Universe at Battle part 1.1

description: An adventure of a great warrior who goes on a journey to destroy zombie portals to save the universe, and more importantly,the kingdom of heaven. Armed with a shotgun and 2 pistols, destroying over 50 times the world's population in zombies won't be easy, so he will need help from friends, Eustace inventor of the Boomer [specialized rocket launcher], Eugene, pistol artist, and Karie, sniper and archer, vs the world... and more.

White came out against the tree. He was near the Tree life, which used to be where humans came to birth, and were sent down to Earth to be born, but now, since the evil zombie king had created the portals of zombies, the Tree had stopped working, so life was failing. Humans on Earth were wondering... White looked both ways, then decided it was clear, running back to their fort, he gave signal to Karie, Professional Sniper and Commander of Heaven's Army, to cover him as he ran. There were about 40 zombies lurking around that had not been "attended to", and White did not want his back chewed off, when suddenly, he heard a huge explosion. He ran in to see what had happened, when he saw Eustace cursing like a sailor, in front of shriveled debris, "Aw Eustace, I thought you knew not to add too much bomb powder" Said White "I didn't add too much, those zombies got past our last barricade, and I had to kill them but before I could they knocked over my rocket and bomb powder fell in, we have to get out of here, we don't have any more barricades or bomb powder for the rocket" Said Eustace, while hyperventilating "So we could be murdered in our sleep" said Eugene, overhearing the conversation "Well, only one thing to do then" stated White, who loaded up his shotgun "Oh no" Said Eustace "Yup, we gotta go to the abandoned power plant, where there will be more materials to build a rocket" Said White. "I'll pack my Magnums" said Eugene "Look!" Shouted Karie, who spotted about 20 zombies getting in through their broken barricades. Behind them, a chewed up carcass held a SMG [sub machine gun] and some pistol ammunition, for Eugene and White to split. White jumped down to the horde and starting unloading shotgun bullets on the zombies, while Eustace blasted his Boomer [rocket launcher] at the zombies, meanwhile, Eugene went down to assist White, and they eliminated the zombies within the minute they discovered them. White went over to the armed dead carcass, put a shotgun bullet to his head, to be safe, and looked at what he had. "Wow! Look at the loot!" Exclaimed White as he discovered a big fat AUG [Machine gun]! "If you get the AUG,can I have your pistols?" Asked Eugene "Sure, take them" said White, as they traveled on to the power plant. While walking, they found some more dead carcasses, but nothing that was as pure gold as the one they had found before, it took them 4 hours to travel, but at long last they made it to the power plant, when White noticed that there were about 50 zombies pounding on the power plant. But it was not the zombies that White noticed, it was the fact that they were on the power plant, it was that they found something interesting in the power plant, "Hey guys, I think there is someone in there" said White, anxiously " I think I know where this is going" said Eugene "Eustace, do not fire your Boomer" said White "affirmative" said Eustace, when they opened up on the zombies, White commanded the fight, by killing little more than 25 of the zombies with the AUG he found "Nice" said Karie when they found the door, they went in "Oh my God!" Said White. Eugene actually looked away, Eustace started to cry and Karie took off her hat and closed her eyes, looked down and began to cry. What they saw was so bad that it was tearwrenching

End of chapter 1

Me: Well, what do you guys think? I will come out with a part 2 if it becomes popular, even if it doesn't, I might make a part 2 anyway. If you have any ideas or concerns, please let me know, and perhaps I will use the ideas, if they are good enough.