Guilt IslandAstro Boy 2003 seriesHi everyone! This is my first story and I've been working on it a lot the past couple days. It's kind of a crossover between the Astro Boy series and And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, except nobody dies (I would never do that to Astro!), and also only a couple of characters are completely evil, instead of all of them being evil. Well, you'll see :)

Astro sat on the couch next to his younger sister, Zoron, who had wrestled the television remote from him, switching immediately to the rocket ball game. When he had tried to protest, she had pouted, looking as if she would start to cry. He let the matter rest, reluctantly, and her tears had immediately dried, giving way to loud cheers as her favorite team dominated the field. Zoron's cheering got a little to crazy though, and the glass vase sitting on the tale next to her suffered for it. "Oops," she said, sheepish.

"Zoron!" her brother scolded her. She ran away from him, and he chased after her, barely keeping up with the little android girl as they raced through the house. Zoron, giggling and throwing insults at her brother, failed to notice that she was running straight at the doorway, but it wasn't the door she collided with, but instead ran into a large man looming over her. "Doctor O'Shay!" she cried, throwing her arms around him.

The man chuckled and hugged her back. "Hello to you too, Zoron," he said.

"Doctor!" Astro said fondly when he finally reached the entryway.

O'Shay grinned as he saw Astro. "Hello, Astro. I have something for you." He passed Astro an envelope.

"Ooh, what is it?" asked Zoron, trying to peer at the piece of paper. Astro began to read aloud:

Dear Astro,I formally invite you to attend the Robots Rights Movement meeting being held this Saturday on Indian Peninsula. All travel fees will be paid for. Please RSVP me at .Sincerely, Ulysses N. Owen

Sorry, but that's all I have for now. But don't worry, because when I start a new story, I always commit to it. You can expect updates coming soon, and also more stories!