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Before anything, here's the SHORT CONTEXT: It's the future. Noah works for Providence, he is scarred up because he is badass, and Rex has a soul patch like Six.

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This was written for a good friend of mine. On deviantart, I made a sexy picture with my version of Older!Rex and Noah together for yaoi day and I mentioned that I thought it'd be nice to do a fanfiction around the huge scar I put on Noah's back. She said I should do it, I said I would, and here it is (after two months in the making. Again. XD; )! 8D There's a little future universe I developed over there on deviantart where Rex and Noah are a little older and are coupled together. Holiday and Six are also together, and there is an extra character that you will catch a glimpse of much later in the story. I tried to write this so that those who aren't familiar will be able to get the setting, and that those who are acquainted with this universe will enjoy this expansion of it. 8D I hope it works. xDD

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The day had been mild.

It was too mild for it to be right. It seemed so inherently wrong for the day to have been as beautiful as it was.

Solemnity filled the air. The thickness of it overshadowed the sun, and its brightness felt foreign. Even though it was desert, the heat receded to a cool breeze, but the kindness of it went unnoticed.

As the sun was setting a procession stood at the cliff's edge. A unit, quiet and still, stared straight ahead to the silhouette of Providence headquarters. Numerous spaces between the soldiers' places gapped their positions as they held formation. In perfect synchronization, the soldiers saluted to no one, and behind them, bullets were fired into the sky.

The sun set. The sky darkened.

Rex sat quietly in the dark, waiting.

His legs stretched over the covers. He pressed his back against the wall. His eyes unfocused, and he thought.

He didn't go to it today. He was too busy fighting. But, he was thinking about it the whole day long. He hated to go to memorial services, but he always felt the need to go, even if they had little to do with him.

The door in front of him slid open, and Noah walked through with a heavy sigh in the dark. He looked too burdened in his formal uniform. He didn't look like him, Rex thought. But it probably wasn't because of the uniform.

"Oh- Rex," Noah noticed him, "How long have you been here?"

"Not too long," Rex shrugged "How're you doing?"

Noah planted himself onto his bed. When he leaned forward, his shoulders hung.

"You know," He murmured, "Okay."

"...At least it doesn't get any harder," Noah cracked a smile. It had been the fifth memorial service he attended since he became a superior officer. Even though most days at Providence were exhilarating and rapturous, they were still just people fighting a war, and there were inescapable consequences.

Rex moved forward next to Noah, gently placing an arm over his shoulder. He leaned in against him and pressed his lips against Noah's cheek.

Noah inwardly sighed. He couldn't escape his responsibilities, but at least the weight wasn't always so heavy. He turned his head towards Rex.

A brief quiet passed. Rex could tell Noah wanted to say something, anything, to readjust himself to his default, to his standard smiling humor and sarcasm. But, on days like this, the effort seemed too difficult. Even Rex couldn't bring himself to say anything, so he simply turned and kissed his friend

It was all he could really do. It was chaste, comforting, and all that was needed.

When they broke, Rex leaned his forehead against Noah's. He looked at him in the dim light with a small, careful smile on his lips. Noah looked back, grateful, and smiled. He let out a small and tired chuckle.

"...When are you going to shave that?" Noah looked at Rex's chin, "I feel like I'm kissing Six sometimes."

Rex looked at him, surprised and taken aback. His smile grew and he ran a thumb over the little Six-styled soul patch growing under his lower lip.

"Wait. Hold on, how do you know what kissing Six is like?" Rex leaned back and raised an eyebrow, "Aw man, Noah. Bored of me already? That's just cold."

Noah laughed and swung a punch at Rex. Rex grinned as he set a hand on Noah's shoulder, "You might want to break it off, though. Because... I hate to break it to you, buddy, but he's married."

"...AW really? Geez, you're right, what was I thinking," Noah laughed again and rolled his eyes, "My dreams are ruined."

Rex ran a hand down his face with a grin, "Heh. Think I might need to scrub my brain."

"Yeah," Noah shook his head, "I think I do, too."

"Quit trying to kiss my dad, Noah!"

They laughed. Rex and Noah doubled over as they laughed loud and unrestrained. Finally, Noah felt the terse weight in his head break. He needed that more than anything, today. He couldn't be grateful enough for Rex right now.

When their laughter calmed, Noah fell back over his bed and yawned. Exhaustion was rapidly and heavily hitting him. He stretched his arms out and shoved a pillow under his head. He closed his eyes and contentedly murmured, "All right, get out of my room, Rex."

