Antonio smiled as he finished tying his gold tie. He was finally getting to go on a date with his girlfriend as long as Mike and Emily went with them. Being samurai rangers meant they had to stick together. Kevin and Jayden are staying here and training which makes it a lot more golden. Antonio didn't have to worry about the two single guys of the house trying to take his girl.

Mia was a beautiful, young, amazing woman and any guy would be lucky to have her in his arms. Antonio was that lucky man. The man who ripped his pants with a fishing hook the first day they met. The same man who was stuck in that dream world with her. The same man that listened to her day and night carry on about how much she loved to cook everyone dinner.

"Antonio, are you ready?" The pink ranger asked coming into the room. She was wearing a long, silky, pink dress and black high heels. Her long, black hair was pulled up into a bun.

"Yes, beautiful lady." He smiled taking her hand and walking out of the room with her. They waited by the entrance until Emily came down the hall. She was wearing a short, puff, yellow dress with white flats. Her curly, blond hair bounced off her shoulders.

"You guys ready? Mike is waiting in the van." She said grabbing a white jacket and putting it on.

Mia nodded and got a black jacket. "Let's go." She smiled and walked out followed by the other two rangers.

The green ranger opened the door for the ladies and Antonio. After hopping inside, they started driving to the restaurant. "This should be fun." Mike said grabbing Emily's hand.

"It sure will. I've never been on a double date before." The yellow samurai said.

"It'll be fun. I promise." He kissed her cheek.

Antonio turned to Mia. Her eyes sparkling in the moonlight, she was deep in thought. Not wanting to disturb her, He looked out the other window. A few minutes later, they arrived at the restaurant. "This is place looks… really fancy." Emily said as she walked with Mike into the restaurant.

"Mia, are you okay with this?" Antonio asked.

"Of course I am." She smiled wrapped his arm around her shoulders and they followed the young couple. "I'm with you. Anything is good for me." She said.

The gold ranger kissed her on the cheek. "You're the best." He whispered in her ear.

"I know." She giggled pulling him into the restaurant.

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