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Bella's POV

"Hurry your ass up, Bella we're going to be late," Alice screams from the living room of our apartment.

Hi, my name is Bella Swan. I'm 27 I let my three best friends talk me into taking a trip to is 27 and barely reaches five foot tall, she has short spike black hair and has blue/grey eyes. Don't let her size fool you, cuz man she can be an annoying little pixie, sometimes. Rose is my sister she's two years older than me, has blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and has the body of a swimsuit model. She shares an apartment with Alice, they live next door. Angela is my other best friend and roommate. She's like me and has long dark brown hair but she wears glasses that frame her brown eyes. She's also a little bit shorter than I am. She is beautiful. We all grew up together in a small town named Forks. Now we all live in Seattle.

"I'm coming, I'll be there in a minute," I sigh, as I roll my eyes. "Remind me again why I let you three talk me into go to Vegas?"

"It's my late birthday celebration, we have to celebrate it, espically since we couldn't actually go on my birthday," Rose patiently tells me for I don't know the hundredth time.

Rose's birthday was February 2nd and it was now March 5th, 2011. We'd all taken some vacation time in order to celebrate her birthday, we were also treating this like a late twenty-something's Spring Break.

Don't tell anyone but I am actually looking forward to going to Vegas. I've never been so I've taken the time to look up some activities that I want to do and now have a running list. For example, I want to see the Phantom of the Opera, which is one of my all time favorite musicals. I've watched the movie so many times I think I may need a new copy. I also wanna see the light show at the Bellaigo. Ever since I watched Ocean's Eleven I wanted to go see it. Of course, Alice found out and declared that we will go see it together, she then decided it was a good reason to go shopping. Gah, I hate shopping

Alice dragged us around the whole freaking mall in order to find us the perfect dresses for that night. After seven long hours of shopping we all had finally found our dress. Mine is floor length, midnight blue, and strapless. It's simple but absolutely perfect. Angela's dress is knee length, spaghetti strap, and dark purple with a beaded bust. Alice's dress is also knee length, spaghetti strap and is off white. Rose's dress is floor length like mine and a halter style and is ruby red. I must admit we are all going to look beyond good. Of course, Alice being well Alice decided to pay for all our offits. I tried to talk her out of it and letting me buy my own, but she wouldn't have it.

Now we're sitting at the airport waiting for our plane to start boarding. After Alice's insistence we arrived three hours early so we could check our bags and get through security and still have time to get something to eat.

We got settled into a corner booth at the restaurant, the waitress took our orders and left us sipping our drinks as we wait for our food.

"So here's the plan, we're going to stay in a penthouse suite at the Venetian. It's huge so we'll have separate bedrooms which I figured would work out best. Then we're going to gamble for a couple hours then go clubbing. Remember ladies, we're gonna be in Vegas, so we live it up!" As the last comment leaves Alice's mouth I take notice that she's giving me a pointed look. I hold up my hands in defense which only causes her to laugh at me.

"Sounds like fun to me," I shrug. "Just remember that I wanna play some poker and definitley some blackjack." I'm all for a bit of gambling especially when it comes to blackjack. I'm pretty good. My dad taught Rose and me when we were younger. You would think he'd know better since he's the Chief of Police in our hometown, but it was all in fun, so no harm done.

We finish our food and head to our gate since it's pretty close to boarding time. I'm getting pretty excited now, especially since it's almost time for us to leave. Dare I say that I'm almost as excited as Rose, Ang and Alice?

"We're going to have so much fun. I also have a feeling we're going to meet our soul mates too." Alice says with a far off look.

"Oh God, Alice, please don't be triyng to hook me up with some random stranger." I complain. Although this wouldn't be the first time they've tried to set me up. It's beyong annoying.

"Why? You need to get laid and loosen up! Have some fun, you're so stuffy it's just not natural," She states.

"Yeah, Bella come on, it's time to loosen up and stop being such a prude," Rose says.

"Just ebcause you two like to sleep with every guy you go on a date with, doesn't mean I'm a prude because I don't!" I sit back and pout.

Truth be told I am a bit of a prude, especially since I'm a 27 year old virgin. I just haven't found the right guy. All the guys I've gone out with never went past the second date because they are all worthless. I have certain values and I'm not going to settle for less than I deserve. I want to feel that special connection with a man before I go to bed with him and I haven't found him yet, so sue me.

We finally land in Vegas, grab our luggage from the baggage claim and hail a taxi to take us to our hotel. My mouth fell open as the cab driver pulled up to the Venetian. Wow, the outside of the hotel was beautfiul, it made me excited to see the inside. We paid the driver and went to check in. Oh my gosh, this hotel is exactly why I would imagine Italy being like. We checked in and rode the elevator up to the penthouse, I was in heaven. The suite was amazing, it reminded me of an apartment. It was so huge.

