It's been about a week since I went with my father to work; nothing unusual has happened since that awkward night. At least Giovanni had went off to Goldenrod on 'business', but he still doesn't trust me to stay alone, so he left me with Proton, yes Proton the person I hate the most. I sigh at least I haven't heard from Proton all day, Im just sitting in my room when I hear

"Crash boom bang!" I instantly run out of my room and run down the stairs, what I see is horrifying everything is on fire and there's blood all over the floor, what happened weres my father!

"Proton!" I call out looking around for the blue haired man I run through the house but there's flames raising every ware I need to get out! I run out of the house there's a shadow above my head but I can't make it out.

"Dad!" I scream seeing that his car that's complty blown to bits was the Couse of the fire.

"Silver" I hear his weak voice call me, I turn to see him he's bleeding heavily, but the fire hasn't reached him. I run over to him and start to put my jacket over his wounds.

"d-dad what happened?" I ask franticly as the shadow moves above me, I look up to see the rainbow winged bird that kidnapped me when I was young, Ho-oh!

"Silver run, save yourself" my father struggles to say, but I don't move the fire is starting to die out but then we hear a man's voice.

"Silver, oh Silver funny little boy, ahhh the Great Giovanni I know what you think boy, but I am not here for you, its Giovanni I want" t-the mask of ice! No he can't be here he can't be!

"Percy, do what you want with me, but leave my son" my father says weakly. I glance around Ho-oh is just flying there waiting for the mask of ice. Percy pushes me out of the way and goes for my father.

"No!" I yowl jumping onto Percy, but he's able to overpower me and he throws me onto the burnt grass. I jump back up but I already see him taking off dragging my father by his feet and Ho-oh is burning the grass around me so I can't run after him. I feel some one grab me and pull me away from the fire, I look up to see Proton, he's bloody but not as bad as my father. He grips my shoulders

"Come on Silver we need to get to safety" he says grabbing my hand and pulling me away from the burning house.

It's been at least a week since my father was taken by the mask of ice, I have been staying at the Rocket HQ and everything's been different, the grunts now call me boss and the executives listen to me without question, I had really taken my father's place as leader of Team Rocket. I have done what my father asked and taken over part of Kanto in under a week, but know my new plan is going into place, I need to fine my father, all I need is Team Rockets help and I will take down the make of ice, all I need is to find my father.

To be continued…

(well surprising ending, I will do a sequel if you want, and Silver is now leader of Team Rocket, as always review!)