Author's Note: Yep I am finally updating lol. Sorry just haven't really been in the mood to write. Thanks to everyone who is sticking with me as I write this story 3 y'all.

We head back to the hotel and park the car. We're going to club Tao that's located in our hotel. I'm just hoping there isn't another incident at this club like there was at the last one. I've got Edward with me this time so hopefully the creeps will back off.

Just like last night Rose got us into the club without having to wait in line. We walk in and find a table. We have to push two tables together so that we could all fit. Us girls hold the tables while the guys go and gets our drinks.

"What does everyone want to drink?" Edward asks.

"A cosmo for me pleae," I answer

"I want a mojito please light on the mint." Angie says.

"I'll take an appletini." Rose says

"I want a frozen strawberry daquiri please." Alice says sweetly as she's the last one to order.

"So, we have a cosmo for Bella, Angela wants a mojito, an appletini for Rose and last but not least a frozen strawberry daquiri for Alice. Is that right?" Emmett asks

We all nod in agreement. "Ok you ladies stay here, we'll be back with the drinks."

"I am so excited about tomorrow night. I am so going to take a million pictures of us. You know dad will want to see all the pictures we've taken here of us in Vegas. Also I want to thank you ladies for dragging me out here, it's only been like two days but I'm having so much fun." I said getting a little teary eyed.

"Oh Bells, when are you going to learn to trust me?" Alice asks trying to hold back from laughing. I just shake my head and we all burst out laughing.

"Ok we're back with the drinks. Bella are you ok?" Edward asks after handing me my drink.

"Yeah I'm fine I was just talking to the girls and got a little teary eyed." I lean over and kiss him on the cheek.

The girls all awww at me and I feel my cheeks heat up and they laugh at me. I just stick my tongue out at them and sip my drink.

The boys take a seat next to their girls and we just sip our drinks and talk for a while. Then "Party Rock Anthem" came on and Rose squeals and jumps up and drags me out to the dance floor. She's loved this song ever since we heard it in the car one day.

The dance floor is packed which I'm not shocked about. This is Vegas after all people wanna party hard. We find a spot on the dance floor and then we are some dancing fools. We're on the dance floor for a few minutes when I feel a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist and starts grinding up against me. At first I thought it was Edward but it doesn't smell like his cologne. I tense up thinking about what happened last time.

"What's a hot little thing like you doing out here all alone?" I hear a husky familiar voice whisper in my ear. I turn and around and see Jacob Black.

"Jacob Black! Don't you go scaring me like that you ass hole!" I scold him then punch him but he just laughs.

"What the hell are you doing here? I haven't seen you in forever!" I exclaim then hug him.

Jacob is my very gay friend from college. We used to hang out all the time. I haven't seen in like four years.

"Oh, I live here now. How are you doing? How's the girls please tell me they're here with you too." I giggle because sometimes I think he can out talk Alice.

"Yes of course the girls are here. They're the ones who dragged me out here. I'm going good just busy you know the hospitial keeps me most of the where's better half?"

"Oh he's around here somewhere. He went to get us some drinks."

"Come on, I'm sure the girls would love to see you. Rose was just here she must've went back to the table."

We leave the dance floor and head over to the table. We get there and the only ones are there is Alice, Angela, Ben and Jasper. I interally roll my eyes because Rosee is probally getting it on with Emmett in a bathroom or dark hallway somewhere.

I clear my throat loudly to get everyone's is the first to look up and her eyes bug out. Next thing I know she's squealing very loudly almost busting our ear drums.

"Oh my God! Jacob Black! I can't believe you're here. I haven't seen you since graduation. Where's your hottie? I've missed you!" Alice rambles in while squeezing Jacob as tight as she can.

Jacob chuckles, "Oh honey, I've missed your little energetic fairy self too. As for my hottie-" He doesn't get a chance to finish his sentance because Demetri comes up.

"Is right here Tinkerbell. Now back off my man and no one gets hurt." He teases

We all just laugh at Demetri. We hear another squeal and know that Rose is back.

Rose runs over to Jacob and he picks her up and spins her. How she was running in those shoes I haven't got the slightest idea.

"Oh my God! What are you doing here? Bella and I were just talking about you." She says then walks over and hugs Demetri too.

