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she looked down at the positive pregnancy test with tears in her eyes. How could this happen to her? she was supposed to be different, how would the tribe react? How would her brother react?

"Cori will lose all respect for me, he will sever our mental ties and won't have anything to do with me. How could I let this happen? And with The Rum Tum Tugger! When everyone finds out who the father is my life is over!"

She crouched in the corner in shame, unable to unclench her paws from around the the pregnancy test.

What if Cori reads my mind? He is going to find out about this, but I need someone else to tell first.

She sat there and thought about who she could tell, certainly not Tugger just yet, she considered the other queens, maybe one of them, but who? Jennyanydots and Jellylorum would probably be the most sympathetic, so she decided on them.

As she left the den, she heard her brother calling, "Tantomile, where are you heading?"

"Just going to see Jenny because I haven't felt well lately."

"Well, tell me what's wrong when you get back."

"Alright Cori, I won't be long."

She walked throught the junkyard, worrying if the other cats would realize she was pregnant, she was panicing on the inside. She at one point stepped behind a junk pile and put a paw on her stomach, and whispered, "you guys better remain inconspicuous until I figure out how to handle this situation."

She then continued her walk across the junkyard to Jenny's.

When she got there, she knocked on the doore which was quickly answered by Jenny who welcomed the psychic inside.

"It's so nice to see you Tantomile, Jellylorum is in the living room."

She pointed Tantomile into a room with several throw pillows as couches and before Tanto knew it she was sitting down on a very comfortable coushion, being handed a cup of tea and mouse sandwiches. Tanto thanked them and Jellylorum asked her, "so what brought you here today Tantomile? you're usually with your brother aren't you?"

Tanto nodded and said,"yes, Cori and I are usually busy practicing our psychic powers"-"but you do need to occasionally socialize, you do realize that, don't you?" interupted Jenny, "I mean, you can always visit your brother, but why not settle down with a nice tom and have kits?"

"thats really what I wanted to talk to you two about," said Tanto.

The queens looked at her puzzled, and finally Jelly said, "we don't understand what you mean, Tanto, why would you come to us about finding a tom and having kits?"

Tantomile sighed and said,"I need help, I am pregnant," tears begun filling the queen's eyes.

There was silence as Jenny and Jelly looked at each other, both wanting to reprimand Tantomile for being irresponsible and for having sex before mating, but they realized that the consequences of her actions were punishment enough, and she didn't need their scolding.

Jenny placed a sympathetic paw on Tanto's shoulder and said, "now now dear, don't worry, we'll care for you and help you, do you know who the father is?"

Tantomile looked at the two queens with shame written on her face and she confessed, "The father is The Rum Tum Tugger."

There was silence between them for a while, the two older queens just holding Tanto's paws until Jelly said, "well, I suppose there is nothing left to do but to get you healthy for the kits, do you mind if we examine you?"

Tantomile clenched up at this, suddenly very conscious of her body, but Jenny assured her, "don't worry dear, we tend to all the expecting queens, we are sort of the nurses of the tribe, now if you'll come with us, we just need to look you over and help you get started on a plan that will help you through this."

The two queens led her into a room with a low bench and had her sit down, Jelly took Tanto's pulse while Jenny rumaged for some things in a cabinet.

The gumbie cat pulled out an oral thermometer and placed it under Tanto's tongue, Tantomile sat there, trying to seem apethetic as Jelly begun to feel over her belly.

"So when did you find out you where pregnant dear?" asked Jenny, as she removed the thermometer.

"I took a test today and it came out positive," she said.

Jenny wrote this down in a notebook with all the medical stuff they had already written and asked,"when did you start to have symptoms?"

"about two weeks ago, last week I skipped my period but I was to scared to take a test until today."

The older queen nodded as Jelly listened to Tanto't heart, and then asked," so when do you think the kittens were conceived?"

This was such a personal question, Tanto looked away, she had hardly spoken to Tugger since she had missed her period, she hated talking about this to the older queens.

"Tantomile, you need to tell us so we can know how long you have been pregnant," said Jelly, with a stern voice.

"It was exactly three weeks ago, me and Tugger... well like I said, I started having symptoms a week later..." Her voice trailed of.

Jenny nodded and said,"say no more dear."

Jelly looked over everything they had written and said,"alright Tantomile, while you are pregnant, you need to go by these health guidelines so you and the kits won't become malnourished. First off, you need to stay away from fish because of the murcery, you should also try to eat less mice and rats and more dove and pigeon, understand?"

Tanto nodded and the queen continued," every three weeks you need to come to us for a health checkup, and you will also need to attend lamaz classes."

Whil Jelly said this, Jenny rumaged through her cabinet and pulled out several jars with various herbs and said," you will also need to take supplements, brew these herbs into tea to drink twice a day."

She handed them to Tanto who took them and then asked,"can you help me tell my brother? Not just yet, in a few days after I've calmed down from this."

"Certainly dear, whatever you need," said Jenny.

"Thank you so much," said Tanto, tears filling her eye once again, "this has been so hard, I'm just so scared."

At this the two older queens pulled her into a tight hug and wouldn't let her go, and she didn't want them to, either. Their being on her side and wanting to help her gave her strength. She knew that she wouldn't go throught this alone.