Sonya glanced over at Cage and for the tenth time that day wished she could have been stuck with someone else. The cocky actor had not made Sonya's current job any easier with his constant hitting on her. He seemed to have stopped for the moment, although Sonya knew he had by no means given up. It was just a matter of time.

Although she had to admit, he wasn't being too bad at the moment. Both he and Sonya was too busy picking through the remains of the city, looking for anyone, or anything, still intact. The damage was extensive in any direction. They had been at this job for a week now, sorting through the rubble and the ruins. Occasional bright spots occurred, such as when they found the family in the van or the sight of a little boy reuniting with his worried parents. Sonya had smiled then. For the most part, though, the job was depressing as Sonya and Johnny found body after body after body. Sonya shivered as she thought of the misery of Outworld, Shao Kahn's original domain. Earthrealm could have turned out as desolate as it but for last minute desperation and luck. The thought of her home, her world, being turned into a nightmare on that scale still alarmed her. On a more positive note, relief forces were being sent out to help out. They should arrive soon.

"Sonya," Cage called out. "Come here!" He had his hands under a slab of concrete roughly the size of an easy chair. Legs poked out ominously from beneath the edges. Sonya jogged over to her partner and positioned herself to lift the rock.

"Jeez, can't you manage this by yourself?" Sonya grumbled to him. Jax would have been able to do it. Probably one-handed. Just thinking about her former friend brought a fresh wave of despair. So many lost.

"Of course, but I thought you'd like to feel helpful," Cage smirked. Sonya wondered if the actor would ever learn to take life seriously. His constant jokes, albeit sometimes in good humor, were starting to rub her already raw nerves the wrong way. "All right," Cage called out. "One, two, three!"

Together, they managed to heave the mass of concrete of the form beneath. A civilian lay underneath the huge boulder, crushed by the weight of the rock. His chest was unnaturally still, but Sonya managed to find a pulse in the man's neck. Sonya knew that without immediate attention he only had minutes.

Sonya took the lead. "Help me lift him up." Johnny grabbed the man's head and Sonya took his legs. Between them, they managed to lift the figure and carry him to one of the fast overflowing medi-tents. Civilians had begun flooding the temporary stations almost as soon as they opened, seeking shelter and reassurance. Being invaded by a realm previously unknown had left many of the citizens of Earthrealm in shock. Then there were the truly injured, forming a line stretching several blocks. Sonya and Johnny placed the man on a stretcher outside the entrance of the tent and started off to search the rubble again.

Just then, Sonya spotted someone horribly familiar walking out of an apartment complex. He walked easily, a package in his under his right arm. In the aftermath of the battle, he looked almost too normal. Rage filled Sonya's entire being. "KANO!" He halted his gait for a second, searching for the sound of the roar. Upon locating it, his face twisted into a demented grin.

"Hey babe," Kano smiled devilishly at Sonya. "Lovely day for a walk!"

Kano turned and ran ahead of the woman, laughing mockingly as she ran full out to catch him. Sonya heard Cage's footsteps close behind her, but didn't the fact didn't really inspire her. Johnny probably wouldn't be much help.

No matter how hard they ran, they never managed to get any closer to their target. Originally, there seemed to be no pattern to his path, just ducking in alleyways whenever the opportunity arose, throwing the occasional insult behind his shoulder. Then warehouses began to loom out of the sky. "He's headed toward the docks," Johnny called to Sonya. No shit. They could hear Kano's laughter floating along behind him, spurring Sonya on in a haze of hatred.

Sonya chased the Black Dragon around the warehouses. Sometimes she lost sight of the thug, but the infuriating laughter always gave away his location to the Lieutenant. Eventually, they reached the end of the rows of warehouses and were left with the docks. Sonya, Johnny as her ever faithful follower, cornered Kano at the end of one , the thug's boots a mere inch from the edge.

Kano swung around to face the Lieutenant. The joy in Kano's eyes blew Sonya's hate to an almost uncontrollable level. "So whaddaya think happens now, babe? Think yer gonna take me?"

"Why the hell not?"

Kano grinned at the woman one last time, but this particular grin lacked his earlier psychotic joy. This grin was self-indulgent and degrading. Sonya forgot everything and charged at the man. "See ya round, babe."

Kano stepped off the dock.

Sonya, Johnny right behind, rushed to Kano's last know location. Johnny craned his head over the side, hoping to catch sight of what Sonya knew was lost. "He's gone," Johnny said amazed.

"Of course he is." Sonya said in the flattest voice. She began to walk off the dock.

Johnny followed in silently behind his friend for a short while. "What do you think the package was?"

Sonya slowed down a bit to let Johnny walk beside her. "What?"

"The package." Johnny gestured with his hands to form a rough square. "The one Kano had when he was running. What do you think it was?"

"Beats me. Whatever it was, it can't be good if Kano's after it."

The door opened to a small apartment. The girl responsible froze as she took in the mess surrounding her. The holes in the floorboards were the most frightening. "No."