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He teaches gifted-support at an elementary school in the city. So he has the same group of 26 kids for six hours each day, and he knows all of them pretty well. Just like they know him rather well—some of the kids have been in his class for three years since he's the only support teacher for grades three through five. It's one of his third-graders who mentions it first. Lauren Bingham asks him why he's starting to look like that weird guy who sleeps on the bench in front of her house, which he takes to mean that his scruff makes him look homeless—but he doesn't care because even the scruff is getting him a lot more hot action with Rachel.

Then Chaiden Russel asks him one of the most popular questions he gets. "Why, do you look like a hobo, Mr. Hudson?" The "why" being the most popular part of that question, of course, because he doesn't usually look like a hobo (at least he hopes he doesn't).

"Well, Chaiden," and what kind of a weird name is 'Chaiden'; he and Rachel are totally naming their kids something cool, not stupid 'Chaiden', "It's part of my wife's Christmas present," and then he winces because there's no way to explain to a class of elementary kids that he's growing a beard for Christmas because Rachel thinks it's sexy.

But luckily the bell rings, and they all rush out of class forgetting to ask 'why' for a second time, since Christmas break has just started. On holidays, the teachers get to leave at the same time as the students so he packs up quickly hoping to get home in enough time to ravish Rachel before she has to go to the theatre for her last show before winter hiatus. Sadly he gets stuck in traffic which bites, and he gets home 30 minutes after she's left for the theatre. Their apartment smells all warm and Christmassy with a small pine tree and a Menorah resting next to each other in the living room.

There is also the scent of baked-goods in the air, and Finn follows his nose to the source of the smell—a small plate of snickerdoodles with a note in her gently swooping hand-writing.

"Sorry I missed you, babe, I waited as long as I could before I left. These are completely non-vegan in honor of the holidays (you're so lucky Mrs. Stein was home and could crack the eggs for me). I can't wait to come home and spend our entire break together ;).

Love, Rachel"

What does the winky face mean? He hopes that he's taking it correctly when he imagines it in a sexual manner. Like really sexual. And, oh God, she won't be home for nearly another eight hours and he's almost ready to go.

So he does the respectable thing and grabs a beer and starts to grade papers. Rachel gets home sometime around midnight. He's long since finished grading paper and has decided to watch tv. Rudolf is on and he's quietly singing along to some of the parts biding his time until she gets home. He's planning on giving her part of her present tonight. Finn hears her open the door and call his name quietly as she putters around the apartment putting her things away and grabbing her customary cup of tea.

He opens his arms to her as an invitation to sit with him when she walks into the room, and Rachel happily obliges kissing his sweetly and melting into his warm arms after the chilly walk to their home. She tastes like chamomile and honey and home. "How'd the show go babe?"

"Fine, all in all it was a good ending note for the fall run. Now we get a break to charge out batteries," She sighs taking another sip of her tea.

"Hmmm," he nods kissing the top of her forehead sweetly, "So what do you say to getting one of your presents a little early this year?"

"That would depend entirely on what it is Mr. Hudson," Rachel loved calling him Mr. Hudson—in fact one of her favorite things to do was to role-play teacher/student.

"Well, you see, I've grown this pretty nice beard at the request of a lovely young woman. And there was something very specific she wanted me to do to her once I had it."

She looks at him for a moment trying to judge if he's completely serious. In a rush, she blurts out the words, "ILOVEYOU," before quickly attaching herself to his face. She bends over quickly setting her mostly full cup of steaming liquid down before grabbing his hand and dragging him to their bedroom. "You are. The best. Husband. Ever." She mutters huskily between kisses as they make short work of eachother's clothing.


Rachel Hudson is without a doubt the luckiest woman in the world. She is married to the sexiest, sweetest, hottest, most caring man ever. She had her dream job and is currently doing exactly what she wants to be doing—namely her incredibly sexy husband. He lowers her gently onto their bed kissing his way down her body paying special attention to her breasts as the wiry, yet soft, hairs of his beard adding another level of sensation that is just delicious. He sucks one of her nipples into his mouth swirling his tongue around it as his beard scratches and rubs against her.

She knows that she's not going to last very long as he continues to make his way down her body. Her breath catches in her throat as he begins to kiss her thighs his beard adding so much more to the simple act of his sucking kisses. This is without a doubt one of the best ideas she's ever had. When he finally brings his lips to her clit, she nearly loses it on the spot. Everything is brighter and the world seems like a better place as he slowly laves his tongue over her sensitive nub.

The coarse hair of his scruff is rubbing against her as well and she just can't take much for of this as he places two steady fingers at her entrance teasing her wetness before plunging them deeply inside of her. She kind of shriek-pants his name when he does this. And yeah she hasn't been necessarily quiet, but now she's pretty sure that their neighbors know exactly what's going on, but she is so beyond caring.

Finn slowly curls his fingers inside of her hitting that sweet spot over and over again while he traces her clit with his tongue—he has her number down. Her legs clamp around his head holding him closer to her as she comes her juices spilling onto his fingers. When her muscles finally untense, she releases him slightly embarrassed. "That was good," She says breathlessly. "That was really good."

He crawled up the bed to wrap her in his arms, "That was just the beginning, babe. We have an entire Christmas break to spend however we see fit. Our parents aren't coming to see us until after January 1st. And until then I can stay as scruffy as you want." He kissed her then, and she could taste herself on his lips and feel the remnants of her wetness stuck in his beard—it was such a turn-on.

This had to be the best Christmas present ever. And it was the gift that kept on giving as he gently rolled her over and slid into her easily. Best Christmas. Best husband. Best life.

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