Rex smirked, fell back, and set an arm over him. "Nah," he replied, "Think I'm gonna crash here."

He looked over at Noah, who was already half asleep, "Hey. You're not even going to change?"

"Nah," Noah replied, and rolled over.

"Okay, well," Another smile started to play on Rex's face, "...You know your shirt is coming off."

"Whatever," Noah apathetically shrugged and sleep-mumbled, "Do whatever you want."

Rex grinned at Noah's indifference, and started to strip his clothing away.

Even though Rex happily undressed him, it was really just for Noah's comfort. He hated sleeping in uncomfortable clothes himself, and really just disliked seeing people do the same, especially after a day as long as theirs.

Buttons opened and folds came loose as Rex slowly removed the uniform coat and dress shirt underneath. Noah lightly snored as Rex gently pulled his arms from his sleeves and mumbled when he tugged off his heavy boots.

Noah slept soundly as he was reduced to his pants and tank, completely unaware of anything happening. As Rex kicked off his own boots, he turned to look down at Noah. He couldn't help but smile like an idiot.

Honestly, Rex thought, it was so easy to look at him sometimes. Noah may not have been the best looking guy in all the world, or even in Providence (Rex was sure he had that title anyway), but sometimes... His eyes just seemed to naturally wander onto him. And it wasn't because of want or hunger or longing, but because, well, it was Noah. That was the only explanation that Rex could come up with. As far as Rex was concerned, Noah just had one of those faces. Not that he had ever really encountered one of those kinds of faces before, but that wasn't the point.

He just liked looking at him.

Even in the low light, Rex found it easy to focus on even minute details. The curve of his cheek. The tussle of his hair. The part of his lips. The angle of his nose.

The scars on his face.

It wasn't often that he could catch a moment like this, and he savored it. Even though Rex lived off of a continuous rush, of an unending flow of high spirits and energy, he had to admit he liked these quiet times. Sometimes he felt simple in them- like there was only them, and their only responsibility was to exist for those few moments.

In the past, quiet only came with solitude, and with solitude only came painful thoughts and questions. Although, when Noah was beside him, he could only think of how fortunate he was and how good things were for them, even with the necessary pains and sacrifices of this life.

Rex reclined and tucked his arm underneath the extra pillow. Noah shifted in his sleep and faced him.

He laid a hand on Noah's cheek and gently traced the scar on his jawline.

The sacrifices of this life.

Scars. Noah had so many scars. Smaller, almost indistinguishable ones were flecked across his face like freckles. Larger ones laid across his arms and pointed out from under the thin fabric of his shirt.

Rex sighed. Those scars. He couldn't reject them.

Noah was reckless, even more so than Rex in battle, but he was tough as he was brilliant in combat. He took risks, overrode orders, and even when so many plans laid out in destruction, Noah's results were remarkable. The only evidence of any missions' imperfections were left over Noah's skin. Still, those scars meant something. Rex looked at them again.

Noah was a living tally board for the lives he saved. Rex couldn't reject those scars. He slowly smiled.

It was hard to believe that just a few years ago Noah's skin had been so pristine. It was hard to believe that once, he was just a low ranking officer fresh from Basic. It was hard to believe that at one time, he was just a friendly stranger, offering to buy Rex a soda one evening.

He passed his hand through Noah's hair.

It was hard to believe sometimes that they weren't always like this. It was surreal sometimes, to think that there wasn't always this weird, crazy, and amazing understanding between them. But at least it came eventually, although they felt stupid that it had taken them so long to see it. It was hard to think it had only been barely a couple years that they had been like this.


Rex stared at him in the darkness.

He was grateful for Noah.

He left a kiss on his cheek and laid an arm over his friend. As Noah settled into him, Rex tilted his head down and fell asleep, too. Then he yanked and hogged all the blanket.

The shower was running. Hot water woke Noah up for his daily routine. He had his regimen to tend to, and his assignment for the day was leading some units onto new patrol routes. Even though yesterday had been so heavy, everything continued to run as usual. In this line of work, there were no days off, even for grieving.

As Noah walked out of the bathroom and dried his hair, his bed sheets beeped. Rex snored and turned over while his cell phone dropped off the side from Noah's bed, still beeping and buzzing angrily.

Noah picked up the phone and answered it, "Hey, Six."

