Every days the same I wake up in the cheap room in the Pokémon center, unless I can't afford it then I sleep on a park bench or any ware for that matter. I sometimes wish I had not refused my father to join Team Rocket, but im nothing like him after all I may commit petty crimes but im no ware as evil as him he takes lives for what, fun. Oh and anyway my names Silver im 14 and living on the street.

I sigh walking along the lonely streets of Viridian city, loneliness is no bother to me anymore I've found it relaxing. But sometimes late at night when I can't sleep I wonder what it would be like to have a father a family a home. A place where I fit in. when I walk the streets I see mothers and their children walk by and the mother always says "see that boy over there he looks crazy stay away from him, he lives on the streets" but comments like that don't bother me anymore so what if I have long red hair that covers my face, so what if I were a navy blue coat that covers my neck and upper body with black pants that I have tucked into my boots.

I was down to my last ten dollars and it was only ten to stay at a Pokémon center. But I have to save my money for other things oh well. After walking a bit I lay on a field in Veriden forest. I lay my head back as I that mew that there's no clouds in the sky because it would surly snow not rain and I would freeze to death as if im not already, my fleece jacket can only keep me so warm.

I close my eyes and relax my body trying to fall asleep on the cold grass as the cold wind makes my red hair go back into my face. "Silver!" I hear a voice so familiar it scary. I jot to my feet not seeing who it is until I move the hair out of my eyes. I look to see a tall man with short black hair and grey eyes I look up to him in complete shock. "Father?" I say still in shock I knew he lived in Kanto but…. "Silver..." he repeats "father, what are you doing here why..." I can't manage to speak any more I haven't seen my father since I refused to join team Rocket but I never refused to be his son. "I-I we can talk later its freezing out come with me, son" he says with a warm smile putting his hand on my shoulder "really, dad?" I say shocked could he finally be accepting me?

We get to his house I look around astonished by what I see I look back at my father "well your welcome to stay if you want." He says I look at him should I bring up the fact that no matter what I hate team Rocket. "o-okay" I say nervously scratching the back of my head "well there's a spear room if you want it I'll show you to it." He says "not right now I thought..." I break off I just thought we could spend time together is what I was going to say. "You thought what?" he says with a cocked eyebrow I bite my bottom lip timidly, why dos this man scare me so much? "Nothing it's not important" I say "okay so I'll show you to your room then." He says walking up the stairs the grey walls remind me of the team Rocket HQ, the most I remember about my father was that he left me when I was 5 he left me with Proton I hated him so much he was the worst person in the world I ran away when I was 12 and haven't seen my father or Proton since. (Well my father 5 Proton 12)

He opens the door and lets me walk in first "wow" I exclaim my father smirks "you like?" he asks I nod "y-yes" I gasp he looks down at me "well im glade" he says I look around more and I feel the heat rise as my father walks closer im sure he can see the fear I have of him "Silver…just go to bed" he sighs "why?" I ask he looks back at me "because we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." He says I lay down nervously what does he mean by that oh mew im nervous I think shutting my eyes to sleep.