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Annabeth POV:

Normally, I'm all for structure and timeliness. But when that structure and timeliness interrupts an incredible kiss from my boyfriend—whom I am completely in love with—I tend to really hate structure and punctuality.

I sighed and pulled away from Percy, tugging him into class behind me. As we came in, I saw a couple of people already sitting, as all of us piled in they stared unabashedly. Actually, a couple of nice looking people had the good decency to look down, and then up, and so on.

"Awww man. A seating chart." Connor complained as he pointed at the piece of paper on the front desk. Grimacing, we all walked over to look at our new seats.

I admit, I had hoped that teachers would realize that we are in high school, and therefore able to choose our own seats. But apparently not.

Skimming the diagram, I saw I was seated between a girl named Erica and a guy named Mitchell. I didn't know who they were (obviously since this was my first day), but at least it wasn't Ryan, or the girl that Percy had mentioned.

I didn't have time to look at everyone else's seats, but I figured I would be able to see just by looking.

Sitting down in my middle seat—neither of my neighbors was there yet—I saw that Percy was one row up and three seats to my right. Thalia was two rows behind me. Nico four seats to my left. Travis and Connor were next to each other in the first row on the far left. Grover in the back corner, and Juniper in the front corner. Katie was two rows behind me plus four to the right.

All in all, we were rather spread out, but if a monster decided to attack, we would be able to quickly form into any number of battle formations….

But I stopped thinking about that because, really, I didn't want to worry about any more monsters on the first day.

The second bell rang which brought many late stragglers rushing in. About seven seconds later, the teacher entered. She looked to be in her early forties with a chin-length brown bob. She looked fairly normal.

Briefly meeting eyes with everyone in the room (which was fairly difficult based on the fact that we were so spread out), we nodded at each other. This wasn't a monster.

I sat through the boring lecture about expectations and syllabuses and rules and whatnot until Percy was called on unexpectedly.

"Uhhh. Be on time?"

"Very good, Mr. Jackson. Who can tell me another expectation?"

Percy looked over at me quickly with a grin. I rolled my eyes.

What a lucky idiot.

The rest of the class went by uneventfully as we introduced ourselves.

As my neighbors introduced themselves, I took a few moments to analyze them.

Erica had wavy brown hair and blue eyes with tons of freckles on her pale face. She had a bone structure similar to Clarisse. But there was definitely less muscle to her. Mitchell had extremely fine blonde hair that stuck up in the front, with brown eyes. His facial structure was interesting. If he wasn't a mortal, I would have guessed he was some sort of nymph.

But he wasn't, because most nymphs don't go to high school.

The bell rang and everyone rushed to gather their stuff. I took my time, not feeling the rush to push out of the tiny door.

As I finish packing up, I sense someone at my side and smile up at Percy. He reaches a hand out, which I gladly grab and follow him out behind everyone else.

My second period is fairly uneventful, especially since I didn't know anyone in my class. It was fairly awkward, but I just kept to myself until I had the opportunity to make a few mortal friends. I was looking forward to getting out, because I didn't like having to deal with all the stares on my own.

Not that I'm scared! I just... miss my friends. Alot. And there is something reassuring about not being alone in an odd school.

So as soon as that bell rang, I was one of the first ones out the door.

I hadn't seen Ryan since the... incident this morning, but I was still careful as I walked the halls to my locker. Luck was with me since I didn't see him at all, but instead caught up with Katie and Juniper.

Joining them, I got to hear about their second period.

"And this guy had the gall to admit to talking to my boobs!" Katie said. She looked absolutely furious. "And then he actually thought that I would want to go out with him. He insinuated what would happen after..." Katie shuddered. "I wanted to deck him, but the teacher came in after the guy finished talking. And I really don't want detention."

Juniper comforted her, and I contained my anger. "We could wait for him after school, or better yet follow him to a dark alleyway-"

"Who are we planning on killing now?" Travis came up, slinging an arm around Katie's shoulder and one around Juniper's

"Some idiot who has no social graces." Juniper informed him as she picked his arm off her shoulder with a look of fain disgust. Travis winked at her, while Juniper rolled her eyes.

