I backed up until my back touched the wall and even then I still kept trying move backwards. My father marched up to me grabbed my arm and yanked me to the sofa. I winced as he pulled me. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. I mean after all I didn't know how my father dealt with misbehavior. He sat down still holding my arm..maybe he was going to use cruciatus curse or...

I suddenly found myself thrown over my father's knees and before I could utter a word of protest he started wallop away.

"What do you think your doing!" I yelled as I struggled to get off but all that did was make him hold my waist even tighter and smack harder.

"You have some nerve don't you. Strutting into the room as if you own the place and then yelling at me and your mother as if you're the minister of magic!"

"Who said anything about the minister of magic?" I said cheeky. but all that earned me was a few more swats directed at a very sensitive spot ,right where my thighs meet my butt. I clenched my teeth trying to not to cry out.

"I'd watch your cheek if I were you. You should have guessed by now that I do not tolerate rudeness and I most definitely will not tolerate it from you!" The spanking intensified and I bowed my head down trying to keep the tears from pouring out.

"Let me make this very clear to you. You will not disrespect anyone in the manor you just showed SWAT SWAT You will listen to what you are told SWAT SWAT and you will never put yourself in danger like you just did SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT. " Not caring that he would see me break down, I cried and let my body go limp. I found myself pulled up from his lap into a standing position right in front of him.

He looked at me with no emotion, so I cried harder. He rolled his eyes "Alright alright it's over with. All is forgiven." He said as he pulled me into a hug and if it were possible I cried harder.

"Come on Selena, it was just a little spanking, you've probably got in worst." He said over my head as he rubbed my back awkwardly. Now most girls would keep on crying or try to seize it but instead I felt rage.

"Says you! You weren't the one getting your arse walloped!" I yelled as I pushed away.
My father raised his eyebrow and turned around walking over to his desk but not before casting a soaping charm. I gagged and held the saliva in the front of my mouth as more and more poured into my mouth. I needed to spit this out but the problem was where?

"You'll need to swallow it. " My father said as he sat his his chair folding his hands in front of him. I looked at him as if he were crazy but after realizing it be a big problem if I spit it on his floor, I swallowed it.

Bleh! Eh!" I said trying to rid the taste from my mouth. I looked at my father giving him the raised brow this time but all he just did was give me the look that said 'well'. I rolled my eyes and walked to the seat that sat right across from him, infront of his desk.

"You will find you stay here Snapdragon manor most unpleasant if you let your temper and mouth get the best of you. Do you understand?" I blushed at the reminder.

"Now since you will be here for the remaining summer..." He began.

"Oh my goodness! I'm a nutter! I completely forgot, I'm been accepted into Hogwarts school and I haven't got in any of the requirements they ask us to bring along." I jumped up remembering that I was suppose to be attending school this fall.

"Well thank you for stating the obvious and now just realizing you forgot to tell me that. But no harm done, I'll say. I have already arranged everything that needs to be taken care of. " My father simply stated.

"What do you mean?" I asked very confused.

My father sighed and closed his eyes. " If I explain will you let me finish everything I have to say or will you interrupt?"

"Well I didn't mean to interrupt, I just thought you might like to know about..." I looked at my father and realize what he was saying. I bit my lip and leaned against the chair. My bum was still tingling a little from the harsh punishment it received a few minutes ago.

"Now lets start with misbehavior, " I blushed a little, " I don't tolerate disrespect, disobedience or lying. Depending on the severity will depend on the punishment. But so you don't get confused if you lie to me, put yourself in harms way or disobey a direct order you will end up across my knee just like you had a few moments ago. Do you understand?" I nodded my head as my cheeks turned a very lovely rose red.

"Now when you are home, you are allowed to do whatever you like as long as you are following those rules. Doors that are locked are to remain lock do not try to force them open if you have questions to what inside ask me or a house elf. This manor belonged to my grandfather and he didn't use most of the rooms as playrooms." I nodded my head once again.

"You may not past the wards and if you do I will know. There is nothing for you do do beyond the manor anyways, we live miles from people. A house elf will notify you when it is getting close to a meal time and when they do I would recommend you stop whatever you're doing and get ready for the meal. " I nodded. He hadn't mentioned anything about chores and to that I was curious.

"Selena there is something I wished to speak to you about." He said as he leaned in a little.

"Aren't you already speaking with me?" I asked with a raised brow and a smile. He took in a deep breath and rolled his eyes which just made me giggle a little.

"Do you know the difference between a spanking and a beating?" Taken a little off guard I shifted in my seat and shook my head a little.

I saw hurt fly in and out of his eyes but he quickly regained his composure. " When you are spanked, which will only ever be by me, it is out of l-love, it will only be to teach you a lesson that will make you into a better person. When you're spanked you will only be hit on the butt by me, no where else. What your mother did was cruel and she did not do it out of love. I will always do it out of love. Do you understand?" I nodded my head as a tear ran down my face.

"You may not notice but I care very deeply for you Selena. I always have and always will. " I smiled and wiped the tear that was descending down my cheek.

" I know you do, you just don't like showing feelings, I guess I sometimes hid my feelings as well." He gave the smallest sign of a grin but it went back to a straight line.

" So I don't have chores to do?" I asked.

"None but the obvious." I gave him a questioning look.

"You need to keep your room clean as well as your bathroom and pick up any mess you leave. These elves are not here to serve you. Do you understand?" I rolled my eyes, did I not speak english? He always asking "do you understand"? Well duh, if I didn't I would have said so. I nodded my head reluctantly.

He gave his head a slight nod then got up and left the desk walking toward the door and using a quick charm to repair the glass I had broken.

"Oh um...wait! What about my school shopping!" I asked jumping up from my chair.

"You will be shopping with your aunt Narcissa and cousin Draco in Diagon Alley tomorrow afternoon."

And with that he quietly walked out of the room.