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You Belong With Me by LexisTexas2000

The Tale of the Panda and Tiger by Ragemaster

Love is Awesome by KungFuPandaFanatic

On with the story!

-Po's POV-

Monkey pulled out the map and looked it over with me looking at it over his shoulder since it was a scroll and I couldn't open it. We currently had just left the village and were walking up the same hill that the all the villagers went up when they were evacuating the valley from Tai Lung. Judging by the map, it would take about a day and a half- with rest- to reach Bingwen's hideout. However, I already knew it was going to feel like an eternity for me. I easily made it up the hill. Normally, it would've been hard for me to get up the hill, but I was too worried for Tigress' sake to be fatigued.

As we finished hiking up the hill, I looked out in front of me to see a magnificent view. The sun was rising behind the hills farther away, a river was shining below, down the hill was a variety of flowers, and this was all around a magnificent valley. It was beautiful. Note to self: If we make it back, take Tigress here for a picnic or something. This made me picture Tigress and I lying down on the hill in each other's embrace. I could almost hear her say 'I love you' and I saw us kiss. I smiled.

I guess I lost myself in thought because I soon heard Crane shout, "Po! Come on!"

I soon remembered our mission when I saw the other dashing down the hill. I shook my head to snap me out of my trance and raced down after them. As we ran through the valley, my mind kept going back to Tigress and I, but I fought it as hard as I could.

As we ran through the valley, I could eventually see our next obstacle. A beach appeared and near it, was a large lake. It was so wide I couldn't see the other side. All I could see was miles of water. Looking at it, I wished that it was as small as it was on the map. Looking at the shore on the other hand made me think of Tigress again. I could easily see us on the shore's edge walking hand in hand. I felt like crying, but I knew that now wasn't the time. Maybe later.

Monkey took another look at the map once we reached the shore's edge. I took a look at it too and apparently, we were at the Lake of the Thousand Dragons. Monkey looked at it a little longer than I did and eventually rolled it back up.

"Ok, there should be a shack with a few boats around here somewhere." he said. We all looked around for a moment and Mantis eventually spotted it about fifty feet away. We walked over to the old, wooden, rickety shack and as we got closer, we noticed there didn't seem to be anyone there. When we finally reached the shack and looked through the big window, we noticed a tail sticking out from under the counter. I noticed that it was shaking as if the person was terrified.

"Hello?" I asked. The tail froze and tucked back under the counter. "We need to rent a boat. It's for a rescue mission."

The person slowly scooted out from under the counter. It was a white, female bunny. She seemed to be holding her breath and when she saw us, she let it out. She slowly stood up, still shaking.

"Hello Dragon Warrior and Furious five… wait, where is Master Tigress?" she asked and I noticed she even sounded shaky.

"That's who we need to rescue. She was kidnapped." Viper replied.

"Wait, did you see a brown bear come by with a sack or someone draped over his shoulder?" Mantis asked.

"Someone did come by in the middle of the night. I didn't see who it was. He kept his hood up, but I did see a pair of glowing red eyes and he was carrying a sack. I am still a little shaky from his visit because he pushed me against the wall, put a sword to my neck and threatened to kill me if I didn't give him a boat. I caved in and instead of paying me, he took all the money I had." the bunny replied. I could see tears forming in her eyes but she wiped them away and tried to put a smile on her face. "For you guys don't worry. I can give you a boat." I could tell she had tried to sound cheerful, but I could still sense some sadness and fear in her.

She led us to the back dock where a few boats were waiting. We picked the biggest one in order to carry all of us. It bared a striking resemblance to the boat we took to Gongmen City. The boat also contained a supply of food and water. It wasn't much, but we didn't care. We could easily ration it out. The others got on the boat and I paid the bunny what we owed her. I had felt bad that she had been robbed of all her money so I put a little more than we owed her in the little sack of money without her noticing. After thanking her, we untied the boat from the dock and set off down the lake.

The others went inside the little room the boat had to ration our food. I on the other hand, sat down on the deck and watched the lake slowly go by. I could feel the tears I had been containing earlier begin to form in my eyes. I was scared, but I missed Tigress too much to care. What if Bingwen had made her his slave? What if he was beating her? What if she was injured badly? What if she was… dead?

These thoughts only made me want to cry even more. Suddenly, I felt something touch my hand. I looked to see Viper's tail. No one else was out here, just her. I expected her to tell me that crying wouldn't help or fix anything, but to my surprise, she looked at me sympathetically.

"Just let it out, brother." she said. I nodded and tears immediately began to stream down my cheeks. I didn't think I had ever cried so much or so hard as I was then. My head began to pound and I began to shake, but I didn't care. I cried for about an hour and Viper stayed by my side.

Suddenly, I began to realize that crying my eyes out was not going to solve anything, no matter how much I missed Tigress. The only way to solve this problem was to fight to get her back. I then vowed to myself that I would fight for Tigress, and I would win, not Bingwen. Even if the others gave up, I would still fight.

I stopped crying, put a serious look on my face and stood up. I then turned around and noticed that the others had been watching the whole time. "Crying isn't going to help." I stated as if I were giving a speech. "We'll take on Bingwen and we will get Tigress back. We will win!"

Everyone smiled. "That's the Po we know." said Viper. I smiled and for the first time that day, I felt confident.

To be continued