Title: Telephone

Pairing (s): none

Summary: one message is passed on to the other, although the message isn't always the same. Drabble

Note: I should be doing homework…but these ideas kill me.


"Yosh! Who am I going to defeat in Vanguard today!" Morikawa chimed throwing a fist towards the ceiling. Izaki followed behind him mentally shrugging off his friend's big ego. The two paused seeing that there weren't much activity going on, Vanguard playing that is, in the shop. Also, there were no sign of customers that they didn't know personally and their friends didn't seem to notice them enter.

Morikawa caught Aichi whispering something in Kamui's ear. He startled the bluenette when he called his name. "Aichi! You talking about me?"

"Ah! Oh… Morikawa-kun…." Aichi shifted his glance towards the side with an indifferent expression. He spotted a chair near Kai and sat on that chair at the different table.

Kamui whispered to his glasses-wearing friend before the message has been passed on to the other boy with a topknot hairdo. Morikawa and Izaki watched idly, although Morikawa had bloated that his comrades were thinking how great he was at Vanguard and an awesome person. The boy approached Miwa who just returned with a bag full of bento lunches for the group. Miwa kneeled down and nodded what the boy whispered.

The blonde placed the bag on a table. He cupped his hands and whispered in Misaki's ear, which caused the girl to avert her eyes from her book listening to him attentively. She silently nodded, closing her eyes calmly placing her book face down on the counter. Misaki called for Shin's attention.

"I'm awesome, right?" Morikawa chirped, although no one seemed to hear him as everyone did their own thing. Shin stopped sweeping and leaned in for Misaki to whisper in his ear. Shin then walked over to Izaki to whisper something in his ear. Morikawa quickly turned and demanded Izaki to let him in on the "news". Even though Morikawa thought everyone was thinking greatly of him, yet he was curious of what exactly everyone was passing on.

Izaki looked at Morikawa nervously seeing that he was losing a bit of patience. He turned to Shin who gave a nod. "I think you can say it now." Shin turned to the group who had their eyes on something else. "Right, guys?"

There were remarks of:


"Go ahead"

"No one else here to spread the message anyway."

"What message?"

"Um…" Izaki told what Shin told him. Soon after Shin told what Misaki told him, and what Misaki heard from Miwa, there were sounds of disbeliefs and confusion mixed with a bit of irritation.

"I heard the fat boar will never fly!"

"I was told the huge pig couldn't swim!"

"Ze turtle boast da huge balloon."

"Umi waddle a quacker cracker."

Morikawa stared dumbfounded at everyone before setting his gaze on Aichi who fiddled his Wingal card, his cards were scattered neatly in front of him. Morikawa stared down at the timid boy with furrowed eyebrows and fists on his hips. Aichi had not say anything as of yet about the message.


"Read between the lines, Morikawa," Kai spoke firmly, not looking at anyone in particular. He was sitting in his usual relaxed position. Morikawa grimaced at the brunette.


Miwa quickly intervened sensing the angry tension emanating from Morikawa. He chimed holding up the bag of bento lunches.

"Who wants bento lunch?"


note: Morikawa has become annoying….enough said.