."

With that, the girl took off through the garden, pursuing her strange visitor. He led her completely away from the estate and into the woods, and it was quite an arduous flight as he seemed to know EXACTLY where he was going….but Tea did not. She pushed aside trees and brambles, getting her hair caught and cursing her unpractical dress.

Finally she saw the boy turn and run around the base of a large tree. The girl followed him….and gasped when she saw a large, gaping hole at the trunk. Fearing he'd fallen into it. Tea dropped to her knees and leaned over the opening.

"Hello? Are you alright?"

Tea strove to see into the pit….but it was pitch black and appeared to have no end. She slid her hand farther along the rim, leaning in to get a better look.

THAT…..was the precise moment that the vine the girl was holding snapped…..and she fell into the dark abyss.

There's chapter one! I hope you liked it and please review. Please no flames :). I just want to say, by the way, that I noticed that for my last two fics, the characters' parents have been awful. I am in NO WAY writing them like that from personal experience (my parents and I have an awesome relationship :). Just wanted to clarify for my own mental peace that I'm not slamming parents, I just needed Tea's mom to be mean in this :). Also, I know that I left out some scenes that were in the movie, but they aren't necessary for this story.

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