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"Phantom!" Sam gasp. Phantom noticed she wasn't screaming nor was she clinging on him.

"That is the name of my being Samantha." Phantom said slowly crawling toward her. Sam breathing hiked as he place a cold, gently kiss to her knee. Phantom hand trailed up her pale arm leaving a trail of goosebumps. Sam shivered as his lips found hers in a slow, longing kiss. Sam closed her eyes as he leaned in and kiss her neck. His left hand grabbed her thigh and his right tickled its way down her back. Sam gasped and whine as he snapped at the sensitive skin.

"What are you doing?" Sam groaned in pleasure.

"That is not you place to worry my dear Samantha." Phantom whispers as he disappear.

"What the hell just happen?" Sam asked as she stood up. Sam rubbed her temples and decided to go on a late night jog. Sam put on some jogging pants and jogged out side after gathering her long hair into a ponytail. She walked quietly out her home and started jogging down the street.

"True beauty," Phantom whisper as her follow Sam's pace invisibly. He grinned a plan forming into his dark, twisted brain as he flew into an alley and turn into Daniel Fenton.

"Sam!" Danny screamed before matching her pace.

"Oh hi Danny." Sam said as she slowed down.

"Having fun jogging Mrs. Fenton?" Danny asked with a smirk.

"That'll never happen," Sam muttered under her breath, "why are you jogging anyway?"

"When I see the hottest girl in the world I follow her," Danny said as they stopped, "even though you don't seem to be into me like I feel toward you."

"Daniel look,"Sam said with her hand on her hips, "I'm your teacher not a student. That's all we can be, no friends with benefits, no fuck buddies, no anything."

"How about this," Danny said walking up to her and holding her form tightly against him, "we can date secretly. I know you love this."

Danny lips consumed Sam's as he ravishes hers. His hands around her waist as he tilted his head to get better access into her mouth. sam stood there moaning slightly as Danny's hands slowly grabbed her ass. Danny smiled into the kiss and removed his hands and replace them to her face to hold her steady. Sam arms wrap around his neck as he kissed her. She return the kiss more eager than he started. Sam fingers tangle themselves into his hair, as he push her form even more tightly to his.

Sam pulled away from the kiss and did something that made her regret later.

"Move in with me Danny."

Okay its short because fanfiction is suppose delete this stories and I don't want to waste time on something only for it be deleted.