The living room was the first thing I saw, a couch, a love seat and a chair surrounded a cherry oak coffee table, with matching end tables and lamps on each side of the couch. To the left there was a huge kitchen with cherry oak cabinets and a side by side refrigerator and a smooth top stove. I'm in heaven; I loved to cook and is what my dream kitchen would look like.

We split up and went in search of our bedrooms. Mine had a huge king size, four post bed, with a blue down comforter and a massive pile of pillows. The bed is calling my name, so I lay down and melted into it. This is by far the best bed I've ever laid on. Before I fall asleep, I got up and start unpacking. Just as I get done hanging my clothes in the massive closet, Alice, Rose and Angela came barreling into my room.

"Okay Bella, go take a shower so I can get you ready for our night out on the town," Alice demands.

Great, just what I want them to play Bella Barbie. I know there's no use arguing so I quickly grabbed my toiletries and headed to the bathroom. After my wide eyed stare at the beauty of the bathroom, I start the shower, I strip and then test the water to make sure it's not too hot before I get in. Holy cow, this shower is awesome. I sigh and let the hot water relax my stiff muscles cause by the four hour flight from Seattle. Those girls are so lucky I love them. I laugh to myself and shake my head. I quickly wash my hair and body before Alice comes in and drags me from the shower for taking too long...and yes, she'd really do it!

I get out of the shower and wrap a towel around me and head back to my room where Rose and Alice are already waiting on me. I sit at the desk, now turned vanity they've set up and somewhat willingly allow them to torture me and turn me into Barbie Bella. I usally complain, but this time I think I'm actually looking forward to them doing my hair and makeup. I mean come on, we're in Vegas after all. I've realized that this will probaly be the only time I'm in Vegas, so I'm going to live it up. Plus I've worked hard through college and medical school so I'm going to enjoy my vacation before we go back to the hussle and bussle of the hospital.

We were very lucky that we all got off work for a week. Usually, the hospital doesn't let anyone off that long, but since we were hard workers, often covering for our colleagues when they wanted time off, they agreed. What was even better was our co-workers being gracious enough to return the favor. Of course, our boss was more than willing to let us off because we were becoming kinda cranky from what I heard. Well, when you work seven days a straight for about two months and barely got any sleep, let's see how peachy you are.

I'm an OB/GYN, so I get to spend time with pregnant women and women who are trying to become pregnant. I find joy in helping to make their dreams of becoming a mother true. Not all of them are lucky but those are far and few between.

"Okay Bella, we're done, now go put on the clothes I've laid on your bed for you. Then and only then, can you look in the mirror," Alice demands

I get up and make my way to the bed where I find a pair of dark wash skinny jeans a silky emerald green spaghetti strap shirt and a green strapless bra and green boy shorts to match. Along with a pair of death trap heels waiting for me. Of course, I'm all for the jeans and the shirt, but God why do these girls insist on me having death traps strapped to my feet? They know I can barely walk on a flat surface barefooted with out tripping, let alone wearing these. I just sigh and pray to God I don't make a fool of myself tonight.

I get dressed and walk over to the mirror, I must say I look hot. Alice Rose and Angela did a good job on me. They brought out the natural curl in my hair and kept my make-up light, but managed to make my eyes smokey, which made them pop.

"Thanks so much, girls. I look so pretty, I am actually excited about going out tonight."

"Oh my God, Bella, did you just say you were actually excited about going out tonight? Wait, somone pinch me! I must be dreaming." Alice and Rose teases.

"Shut it you guys, I agree with Bella, I'm looking forward to going out tonight too. We work are asses off, so it's high time for us to have some fun," Angela chimes in.

"Thanks Ang, I knew I loved you for a reason. You can now be my new sister, since my orginal one is being a brat," I tease Rose.

Rose being the mature one of the group sticks her tongue out at me, causing us to all crack up laughing. This is exactly what we needed, a stress free week. I think I'm going to love this week in Vegas. I've got my girls, so what can go wrong?

"Okay ladies, let's get this party started! I'm ready to shake my bootay on the dance floor." Rose hollers as she shimmies her hips.

"Wait, let's do a shot real quick," Alice squeals and races to the kitchen.

"Okay,okay...here," Alice passes out the amber filled shot glasses."Let's make a toast to a stress free week."

"To a stress free week," We all say and throw back our shots.

The alcohol burned as it slid down my throat. I let out a whoop and slam my glass on the counter. The girls laugh as we grab our purses and cell phones and head out the door. After we get into the elevator we loop arms and we stroll confidntly into the lobby of the hotel and towards the club.