"What'd he do? Steal Annabeth's pencil?" Travis joked.

"No." I told him. "Apparently, he stared at Katies boobs, acted like a sexist pig and suggested that she sleep with him." So Katie hadn't exactly said that, but the ideas were the same.

"Thanks for bluntness Annabeth." Katie said, with a sheepish smile.

"I know those weren't your exact words, but... the idea is the same." I said.

"Yes. The idea is the same." Katie said.

We all looked at Travis, who had been oddly silent compared to his normally chatty self.

"I'll help you kill him." He said quietly. Then, looking at Katie, he asked quietly: "Why didn't you punch him or tell him off?"

Sensing that this was a moment just for the two of them, Juniper and I moved away-but not far enough that we couldn't hear.

"I did tell him off. But before I could break his nose, the teacher came in."

Travis nodded, and said something else we couldn't hear.

Just as we were about to get a little closer so we could hear what appeared to be an argument-based on the hand gestures and facial expressions-we heard people behind us. Whirling, we saw it was only everyone else.

"Resorted to eavesdropping Wise Girl?" Percy asked with a grin as he slipped an arm around my waist and gave me a quick kiss.

"Me? Eavesdrop? Never!" I said indignantly.

Connor, Nico, Thalia, Percy and Grover began watching the proceedings with us. Travis and Katie were so occupied by each other, they didn't notice the little audience they had in us. But at least they were friends.

Abruptly, they stopped talking and just stared-glared-at eachother. And just as suddenly, they were kissing.

We were all rather shocked. But Connor just sighed. We all looked at them.

"Please tell me I wasn't the only one tired of all the sexual tension between them." Connor said, with a raised eyebrow.

We all laughed, because we had sensed the tension. No one but Connor was quite ready to come out and say the words though.

As all of us started to approach them and congratulate them on finally realizing their affections for eachother, a guy came up.

"Juniper! Do you think thats the guy that Katie was talking about?" I asked Juniper.

"Probably." Juniper replied.

At Percy's curious look, I waved it away, meaning that I would tell him later. He nodded in agreement.

Thankfully, we were close enough to hear the dramatic encounter.

"So this is why you refused my generous offer?"

Travis looked ready to sock the guy, but Katie interrupted him.

"No, I refused you because you're a sexist pig, and I have no desire to date the likes of you! And yes, Travis is the other part of the reason." Katie said angrily.

"Whatever, I'm just saying it's your last chance at all this awesomeness-"

But before he could finish his egotistical statement, Travis punched him in the gut.

We were all a bit amazed. But the guy did have it coming.

"Just stay away from my girlfriend, dude, and we won't have any problems." He said threateningly.

Then he and Katie started walking towards us with linked hands.

As they reached us, we gave a low cheer. Katie blushed, while Travis just grinned, and pulled Katie in for another kiss. We all laughed.

"Where's a canoe lake when you need one?" Percy joked.

"And girlfriend, huh brother?" Connor asked, while lewdly wriggling his eyebrows.

"Shut up guys. Besides Percy, we had to deal with you and Annabeth making out all the time at camp. AND all that sexual tension before you got together? Brutal." Travis groaned.

Percy and I blushed, before everyone started cracking up with the reminder of all the memories.

"Well." Percy said. "Its not even third period yet, and high school is ten times more exciting than normal. Just add nine assorted demigods, satyrs and nymphs and you get one dramatic day."

"What else were you expecting? Especially when it's this group of assorted demigods, satyrs and nymphs." I asked Percy with a look that clearly said: you idiot.

"And techinically, the grammar in that sentence would be: this group of assorted demigods, satyr and nymph." Grover corrected me.

"Because there is only one satyr and one nymph." Juniper added.

"Are you guys seriously correcting me on my grammar?" I asked them, amazed.

Percy just laughed. "Why didn't Chiron do this earlier?"

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