Prompty #13: "Wally; haunted."

Once, a long time ago (too long ago to count) Wally would hae been haunted by what he had done tonight. (Such a long time ago.)

Usually, the thought of unshed blood by his hand would have brought a pained guilt and shame to his conscious. Screams and cries of teens, adults, other children, sometimes even his own teammates, would have staggered in his mind for hours.

Used to.

Now, he will stare at his leader, unashamed by what he himself had done, and what Nigel had asked him to do. Wally also vagully notes that his leader (hardly) doesn't care what kind of inner conflict with himself he has put through from his orders in battle.

But, he shrugs, he's supposed to be the reckless one. The one who shouldn't care if those poor teens, adults, other children, and sometimes even his own teammates, cries out in pain by his own hand.

Wally lays out fully on his bed. Unhaunted by his own horribly sadistic thoughts as he endures the darkness he knows he carries in his own heart.