Rex's ears twitched and started to wake him up. He mentally groaned, but if it was his cell phone and not his communicator, whatever it was must have not been urgent.

"Yeah, you're right, he's here. I found him passed out on my bed when I got back last night. Then, I woke up freezing because he took my sheets. He's a real leech sometimes."

Rex snorted.

"Heh. Yeah, no kidding. He was even drooling."

Rex tossed his pillow at Noah's back. He dodged it.

"Uh huh. Yeah. Okay. I'll let him know when he wakes up. Later, Six."

With a beep, Noah hung up. Rex sat up, drowsy and messy and annoyed. He wiped the side of his mouth, "I wasn't drooling. Quit embarrassing me Noah, geez."

He shrugged, "Next time, answer your own phone." Noah grinned as he sat down next to Rex.

"You're a real jerk sometimes."

"Hey, I just learned from the best," Noah cocked an eyebrow and smirked. He turned his head to a small pile of clothes sitting in a chair. "Hey, what's with my uniform over there?"

"Oh," Rex shrugged, "I was going to fold them but then I remembered I don't know how to." He scratched his head, "So I just put them over there."

Noah laughed, "At least I don't have to wear that one today."

"So," Rex snuck an arm around Noah's shoulder, "What was Six calling me for?"

"Said your physical's been pushed up a little because Holiday has a meeting she has to get to. Got to report at 8, now."

"Aw, man. That's too early."

"Well, you're up already."

"Nah. Doesn't count," Rex slid his hands into Noah's damp hair and ruffled it, "I'm going to go back to sleep."

Noah laughed, shaking his head, "Man. You still act like you're fifteen..."

"Heh. Sometimes I wish you still had the hair you had when you were fifteen. It's too short, now. You looked kind of like a war-hippie then."

"Yeah, well you're the long-haired war-hippie now." Noah shoved Rex's hands away and they both laughed.

They talked in the little time it took Noah to dress. The clock soon ticked onto the hour, Noah and Rex exchanged a kiss, and they said their goodbyes ("Later!"). The light was shut off behind Noah, and Rex fell back onto his rumpled sheets. He looked up at the ceiling and thought for a moment.

Noah at fifteen, or sixteen- whenever he met him... That long hair. That old army jacket. That youthful sarcasm (Oh wait, he still has that). It really didn't seem all that long ago, but it had been about five years now.


Five years. Rex paused and thought.

That almost was his whole life as far as he could remember. His furthest memory went back to about six years.

Six years of life.

The only life he knew was built in only six years. Because, the other lives of him- the ones that lived the fifteen years before him... He couldn't remember.

It was like those versions of him never existed, as far as he knew. They disappeared. He was a separate Rex.

Before he could stop himself, a chilling realization trickled up his spine: This life now. It could disappear, too.

It could all only be temporary.

Rex closed his eyes. It wasn't really a realization, but more like a reminder. The doubt in his head was a permanent weight in his thoughts, and he suddenly became aware of it again. Even while every day flowed into the next as it should, Rex knew parts of him were still missing, and he couldn't do anything about it. Even while old, hazy memories played anew sometimes, it didn't mean he'd keep them. It didn't mean that his memories now would still be remembered tomorrow.

It wasn't fair that his own head could eradicate his life so easily. His mind and its voids were a terribly close source of fear.

Rex shook off the small, anxious panic in the back of his head. Solitude was so annoying. He had to pick himself up. He had to be positive. The threat of an impermanent memory made his life all the more vivid. Every day was amazing in some way, whether he was along for the ride or he made it so himself. Every memory was valuable, even those that were mundane and boring. There were always reasons that made them worthwhile to remember... Reasons like the people in his life.

Even though he hated to admit it, he was a sap like this. But, it was the only thing that kept him afloat. Six, Holiday, Beverly, Bobo, Cesar... Noah. These people, the people he knew in his life- they were the reasons his memories were worth remembering.

They were the reasons he couldn't let this life be temporary.

Rex stared back up at the ceiling. He ran a hand over his face and through his rough hair. Sleep, he thought. He then turned over, pressed his face into his pillow, and fell back asleep.

Noah ran through the streets, dodging debris as EVOs ravaged the city. Beside him, a building collapsed as one of four giant worm EVOs burrowed through the structures.

"Major Nixon! I think that damage just opened up an alternate entrance on your 7!"

"Roger that!" Noah pressed his communicator into his ear as he ducked into a pit beside him. An EVO rumbled behind him, unaware of his presence as it moved away.

