Happy Halloween!

The door to the study got kicked open.


The vampire looked up at the pissed off American at the door. He got up from his armchair and smiled.

"Hello, America. Do you want to admit that classic vampires are a million times better than Twilight?"

America gave Romania a serious look. "You mean you locked everyone in this creepy-ass house, turned my brother and my lov- I mean, England into your vampire minions JUST BECAUSE I WAS EXPECTING TWILIGHT WHEN YOU DRESSED UP AS A VAMPIRE?"

Romania crossed his arms and pouted. "Well, yeah. I'm the country where Dracula comes from, so when you say my vampire costume sucks it's like saying you make a crappy Superman."

"Don't bring Superman into this! Superman doesn't do this!" America grabbed Canada and pointed at his fangs.

"But don't fangs look cool?"

"That's it!" America pulled out the wooden stake and ran at Romania.

Romania slid to the side. "It's going to take more than that~." Holy crap! O_O He was going to slay me with that! This guy's freaking crazy!

"Suck on these then!" America threw garlic right into Romania's face.

"What the he- I mean, AAAGH! DX IT BURNS! IT BUUUUUUURNS!" Romania dramatically fell to the ground. "OH WHAT A WORLD! DX FAREWELL, SLAYER!" Romania shut his eyes and stuck his tongue out.

"Holy crap... I KILLED A VAMPIRE! I REALLY AM A HERO!" Then he looked at Canada. "But how do I turn you back to normal?"

From the floor, Romania rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers. He went back to playing dead after Canada's fangs disappeared.

"Victim turns back after the vampire dies? That's new."

"Who cares? Let's go look for England! I have to tell him how the hero saved him!"

After everyone left, England came out from behind the armchair. "You can stop playing dead now."

Romania sat up. "That was fun~."

"How did you get rid of those fangs?"

"I'm in the Black Magic Club for a reason~. Can we do this again next year?"

"Why the bloody hell-"


"Fine. =_="

"Yay! Let's go get some candy downstairs~!" Romania grabbed England and dragged him downstairs.

After a near-battle-to-the-death at the snack table, everyone agreed it was the greatest Halloween trick ever.

Me: It's finally over! T_T

Romania and America: (*Noms on candy*)

Me: ^^"

Romania and America: REVIEW~! ^_^ (*Throws candy out to the audience*)