Tucker Foley closed his sea-green eyes as he took in a deep breath as he saw Valerie run toward him. Her breast bounce with every step she took. Her hair and clothes stuck onto her body like glue by her sweat. Her newly cutted hair swoosh side to side. Her red gym short was riding up into her butt and her chest rising and falling quickly. She ran fast past him before smiling sweetly and waving. A raven hair male stopped right beside him,his blanket blue eyes stared at Tucker then looked in the direction Tucker was starring at.

"Valerie Grey? Do you want me to be your wingman?" He asked Tucker his long black hair covered his eyes.

"Danny," Tucker sighed,"she waved at me! SCORE dude!" Tucker held his hand up waiting for his high-five.

"Tucker, any girl can wave! It doesn't mean a thing." Paulina ran past them waving and wiggled her fingers at Danny. Danny faked a smile and wave back, "Uh," Paulina beckon him with her index finger, Danny turn away from her, about to run in a different direction. "dude; I gotta run."

"Go running, dude. See ya in Miss. Manson class" Tucker said he place a hand on Danny's shoulder, "Pretent her head is chopped off and in your hands, bro. Though I heard she's really good in the sheets. Maybe Paulina is worthy not to get her head chopped off."

"Yeah right! If she was," Danny watch Paulina bend down touching her toes her butt toward the guys, Danny shook his pushing the lust out."Miss Manson would my girl."

"Yeah tear dat aahhs ah!" Danny chuckle it was a say but it sound like 'tear that ass up'! Miss Manson was a beautiful lady in Casper College. Even at the age of 21 she passed; with a PHD was a cetified genis. Danny and Tucker said there goodbyes and Danny ran up to Miss Manson.

"Oh hello Daniel." Miss Manson sighed, her least favorite student. She just had to appily to Casper College as a math teacher.

"Hello Samantha." Danny said happily.

"Please Sam, hey, can you help by bring this backpack? I've got back troubles."Sam asked.

"Yeah, sure. But I'm need a little somethang somethang afterwards." Daniel wiggled eyebrows and Samantha rolled her eyes.

"Since you skipped, I let you stay here, since you have me next. I'll just email Coach R... and done!" Sam announce sitting in her chair and typing up the next lesson plans.

"Danny, may I ask you something?" Sam asked.

"You just did," Danny joked, "But what?"

"Well, you're a handsome guy," Sam said without looking up, "and you have real talent. I want to explore those talents, academically. I want to see you doing better in school; and I want to help you. So Saturday night, can you come to my house?"

"Like a date?" Danny asked smirking.

"Not a date. Will you?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow, finally looking at him.

"I'd love too but," Sam crossed her legs, not help that she wore a miniskirt seeing her red thong's strips on her hips. "it's a date."

"Is not." Sam glared.

"Say it or I won't come."

"You don't gotta come!" Sam snapped back and returning to her computer, typing to another teacher.

"Then I can't wait for our date." Danny smiled.

"Until then but now take your seat." Sam stood up and open her door letting her class in the room. In the middle of the lesson, Danny purposily hit Luster, Mikey's older brother, head, with a sharp pencil piercing through skin, causing him to bleed. Sam turn to Danny, who was smirking evilly and she frowned.

"Luster! You poor thing,c'mere!" Sam patted his back and kissed his forehead. She clean his wound and place a bandaid on it. He sat back down in his seat blushing.

"Danny, lunch detention!" Sam continue to show how to work out M=Y1-Y2 divided by X1- X2, Danny grin hard and silently highfived Tucker.

"Tucker, work this problem on the board please!" Sam said, "and stop highfiving mister Fenton; I need him to focus." The math problem was m=2 (2,3), Tucker wrote the equation plugging in the numbers Y=2(x + 2)+3, Y=2x+4+3, Y=2x+7,and he circle that answer.

"Basic stuff right?" Sam asked as half thee class nodded and the others stratched their heads.

"Valerie, partern with Luster. Tucker and Angie, Star and Mikey, Dash and Kwan, Jimmie and James,Katilyn and Blake and lastly Danny come up here and bring a chair."

"Hard to resist me, huh?" Danny asked

"Bite me." Sam rolled her beautiful eyes and Danny cocked his head to the side smiling.

"Where?" Danny asked and Sam slapped herself.

~~~~After Class~~~~~~

"I'm going to Sam's house this weekend." Danny grinned.

"Dude that's a guy name!" Tucker faked fear, and as if he was exposed he cover his private, "Stay away from my goodies."

"Sam, short for Samantha. Samantha Manson, our teacher? She asked me out, she diggs me!" danny said popping his collar.

"Oh good with Ms. Manson; I started to think your man likes to be called women names before yall get into bed and..."

"Ugh! Gross Tucher" He slapped Tucker's head.

"Anyway when is this so called date?"


"In two days? That early, dude, lucky!"

"I knoow." Danny grinned.


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