The lights were dim and the plane was nearly silent, other than the underlying hum from the engines. One of the team was mumbling in their sleep, Prentiss maybe. From his position, Morgan could only see Reid. And he was perfectly content with the view.

Reid was stretched out on the couch, long legs tangled together. His hair was dangling in front of his face, moving every so often as he exhaled. Only his nose stuck out of the thick brown curtain. One arm was under his head, the other dangling across his body and over the edge of the couch.

They'd only been on the plane for half an hour but everyone else, other than Morgan, was asleep. The case they'd been working on seemed nearly impossible to solve and, with five bodies, the town seemed ready to turn against them. Five fathers, vacationing in their summer cottages, brutally murdered. Their throats were slit and their left hands were removed from their bodies. There was no physical evidence, no clues. Nothing. The only connection between the five cottages was that they were all cleaned by the same company. However, Reid had crossed out that connection when it was discovered that all the employees were female.

Garcia, however, had saved the day. She had run the name of the employees through the database anyways and discovered that one of the employees was actually technically still a male. Juanita Harris was a man who was going through hormone therapy to become a woman. He was the unsub, suffering from a delusion that the father's of the families were abusive and that he was doing God's work against the Devil's servants. That explained why he removed the left hand, since Reid (unnecessarily) explained to the team about the left hand belonging to the Devil, according to tradition.

The last twenty four hours of Morgan's life had definitely been action packed. On any day, his job was full of excitement but this day had been more exciting than normal. He'd woken up next to an absolutely gorgeous human being after a night that far surpassed any he could remember in the longest time. And for the rest of the day, right up to the time they'd boarded the plane, his eyes were constantly drifting back towards said human being, knowing exactly what he looked like without his button-up and trousers on.

And even then, with Reid on his side, looking quite peaceful despite the things they'd seen, his eyes wouldn't leave him. They took in every detail, from the way his fingers were almost imperceptibly twitching to the fact he was wearing two different colored socks. One was blue, the other yellow and covered in some symbol Morgan couldn't make out from his place.

Someone cried out and this time, it was definitely Prentiss. She only yelled once before falling silent, no other sign of a nightmare. Morgan wished she would continue talking. He didn't like the eerie silence, only broken by the engines. None of the BAU team even snored.

Reid squirmed a little and, after confirming no one else was awake, Morgan went to kneel beside the couch. Up close, he could see that Reid was chewing on his lip in his sleep, bringing the same patch of skin back into his mouth over and over.

"Reid, wake up," he murmured, nuzzling his nose. He stirred slightly but his eyes stayed shut, teeth still chewing on his lip. Leaning forward, Morgan removed his lip from his mouth and, with a quickness he didn't know the younger man possessed, Reid was sitting up, panting heavily. Morgan backed away slightly, seeing the panic running through his eyes.

"Reid, it's just me," he said quietly, reaching out to take one of his balled up fists from his lap. His fingers were still tense, seeming locked. "Were you dreaming?"

"No," he answered, lying back down. Morgan could tell that he's lying but he didn't say anything, perching himself on the couch and letting Reid rest his head in his lap. They both knew that what they were doing was incredibly risky, since relationships amongst members of the Bureau was forbidden, but everyone else was asleep and all Morgan wanted was another brief taste of the previous night, to know what it wasn't just a hoax. His fingers idly combed through Reid's hair, lightly pulling through some knots. Reid sighed contently, one hand resting on Morgan's knee.

"How is this going to work?" he asked softly, tracing patterns in the worn fabric. His voice was a wisp, barely there.

"I don't know," Morgan admitted, sighing. "But we'll find a way." He tilted his head back against the couch, letting his eyes drift shut while his fingers continued their idle work. Reid murmured something, wriggling around until he was comfortable, before falling silent. Morgan promised himself that he wouldn't fall asleep, that he was just resting his eyes for a few moments. He was only kidding himself; he was absolutely exhausted and he was dreaming five minutes later, fingers still resting in Reid's hair.

Prentiss wook with a jolt twenty minutes later, the last images of her nightmares fading away in her head. Everyone else was still asleep but, glancing at her watch, the plane would be descending within the next fifteen minutes. She had this urge for a cup of coffee but when she shakily stood up to get some, she's stopped in her tracks at the sight before her. Reid was sprawled across the couch, like usual, but his head was lying square in Morgan's lap, hair draped across his face. She knows it probably didn't mean anything but nonetheless, she smiled and got her coffee.

"Morgan, wake up." When he opened his eyes, Prentiss was smiling at him, despite the rather compromising position. "We're gonna land soon. I'll let you wake up Reid."

And as he leaned down to do just that, laughing at Reid's scrunched up nose as he was so rudely jerked out of sleep, Morgan had a feeling that everything was going to work.

Author's Note: I'm sorry that this isn't up to par with the first chapter; I wrote it in present tense originally so I had to change everything around to make it sound a bit better... which ended up making it sound stilted. Anyways, hope you enjoyed both chapters; expect more Reid/Morgan in the future, posting these on here has revived my love for them.