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Two years later...

A kitten ran between Tanto's legs, chased by it's rambunctious sibling. They pounced on each other and tackled and stocked, inventing games of their own and batting around a ball Tanto had found them. Tanto smiled as she watched the kits play, and they were soon joined by Demeter's three kittens, tumbling and chasing like all young kits do.

Soon Demeter and Munkus came into sight, Munkus looking worriedly at his kits, Demeter reasuring him that they weren't going to spontaneously combust or whatever her mate was paranoid about.

"Hey Milly," said Demeter, giving her sister-in-law a slight hug. And then looking around asked, "where's Tugger?"

"Oh, he'll be around," chuckled Tanto, looking over her shoulder right as Tugger came around the corner.

He was walking slowly, having to bend down as he held onto little Jonokol's paw as they approached. As they got up to Tanto and the others, Jonokol hid behind Tugger's leg, shyly. The silver tabby Jonokol was easily the runt of the litter, she was shy, and was a complete daddy's girl.

"Jonokol, come on out, come play," coaxed Tanto, getting down on her knees for her kitten.

"I wanna stay with daddy," she said, covering her face with Tugger's tail, and clutching his leg tightly. "Joni..." sighed Tugger, "we talked about this, you need to socialize with kittens besides your siblings, and you already know your cousins, so go play."

"Promise you won't leave me daddy?" she asked, slowly coming around to face him, still holding his tail.

"I would never do that, now go have fun. And remember what I told you, don't touch my tail!" he said playfully, flicking her nose with the end of his tail.

At this Jonokol teasingly stuck out her tongue and shook back and fourth with her paws on her hips, and then turned and slowly approached her cousin Patchpaws, who was watching a butterfly.

Tugger smiled proudly at his little daughter as she watched her sit down next to the young tom, glad she was trying to not be so shy around other kittens.

"He's a complete pushover with that kitten," Tanto whispered to Demeter, who was snickering as she watched her brother-in-law stopping her brother Deucalion from sneaking up on her. "The only place he ever puts his foot down with her or any of them is when they want to get into bed with us," she chuckled, to which Demeter almost laughed out loud.

"So are you going to make it to the ball next week?" asked Munkus, as he anxiously watched his kits. "Don't eat that Thonoland, you don't know where that's been!" he said suddenly, to his red-tabby daughter who was about to eat a box of discarded dog treats.

"Wow, Munk, we need to get you on anxiety meds... or something," said Demeter, watching her panicked mate trying to count every head as the kittens scurried back and fourth. He loved his kittens, and he loved being a daddy, but sometimes he just took being the protector way to seriously.

Tanto laughed and said, "yeah Munk, you need to calm down. Oh, but about the ball, we're coming. We've gotten Etcetera to agree to kitten sit."

"She doesn't mind missing the ball?" asked Munk, taken by surprise.

"Nah, she absolutely loves kittens, and the kittens call her 'auntie', plus she likes searching for any of Tugger's fur left on his pillow so she can eat it," said Tanto, figuring Cettie was just a hopeless love-sick nut.

"She eats it?" asked Munk, making a sickened face.

Tanto shrugged and said, "I don't know what else she would do with it..." suddenly something caught her eye. It was Kalleste, staring off into space, having a vision. Tanto waited patiently for the kitten to come back to the present and remember where she was, as she shook of the after affects. "Mom... on the night of the ball, you're going to find a white rose, but it's going to be gone by morning," she said, wondering what it meant.

"Probably in that place I broke the vase, just like the rose I found last year," she thought, before she got down on her knees by her daughter. "Thanks for telling me, and you did so well this time, coming out of that vision. Just remember not to panic and watch quietly, and you'll always come back. It's when you come back from them, that you can deal with them," she told her daughter, wanting to give her the help with her powers she had never gotten as a kitten. "Cori's little gift to me..." she reminscised, thinking about the rose.

Tanto nuzzled her daughter's nose, and then the striped and spotted kitten scurried off to tackle her dad with the rest of her siblings.

"Ahhh!" yelled Tugger, comically throwing up his arms and running, as he was chased by all of his kitten AND his brother's. His daughter Mephestolo pounced and caught his tail and hung on, and Tugger pretended to fall down wounded as Jonokol crawled on top of his belly and started tickling him, sending him into an uncontrollable laughing fit. "No, Joni, ahhh, you're killing me!" The tiny kitten jumped of her daddy and said, "do you surrender?"

"Yes, I surrender!" he said, but Joni, who may have been shy at first, always took over any game that involved her dad. "Get him!" she yelled, and all the other kittens came and tackled Tugger despite his 'pleas'. Really, this was his favorite part of the day, just goofing off with the kits and spending time with his mate.

Tanto watched and then realized Coricature wasn't playing with the other kittens. She looked around worriedly for Cori, but had to stop and laugh when she saw Mick Jaggar practicing his pelvic thrusts, trying to show one of Munkus' kits the dance moves his dad had taught him. Seeing this she smacked herself in the face and made a mental note to not let Tugger teach them any more of his dance moves, since he couldn't pirroette at gun point.

She looked back and fourth for the kitten, but then relaxed when she saw him coming, being dragged by Bomba's kittens. Bomba had gotten together with Mungojerrie, she just had a thing for bad boys. The kittens were twin queens, both red like their mother, and between them they each hold one of Coricature's paws, pulling him back and fourth between them. "He's my tom friend!" "No, he's my tom friend!" they fought, the helpless and clueless tom kit between them calling for his mom pathetically.

Tanto rescued her kitten and walked back over to the others, Coricature nuzzling her fur with his face. She gently stroked the back of his neck and he purred, and she felt an inward flutter of joy along with her kitten's happiness. He always loved his mother carrying him, and Tanto had always been there for him, giving him, and all of them, the support she had never gotten.

She shook her head with as sigh as she watched Munkustrap worriedly chasing his kitten, on the verge of a panic attack, and Demeter standing there exasperatedly, figuring she had to be the laid back one. "They are crazy," she whispered to Cori, who put his paw over his mouth to stiffle a giggle.

"Mama, mama, come play with us!" called Mick Jaggar, leaving his friend who just wasn't getting the moves down. And with that he took off after his siblings.

Tanto sighed happily and set Cori on the ground, taking one of his paws. "Come on, we need to rescue you daddy again," she said, joining her family.

Out of the hardest circumstances, she broke free.
Showing true strength, despite the challenges,
a once sad, stoic queen, built a life for herself.

The end

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