Noah slipped into a bigger gap below him and repelled to the ground. As his foot touched the floor, his flashlight faintly reflected off the distant walls, and his light was swallowed up in a long stretch of darkness.

"Agent Evans, what's the status on your position?" Noah aimed his rifle, just in case.

His line opened, but he could only hear static.

"Captain Jones, what's the status of Evans?"

"Building's running some sort of interference, Sir," Kenwyn answered over the static, "We can't determine what it is yet."

That was strange. The structures in this area shouldn't have had frequencies that overtook Providence communication. But, it was all the more reason to check out Evans's call on strange activity. They had to be on the lookout for anything the EVOs may have triggered.

Noah looked up and around him. It seemed he had come into a large tunnel much like a subway, although it was without tracks. The more he looked around, the more the space looked like an aircraft hangar. The walls were smooth and polished, but looked like they hadn't been touched for years.

"Captain Jones," Noah called as he looked down the two directions between him , "Where is-"

"Head north, straight ahead, Sir."

Noah stopped for a moment, amused that she couldn't even wait.

"All right," he smirked, "Thanks, Kenwyn.

He took off again.

The tunnel eventually lead to an elevator with a single button. Although he had no idea where it would take him, Noah unhesitantly slammed it. As the pressure on him increased, he could feel he was being bulleted up to a high floor.

In his ear, his communicator crackled. More and more interference filled Noah's earpiece.

When the doors slid open, the bright lights of an executive office flooded in. As Noah stepped out, the elevator closed behind him. When he looked back, it had already blended seamlessly into the wall. It was like it didn't exist.

Faintly, Noah could hear and feel the rumbling of the city below him as the EVOs tunneled through the streets. Around him, desks and chairs were overturned. Papers were in a disarray and everywhere. The employees had dropped everything to evacuate for their lives.

"Evans?" Noah spoke into the static. He thought he heard a faint voice, but he couldn't be sure.

"Evans!" He yelled out into the office.

"Major! Over here!"

He followed the sound into a corner room, where a wall had been obliterated. Inside, a small annex room had been hidden away full of monitors, screens, and keyboards. Agent Evans sat at a large computer, looking terrified.

"I think you need to take a look at this, Sir."

On every screen, shaking windows flashed an ominous red. Lines of data and code filled window after window on the monitors, but on top of them all, there was only one window whose words Noah could understand instantly:


Rex jetted through the suburbs of the city to the heart of the fight. He was overjoyed, finally happy to see some action outside of medical examinations and briefings. Apparently it was now a big enough problem that he had to be called into it.

"Tsk, Noah," He laughed to himself, "Can't handle even EVOs like this without me, huh?"

As Rex flew in, he could see the ruins left by the attack. Below him, agents were struggling to contain the EVOs as they thrashed.

Just as one of the EVOs reared its head up to attack, Rex landed a punk buster square onto its head. He jumped back, triumphant.

"Yeah! Take THAT you oversized garbage-eating maggot! And don't you- Oh man I just totally grossed myself out with that mental image..."

As the EVO recoiled, another charged up towards him. He threw a punch with his smack hand and it went flying back. When it lay defenseless, Rex set a hand on it to cure.

Soon, three EVOs were reduced to three people, and carted off to medical care. Rex looked around for the last one, but it was nowhere in sight. The ground still rumbled, but he couldn't tell the direction it was moving towards.

"Hey," Rex spoke into his communicator, "Anyone got any clue where where the last thing went off to?"

A fuzzy voice answered, "No, Sir."

"Ohhh...Kay.Well, any clue where Noah went off to then? Wasn't he supposed to be leading this?"

"The Major's whereabouts are un-""REX," A fuzzier voice interrupted the line, "Noah's up north in the Revelations Tower."

"Kenwyn," Rex started to jet up, "Why's he up there?"

He pressed on his earpiece trying to search for Noah's usual channel, but he only received static.

"He was checking out some suspicious activity -chssh- we lost communcation -cssh- him."

"All right," Rex called out. He kept his hand to his ear, scrambling his nanites to find some sort of in-between frequencies that Noah might be open to.

Rex couldn't sure, but he then felt that something was off.

"Noah? Noah!" He kept yelling as he flew closer to a large, shining sky scraper. On the side of the building, the words REVELATIONS GROUP LLC were inscribed in gold. The closer he flew to it, the more static his communicator picked up.

