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Annabeth POV:

Somehow, we'd survive the war, and the rollercoaster of relationship drama that followed. Oddly enough, I was expecting way more than we ended up having. Which is good. You can never really appreciate peace until you've experienced the drama and craziness we have.

Sally and Paul had helped me enroll into Goode after I was kicked out of my boarding school.

Before you get any ideas, it was so not my fault that one of Kelli's minions, a lower empousai had decided to follow me back. It wasn't like I could ignore it….

But, yeah, there was a minor fire. It only seemed really bad because of the smoke. And the new coverage. Percy got a kick out of the whole thing.

And the ONLY reason he is still alive after laughing at my situation is because I know he has been through the exact same thing: fires, explosions and blame.

Also the little fact that I'm in love with him, but that's not important right now.

What is important that I enrolled into Goode, with Percy, Grover, Thalia, Nico and Juniper. I was amazed that so many people went to the same school as we did. Percy explained his theory (which was remarkably astute for being the Seaweed Brain he is).

Percy's theory: All our demigod friends come to Paul's school because he knows our secret, and that whenever we are involved in something dangerous and loud, it probably involves Greek mythology, and is therefore not our fault. Essentially, an endless supply of get-out-of-jail-free-cards. And who doesn't want that?

Anyway, it's the first day of school. And, admittedly, I agonized over my outfit more than was reasonable acceptable for a daughter of Athena. Thankfully Thalia put up with is (for the most part) and promised not to tell anyone that I was more concerned with my appearance than I let on. Juniper agreed though, that the agonizing was worth it. I was quite decent.

In a pair of white Bermuda shorts, and a silky yellow, scoopy-neck shirt with tight-ish sleeves. I was devastating (according to Juniper). Add my beat-up purple converse sneakers, and I looked devastating and ready to beat you up (according to Thalia).

Thalia was her usual gothic self in black cut off shorts, thinning in places, a black tank top with a thin black zippy-thing she'd found in the bottom of some basket at a consignment shop in New Jersey. Juniper was looking as ethereal as possible in a gorgeous multi-green-toned sundress that reached her knees. Luckily we convinced her that she couldn't go to school without shoes on, and she wore pretty gladiator sandals in a muted gold tone. Thalia's ratty flip-flops completed our odd ensemble.

After cleaning up after a deliciously gourmet meal of cheerios, we headed out to meet the guys at the street corner.

Our living circumstances were odd: we had a landlady, whom we controlled with the mist to think that we were older than we really were. We would stay with Paul and Sally, but they couldn't fit (or feed) all six of us. It was probably already hard enough with the three guys living. I felt like I should live with Sally, just to give her some female companionship.

"Look! They're actually on time. Maybe even early!" Thalia laughed. They guys had a notorious habit of arriving past the unfashionably late time.

They all grinned as they saw and greeted us. I couldn't help but notice that Percy looked amazing in the normal khaki shorts he wore with a normal green and dark green striped t-shirt. Nico wore all black. And Grover had on jeans with a multi colored orange shirt that made me dizzy.

"You look beautiful Wise Girl." Percy murmured to me as we walked towards school, hand in hand, a little behind everyone else.

"Thanks. You don't clean up so bad yourself Seaweed Brain." I said with a grin and gave him a peck on the cheek. His mouth quirked up at one corner in response, and we hurried to catch up with the others.

As we caught up, we heard Thalia ask: "So why in the world were you actually there on time? We had made bets on how long it would take you to get there." No one took her seriously, because, Juniper? Gamble? Annabeth gamble? Funny joke. After the Lotus Hotel and Casino, I couldn't look at one and not feel slightly nauseous.

Percy laughed. "You can thank my mom for that. She wanted us out of the house as soon as possible." We all laughed as we realized how true it was.

We were still laughing and joking as we walked up the steps of Goode.

For once, I realized how excited I was for school. I had all my best friends with me, including my boyfriend. We'd survived a war, and were ready for a little normalcy. Percy and I had even made plans to see a movie this Friday after dinner with the gang (at Sally's of course).

As we walked into school (still holding hands) it felt nice to be part of a group who understood everything we had done and lost. It wasn't fun, but it was right.

Meeting everyone's eyes, I could see that we were all thinking similarly: how Silena and Beckendorf would never experience a moment like this, or how Luke wouldn't get a chance to run away through the halls after a practical joke.

The mood only lasted a while, and soon, we were smiling at a funny comment Grover had made. Everything felt marginally normal.

But of course, we're demigods, so the normalness?

It barely lasted ten seconds.

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