When we arrived at the building with the strange contraption and the sign "Fentonworks" on it, I knew things wouldn't go well. During the whole drive from Dimmsdale to Amity Park Mr. Fenton was either ranting on and on about how he couldn't believe that his youngest son was kidnapped by his old friends, or blather on and on about ghosts. I got really worried when he said he worried when he said he would "rip them apart molecule by molecule." What would he do if he found us? Apparently Cosmo and Poof didn't care or didn't listen, since they were playing with string the whole time.

Timmy seemed to have mixed emotions about the situation; betrayed by the Turners who always lied to him, excited to be able to start a new life with his real family, worried that they might be even worse, sad to leave his friends and old life behind, but relieved to finally be rid of Vicky. I just hoped things wouldn't get TOO good for him or he would lose us.

We just got out of the RV when we were attacked. I recognized it right away to be a ghost attack, meaning me, Cosmo, and Poof couldn't use our magic. We have no effect on paranormal beings or anything like that. I turned around to see who it was, and I saw not one ghost, but two. One had a battlesuit with just about every weapon imaginable. The other ghost looked almost human. He had snow white hair, glowing green eyes, and a black hazmat suit with a white "D" emblem on his chest, a white belt, white gloves, and white boots. He kind of looked like that Fenton boy.

I saw a ball of green ectoplasmic energy form in the ghost boy's hand, and moved Timmy out of the way. He still held tight to our fishbowl, so me, Cosmo, and Poof were safe too. But instead of blasting us, he aimed it at the ghost with the weaponry and armour. "He many times are we going to go through this, Skulker?" he asked with a bored and annoyed tone.

"I haven't come for your pelt this time, whelp." The other ghost, Skulker, stated. Then he faced us and sneered. "I have a much different prize to collect." Before I knew it, we were trapped in a very tight net. We all screamed and tried to break free, but to no avail. Either this net was made out of the same material as butterfly nets, or some sort of ecto-energy. Timmy, Poof, and Cosmo all burst into tears, and even I was fighting back some.

As Skulker was about to take us away, the ghost boy fired a stronger ecto-beam at him. "Let…him…go!" the teen hissed menacingly. Suddenly, two ecto-beams were fired at both ghosts. The boys stopped crying, and we turned around to see Mr. & Mrs. Fenton holding rather large weapons. "LET MY SON GO!" Mr. Fenton screamed. With his already booming voice, I got a bit of a headache from that.

"We just got him back after 10 long years, and we're not going to lose him again!" Mrs. Fenton shouted, and she fired again at the ghosts. Only Skulker got hit though, the other ghost disappeared just in time.

Skulker fired two of his missiles in their direction, but they jumped out of the way just in time. Before he could try to attack again, a white light covered him. It pulled him into a device that looked kind of like a thermos. The one who captured that ghost and saved our lives was none other than the Fenton boy. He and his sister got us out of the net and Timmy completely dazed at what just happened. I still couldn't believe it myself that a ghost had saved our lives.

"Are you okay, Timmy?" the raven haired teen asked him, clearly concerned. "Did he hurt you badly?"

Timmy shook his head. "I'm fine," he replied. "But that ghost…he saved me. Why?"

"That was Danny Phantom, Amity Park's teen ghost fighting hero. He saves everyone," the girl explained. "But he's also the number one enemy of all ghosts." The other teen glared at her, and she blushed.

"Well, thanks for getting me out…um…" Timmy bit his lips. "What are your names?"

"I'm Danny, and the smarty pants is our know-it-all sister, Jazz." the raven haired boy answered. His sister smacked him playfully on the head and he, Timmy, and I all snickered.

"Just be more careful next time, son." Mr. Fenton said. "You can never trust a ghost. Just because that ghost punk does all these hero acts doesn't mean he's good. He's committed crimes before, and all ghosts are evil. When I get my hands on one-"

"You'll rip it apart-blah blah blah-molecule by molecule-blah blah blah. Okay, I get it. Can we just start unpacking now?" Timmy interrupted, clearly not wanting to hear the same rant again. No one did, as I heard everyone let out a small sigh of relief.

"Of course sweetie," Mrs. Fenton said. "Everyone grab a box and bring it inside."

They all got to work, and I couldn't help but smile at how perfect things were going. Timmy was with a family that loved and cared for him. Justice was served at last.

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