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On the first page of our story the future seemed so bright.

Sometimes, for fun, or something like it, Elena reads her old journals. The pages detailing the circumstances of her early romance with Stefan are the pages that are worn down the most. She likes the simple romance of that story; the beautiful boy who swept her away, and swept away the bone-deep grief at the same time; the conflicted vampire, torn in so many directions by who he was, what he was, and how he felt for her; how she had decided so early on, without even realizing it, that she would be his rock, his tether, forever. Or, at least, whatever forever meant to a seventeen year old girl.

Then this thing turned out so evil. I don't know why I'm still surprised.

Because even though Stefan was a vampire, and forever took on a whole new meaning, the true depth of the notion never quite hit home for her back then. It hits home for her now, as she stands in front of the mirror and hisses, peeling back a layer of gauze from a deep cut on her arm, reaching for the antiseptic to rinse it before wrapping it up once again.

There's a bang that shakes the walls, but she doesn't even flinch anymore as she reaches for the gauze on her neck, repeating the sanitizing process on that wound as well. Except that area is messier, and takes longer to cleanse.

A roar sounds down the hall, and she has enough experience now to know that it's a sound of guilt so painful it's tearing him up inside. Guilt for hurting her, loving her, crushing her with his arms and his house and his entire existence.

And while Elena is no longer afraid of the sounds that he makes in these moods, as she opens the bathroom door and makes her way to their bedroom where she knows that he is, and he slams her against the door as she enters, she can't help but wonder why the violence in his eyes still shocks her.