Harry was sitting in their kitchen, sipping a glass of animal blood. He is still in amazement that he has a family now. One that wouldn't betray him and will stick with him. That he has a mate. That was truly a wonderful gift from fate. Carlisle was his everything. The very smell and taste of him could calm the most rage and anger deep in his soul. His skin and eyes set his blood on fire. His love that he gave unconditional to Harry and the acceptance of all of his weird quirks. Some days he just couldn't believe it and on those days he would sit in the kitchen drinking blood watching his 'kids' as they do various stuff. Currently the boys were playing the latest video games Japan and the girls were pouring over the latest fashion magazines. He should really take his family on a vacation sometime. Perhaps Paris for a few weeks. Its not like he couldn't afford it. Hell he was one of the wealthiest men in the world. Hmmm, he should contact Griphook soon. As soon as that thought became concrete in his mind, he heard three squeals and three moans. Setting down his drink and standing and bracing himself, three vampire females came racing in the room and jumped on him.

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" Alice shouted in his ear from where she was clumped on his left side.

"You're the best!" Bella screamed in his other ear from the other side.

"Really PARIS! They have the best clothes!" Rose squealed from the front.

"Don't forget the shoes!" Alice added.

"AND PURSES!" Bella shrieked. Ever since she was turned, her confidence has built up and has actually came to care about fashion, while not to the extreme that Rose and Alice do, but still enough that she can appreciate Paris.

"Right well, you three plan out the stops," getting three identical shrieks, Harry added, "and make sure to consult your mates. It has to be equal amount of activities for both genders. As well as some free nights for your parents," he finished with waggle of his eyebrows. The girls let go and Harry re-took his spot at the table picking up his glass of blood. The girl sat down with him and he summoned some blood for them. The girls just watched their Pa. While they could barely remember their original families except for Bella, they all found a strong father figure in Harry. He has already proven that he would lay his life on line for them especially for their dad. Rose and Alice remember what it was like to have Carlisle depressed. That happiness that usually surrounded him had nearly disappeared and would sulk in his bedroom unless he had to work. Then Harry came and things returned to normal. No, not normal. Better. He made them a stronger family unit or coven.

"No problem Pa," Rose said. After the Volturi she has really warmed up to him and has taken to calling him Pa like her mate.

"So Pa, what are your intentions toward Dad tonight?" Alice asked with serious look on her face.

Taking a sip of blood, he answered, "Well when I left this morning he was wearing that dark blue button up shirt I love on him."

"Didn't you buy that shirt for him?" Rose asked taking her own sip of blood.

"Yes I did. That was a fun shopping trip," Harry replied getting lost in that memory. It had been exciting and arousing. He had followed his love into the changing and cast a privacy and silence spell as he attacked his delicious mate. He had never heard Carlisle moan that loud. Perhaps they should try it again somewhere in Paris.

"So no disturbing you guys tonight and if you haven't left the house by your usual time call your assistant and to call dad in sick?" Bella predicted. After Harry had opened his first bakery in Forks, he had been able to hire a few employee to help and when they moved to a small country town in New Jersey he opened another shop. Good thing for Goblins.

"Nah, if we start early we should finish on time. So behave children. No fighting," Harry said with a joking glare.

"We'll keep the girls in line Pa," Jasper said from the living room.

"What Jasper said," Emmet yelled.

"And I'll keep these two in line," Edward added.

Chuckling, Harry shook his head and got up and filled up a glass of blood and walked out the front door.

The girls giggled at how romantic and thoughtful their Pa was and the boys groaned at how their Pa was showing them up.

Harry just sat down and counted down from five.






And Carlisle's modest car came into view. Harry counted down from ten.











Carlisle was parked and was out of his car walking to Harry. Harry stood and met his mate on the bottom step.

"Hello beloved," Harry whispered into Carlisle's ear as Harry pulled him close while handing him a glass of blood.

"Hadrian," Carlisle whispered with love and warmth, as if everything was right in his world when he was in his Hadrian's arms, which it was by the way.

"You may want to drink that blood love, you are going to need it," Harry said kissing and licking his neck.


"Mmmm, you wore the dark blue shirt, and I was reminiscing about it," Harry murmured into Carlisle's hair as he brought his mate closer so he could feel his arousal.

Gulping his blood down, Carlisle thrust back and moaned out, "We are starting early tonight?"

"Mmmm, already prepped the young'uns," Replied picking Carlisle up.

Carlisle wrapped his legs around Harry's waist and called out, "Quit watching or you'll be grounded!"

Snickers could be heard but the two lovers focused on nothing but each other.

Harry leaned in and nipped Carlisle's lips then capturing them in possessive kiss. He apparated them to their room and banished their clothes. Looking down at his aroused and naked mate, Harry thought life couldn't get any better.

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