"Noah!" He kept yelling. He tried to squint his eyes to see any sign of him though the windows, but all he could see was the reflection of the city.

"-CSSHH- REX."Finally!


Without a thought, Rex made a sharp turn up to the steepled top. When he landed on a platform, in front of him were huge, hulking power generators that were strangely enormous and foreign. There was no reason at all for an advertising firm to need this kind of power. And, as far as Rex could tell, these power cores weren't the only ones. Maybe he could shut down the rest from here if they were connected. He set his hands on it.

Inside, Noah and Evans frantically typed away at several monitors. Red, flashing lights still dangerously flickered overhead. As Noah typed overrides over and over again, he angrily wondered why an entire building had been converted into a nuclear bomb.

Outside the annex room, the lights flickered and died. Evans looked up as he typed and Noah breathed, "Rex took care of the main power supply."

Another flashing command window popped up and Noah mumbled, "We only have to worry about half the city being blown up now."

Noah could feel a faint rumbling. Since the alarms went off the building itself had been quietly shaking, but the extra rumbling was different.

"Evans, check that out," Noah kept typing.

Outside, down below and hundreds of feet from Evans and Noah, was the last EVO making its way towards them.

On the roof, Rex dusted his hands while the generators were still slowing down. Noah's voice shouted in his earpiece. "-CSSHH-REX! -CSSHHH- EVO!"

The static was getting worse.


Rumbling. Even all the way up here he could feel it. He looked down over to the side and saw the fourth EVO, bigger than all the rest, tunneling through the streets towards them. In the distance, he could see Providence helicopters making their way towards the building.

Rex signaled them with his smack hands, and jumped down, jetting towards the EVO. He didn't know exactly why, but all he knew was that Noah needed him to keep it away from that tower.

Noah's blood was running cold, his fingers were going numb as they flew across several keyboards. As each blaring red window greyed and closed, smaller and smaller prickles of relief edged over his nerves. The more windows closed, the more voices he could hear in his communicator. He let out a small breath. He might actually be able to get out of this alive.

The code in the programming was older than he was used to, and as far as he could tell, this program should have been disabled. He could think of no other reason that it could have been set off but by the resonating frequency those four EVOs produced when they traveled. The waves their movement produced must have been just right to trigger something. It was a freak chance.

Noah's hands shook as he pressed the ENTER button and the last window receded. He breathed as he leaned back, adrenaline still pumping. The lights turned off. The screens calmed. He had stopped it. His heart beat.

"Sir?" Evans asked cautiously.

The rumbling below halted. But, Noah could still hear something.

A long beep was resounding.


On a small screen down and to the side, one more red monitor flashed.

"EVANS! Get down!"


The response was delayed.


All Noah could hear was a quiet ringing in his ears.

Down below, an explosion shook the ground. Rex looked up, cold, to see a floor completely blown away.


It was surreal. It was dreamy and hazy and all at the same time, as vivid and far more real than Rex ever knew.

Before he realized it, he found himself staring at the wreck of charred walls and furniture around him. There was absolutely no thought in his head as he overturned pieces of tables and cabinets.

"Noah!" He called out into the office, "Noah?"

He heard a cough from the side, and rushed to it.

"Help!" A voice called out. But it wasn't Noah's. "Help!"

Rex found Agent Evans, taking refuge under pieces of a desk. He held his broken arm in pain.

"Evans!" Rex helped him to his feet, "What happened? Where's Noah?"

"I-I don't know, Sir! Something about a bomb a-and I thought we were clear but The Major told me to get down and-" Evans looked around frantically, "I don't know where he is. He pushed me out of the control station before himself."

Rex gulped. "...Right. Go wait at the windows. Providence medics should be here soon."

A pit wallowed in Rex's stomach. His eyes followed a trail of cinders across the walls. He ran to where blood dotted the corners of the office.

Grimly, he pulled aside a pile of chairs and debris and. found Noah, lying across the floor still and quiet.

He had never seen more blood on him in his life.

"Noah!" Rex dropped to the ground in a panic, "Noah!"

Cuts slid across his arms and his shoulders. His uniform was sliced to pieces and his hair was matted in drying blood. Worse yet was the exposed, gaping flesh down his back. Rex set a shaking hand on the side of Noah's neck, checking for a pulse, and held his breath.

He was alive.

Rex's chest heaved; Noah was alive.

But he was losing blood too quickly.

He could hear the sounds of other agents boarding the floor. Help was coming for Noah.

The rest was a blur.