"We live here now. It's our anniversary so Dem and I went to dinner and now we're here clubbing it up. I'm glad we decided to come to this one." Jake says with a wink.

Just then I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my leans down and starts kissing my neck leaving a trail of goosebumps behind.

Trying to clear my brain I say, "Guys this is Jacob and Demetri we all went to school , Demetri this is Edward, Jasper, Emmett and Ben we met them last night and we all started hanging out."

"MMM yummy, You girls do have some good taste in men." Dem said and then licked his lips while winking at Emmett.

I just busted out laughing at the look on Emmett's face when Demetri did that. I swear it looks like he just threw up in his mouth.

"Demetri Cole Alan Ferendaz! Quit teasing the boys they're not used to you yet." Alice scolds playfully and we all just bust out laughing.

I looked over and saw Dem was pouting. Jake whispers something in his ear and makes the pout go away. I shudder at the thought of what he said.

"I think we need more drinks don't you?" Alice asks everyone.

"Yes we do. Come on Alice and Ang help me with the drinks. Shots for everyone." Rose winks at me. Oh lord what does she have up her sleeve.

"So Bells everyone here seems to be paired up. Are you with that tall hottie with the sex hair talking to Ang? I saw the way he looks at you."

"Yeah Bells how did you tag a hunk like him?" Jake teases.

"Jacob Daniel Black behave!" I laugh and smack him in the chest. I'm sure my face is beat red.

"I was the lucky one to have saved her from some drunk guy who starting to get a little too grabby with her." Edward tells everyone the way we met.

I didn't even know he came back over until now when he said something.

"Bella! Why didn't you tell us? You know we would've been there to help or something." Angie cries

"That's why dad gave you the pepper spray Isabella so you could defend yourself. Why didn't you use it?" Rose demands.

Before I could say anything to defend myself Edward jumped in. "Hey don't talk her like that. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I sure am glad I was." He snapped at Rose.

Rose just stood there with her jaw hanging. No one but Alice has ever put her in her place like Edward did. I am sure my face is a bright shade of red by now from all the attention. But I am glad he was there too.

We all talked and danced for a bit longer. We didn't want to stay out til all hours of the morning since we were going to see the show tomorrow night. We don't want to be all worn out and tired. Knowing Alice she probably as a day full of pampering for us. I think some how she even managed to talk the guys into coming to the spa since I can hear Emmett whining that it's too girly.

The guys walk us to the front of our hotel room since they're across the street. We all say goodnight and head up to our room.

Since it's still pretty early us girls are going to have a slumber party in the living room. We each go to our bedroom and put our jammies on. It's been years since we've done something like that.

Ang and I are the first ones to come out so we get comfy on the couch after we order room service full of junk food. Alice and Rose finally come out of their rooms and they sit on the floor in front of the couch.

Alice is the first to speak. "Are you girls having fun? I know I am. I can't believe we met such hot guys already. Oh my gosh Jasper is so hot" She sighs and we giggle like a bunch of school girls.

"So Ang, Ben is really adorable." I tease and causing her to blush. She's like me we're both extremely shy.

We stayed up for a couple more hours chit chatting and gossiping before we went to bed.

I woke up the next morning to my cell phone ringing. I groaned and rolled over to grab it off the night stand.

"Hello?" I croak out because my throat is dry from just waking up.

"Good Morning love. Did I wake you? I'm so sorry. I thought you'd be awake by now."

I can't help but to giggle at Edward. His stuttering is just too cute. Plus I needed to get up anyways since it's 8:30.

"Yeah but it's ok. I'm surprised Alice hasn't barged in my room to wake me up."

He laughs and it sends a chill through me GAH! What is this guy doing to me?

"You mean Alice isn't awake yet? The one who demanded us to be up by 8 so we could be ready for the spa by 9? That evil pixie is going to get it just wait." He grumbles.

"Why don't you and the boys head on over and I'll make sure the girls are awake and ready so we can all leave here together?"

"Ok sounds good love."

"Oh! By the way how did Alice manage to talk you boys into going to the spa?" I quirk an eye brow even though he can't see me.

He laughs and I can't help but smile. "Well, she threatened bodily harm on Emmett, so the rest of us just agreed."

I snicker because that totally sounds like Alice. She might be small but she's scary at times.

We talk for another minute before we hang up to get ready for the day.