Hey, toonfangrl here with a new story. I realized that there weren't any FOP themed 100 oneshot challenges, so I made a crossover one with DP! I'll try to make the chapters in order, since most of them will be based on my ideas. I might do a KvK one sometime, since over half the fics in that section are CoopxKat.

Also, I just wanted to thank all of you guys who read my other fic, "Anybody Who Cares". My other fics never got so popular. Four reviews and two favourites, that's more than all my other fics combined (don't bother checking, the ones that got reviews I deleted since they weren't very good). Special thanks to ChrisMcSpeed, my best (and only) friend on FanFiction, AK1028 (and Timmy) for helping me with my problem, and my real-life BFF Flower for liking my stories and understanding that I'm not crazy. Well, I've seen worse.

This is my first fic with DP and my first oneshot challenge, so no flames please!

Challenge Topic #1:Remember

Point of View: 4 year old Danny

I waited for a really long time until Mommy came out. She was sitting in a chair with big wheels. Daddy was behind her. I saw that Mommy was holding something.

"Danny, Jazzy, I want you to meet your new baby brother," Mommy said. My big sister, Jazzy, put down her book to come and see. Mommy was holding a very small baby. He had brown hair eyes. He was my little brother.

"Can I hold him, Mommy? Please?" I asked, putting on my cutie face.

"Not now Danny, he's too small. Maybe when he's a little older," Daddy said.

"What should we name him?" Mommy asked.

"Well, I've always thought Timothy would be a good name for our son," Daddy answered.

"TIMMY!" me and Jazzy yelled at the same time.

Mommy and Daddy smiled. "Come on kids, we're going home."

"YAY!" I screamed

When we got home, Mr. and Mrs. Turner were already there. Mommy and Daddy talked with them and Jazzy and me went upstairs to sleep. I didn't feel very tired, I was too excited. In the morning, I would get to play with my baby bwother, Timmy.

This doesn't even count as a chapter, so I'll keep going.

Months later…

It was Chwistmas Eve, and I was waiting for Santa to come. Daddy says he's real, but Mommy says he's not. They were too busy fighting that they didn't even notice the turkey tried to eat me. Suddenly, I heard noises coming from the room next to mine.

Santa's here!

Slowly and quietly, so Santa wouldn't know I was awake, I walked over to Timmy's room. I looked inside, and saw someone trying to steal Timmy.

I was so scared, I almost started crying. "…don't hurt my little bwother…" I whispered. \the person walked over to the window. He was going to take my baby bwother! I ran in and cried, "DON'T TAKE MY BWOTHER!" Timmy woke up, and tried to call for me, "DA…DA!"

The person jumped out of the window, taking my baby bwother with him. I tried to look for them, but they were already gone. My bwother was stolen on Chwistmas Eve. I hate Chwistmas now.

This is my reason for why Danny hates Christmas so much. Poor baby Timmy!:'(

All will be revealed in the next chapter. See ya soon!