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Eric's laugher rang loud and clear through the dense forest. Godric smiled at the sound, it had been a very long time since he heard a laugh like that, nearly a thousand years. Godric laughed quietly but his laugh didn't match Eric's, one that was full of life and almost an innocent enjoyment. While when Godric had laughed, it had been a crazed laugh at the misery of humans or something wild at the end of a successful hunt.

Godric looked up into the giant tree he sat under, he could just make the figure of his Viking child.

As soon as Eric had seen the tree, he had been determined to climb it even more so when Godric had told it would mere seconds to climb to the top. Godric looked back to the ground, a sudden fear wormed its way into Godric's head, what if Eric fell or got stuck or was afraid of heights and wouldn't come down? The tattooed boy stood and looked to the top of the tree again "Eric come down" Godric demanded. Eric looked down at Godric from his spot at the top of the tree before jumping off the branch. Godric held an unneeded breath when Eric jumped, he landed safely on the ground but that didn't help the fear of his child getting hurt.

Godric would remind later to keep Eric away from the trees if he could help it. Godric walked over to Eric, giving a once over to make sure he wasn't hurt even though the bond would've told him if Eric had been in any pain but that didn't stop Godric from worrying "Come my child, you need to feed" Godric walked passed the Viking, leaving Eric to follow. Godric saw the longing look Eric had thrown the tall treeā€¦Godric didn't of when Eric learned he would be able to fly some night.

Godric growled at his child as the Viking sat stubbornly on a large rock across the clearing. The boy vampire had spent a good part of the night a hole big enough to hold both himself and his giant of progeny. Now after spending all of that time digging the hole, his child had so nicely told Godric that he would not sleep in the ground for the day and demanded they find a cave deep enough to hide them. Finding a cave was a problem. In fact there at least three with =in running distance from where they currently were.

The problem was there wasn't always going to be a cave to hide in for the day and they would have to hide underground. Sleeping in the ground wasn't something you were quickly comfortable with, with all that weight on you and being surrounded by rocks, roots and bugs. It took time and the only Eric was going to get used to it was by getting in the damn hole!

"Eric for the last time, get in the hole!" Godric snarled his fangs out, pointing to the hole he was standing in. Eric gave the grave a glance before turning his back to his maker. Godric growled loudly and gripped his tangled mass of hair. He knew he shouldn't have spoiled Eric but he couldn't help it with his blonde progeny. "Eric I'll be right there beside you, I'll even hold you" Godric knew that cuddling up to his maker made Eric feel at ease and also Eric just loved to sleep against the boy, even if he denied it later.

Godric felt through the bond that Eric was considering it and smirked but at the last second "No" Godric groaned. They still had an hour or two before dawn but it would take some time to cover them up. Godric hated to do this but he didn't have the patience tonight "Eric as your maker I command you to get in the hole!" Godric watched as the bond took over Eric's body and walked over to the grave and lay down inside it. "Now was that so hard?' Eric's reply was folding his arms and turning away from Godric. Godric in return dumped the first pile of dirt on Eric's face and laughed when he jumped.

Eric groaned as he walked behind Godric "Godric, I'm tired!" Eric said with feeling then was needed. That wasn't true, vampire even babies did not tire easily, and the truth was bored. Godric as soon as the stopped for a rest Eric would suddenly have all this energy and go running to explore or find anther tree. "You will be fine, we can take a break once we get to the next village." Godric shouted, not bothering to turn to address his child. "When will that be?" Eric whined again.

Godric didn't bother answer him, knowing fully well that when he did Eric would ask another annoying question. Instead Godric tried to think of something that would keep Eric quite but came up with nothing. Eric ran up to walk beside the older vampire "Godric -" Eric never got to finish because Godric had tackled him to the ground and held the taller man there with his iron grip. "Eric, we will get there when we get there," growled at his child before standing up and continuing to walk.

Godric raced through the forest the trees a blur around him. He stopped in the middle of a clearing and sniffed the air, hoping to catch something, anything that told him there was a human near by but there was nothing. The tattooed vampire swore as he felt pain and sickness through the bond. Godric jumped into the air and flew higher into the sky, maybe he could spot a fire or village from higher up, but nothing.

Godric let himself fall back to the earth, landing with a dull 'thud' and raced back to where he had left Eric. While Godric could go days even weeks with blood, his baby vampire could not a night without, without feeling weak. Godric bursted into the cave where they were going to hide for the day and found Eric on the floor, almost asleep to save energy. Godric was by his side in an instance, Eric opened his eyes looked at Godric weakly before closeing them again. Godric felt fear, a much bigger fear than when Eric had jumped from that tree, his child could meet the true death like this.

"Hold on Eric, I will find you blood" Godric suddently heard a heartbeat and took off in the direction of it. While Godric had found the heartbeat he frowned, it wasn't a human but a lone deer. Still it was blood and even if it was taste horrible to Eric it would save his undead life. Godric shot forward and broke the deer's neck, throwing it over his shoulder Godric raced back to the cave.

Godric cradled Eric's head in his lap and trew the dead deer on top of Eric's, putting the deer neck to Eric's mouth "Eric drink" Eric opened his eyes and looked at the deer in disgust and turned his head away "Eric!" dawn was coimg soon and Eric would give the call of sleep and might not wake up the next night. Godric snapped his fangs into place before ripping into the deer's neck. Blood flowed freely and intsict took over Eric and he bit his fangs it to the deer and drank.

Godric relaxed and sighed as his child gained strength and become coming back to life. Godric gave Eric's head and quick kiss and pulled his progeny's upper body into his lap, watching as Eric continued to drink life into his body.