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Okay derping done… ONWARD!


Alfred has never believed in the existence of fairies. Or any other sort of magic for that matter. So to have it all shoved in his face so abruptly was kind of painful.

He had only been going outside to look for his gloves, which he had unwittingly left on the outdoor table. It was the middle of November and it had been getting colder and colder. When he found them he looked up only to find the biggest surprise of his life.

'I have a fairy in my backyard!' It had to be a fairy because that boy clearly had wings! Although they were not the type of wings he always imagined a fairy would have, should they exist. Which apparently they did.

They were shaped more like a bats wings and had some weird fir like stuff on it rather than leathery skin. One of them appeared to be broken.

'This could be some strange dream. You did have that whole pot of coffee before you went to bed yesterday.' Alfred held onto that thought before it could escape. Of course it was a dream! Fairies didn't exist! Alfred instantly tried to wake himself up, going so far as to punch himself in the gut with as much strength as he could muster, which was rather stupid of him.

So he wasn't dreaming?

Alfred pressed his hand to his forehead, dragging it down across his face. 'Damn…' He glanced at the weird fairy thing in his yard again, and sighed. He couldn't just leave the thing out here. It was freezing and Alfred wasn't heartless.

He made his way over to the unconscious fairy and got a closer look.

It did have a small layer of fir on its wings that now seemed more like a dragons than a bats. It had tufts of forest green and crimson red scattered about the coal-colored fir that reminded Alfred of a dark Christmas tree. That thought made him want to laugh.

The boy's hair was no different except that it was longer. It was choppy in style and shorter in the back than the front. Alfred had the sudden urge to spike the back. The poor fairy was tiny too! He was probably about four or five inches shorter than Kiku! But unlike Kiku, the fairy didn't seem to have any muscle on him. He had pale skin that looked like it reflected the moon rather than the sun.

Alfred cautiously lifted the small boy into his arms, hoping that he wouldn't wake up suddenly and took him inside.

After setting the fairy 'is he even a fairy?' in his bedroom and tucking some blankets around him for warmth (He made sure to avoid the broken wing) Alfred dropped down into his recliner in the living-room with a heavy sigh.

"Holy jeez…" He whispered to no one. A loud briiiiing blasted it's way into his thoughts making him flail his arms and fall backwards out of his recliner. He sat dazed for a moment before realizing his phone was ringing and darting to pick it up before it woke up his guest.

"Hello!" He nearly dropped the phone in his rush. "Sorry yes? What's up?"

"America, what on earth are you doing over there?" Arthur's voice questioned from the other end. "Whatever, I do not want to know. You do realize there is a world conference, don't you? One that you're supposed to be hosting? And that you aren't here for…?"

"Alright I get it! Jeez, I got stuff that needs finishing so I'm postponing until tomorrow. Sorry I didn't warn you ahead of time…"

Arthur seethed. "You can't just 'postpone' the meeting Alfred! Everyone else is already here!"

"Then tell them to go back to their hotels, or site-see, or hold the meeting without me, because I'm not going! I'm busy!" With that he hung up the phone and sighed for what felt like the thousandth time that day. Arthur was probably pissed…

Alfred returned to the living-room and lifted the chair he had tipped over, easily righting it so that he could sit down again. Just as he was getting comfortable, his cell phone began to vibrate. The recliner broke this time.

"Damnit!" He shouted before covering his mouth in panic. He warily glanced up the staircase and listened intently for any sign of his guest. There were none.

Alfred swiftly pulled out his phone and read the text. *Arthur told me you postponed the meeting. Is everything alright?* It was Mattie.

*Yeah, everything's just roses and dandelions! Perfectly peachy!* Alfred replied sarcastically. He looked on mournfully at the now broken recliner he had loved so much. Such a horrible fate…

Buuuurrrr *No need to get sarcastic…*

*Yeah ok… see ya tomorrow Mattie!*


Alfred got to his feet and gave up on relaxing for a while. There would be none of it with this knew problem anyway.

Again the thought crossed Alfred's mind that this could all just be a dream but he shoved it away, already knowing it was a lie. Alfred tried not to lie to himself if possible.

"So I really do have a fairy thing in my bed right now?" He blushed at his own statements double meaning. 'Okay no thoughts like that! Bad!' He looked at the staircase once again. 'Should I check on him?'

There was a loud thump following that thought.

'Yes I should!'

When he reached his room, it was to find the little fairy boy sitting upright on the floor where he had apparently fallen off the bed trying to get up. He was clutching at his broken wing and Alfred could hear little sniffles coming from the boy.

When the boy realized he wasn't alone anymore, he started furiously wiping at the tears that were running down his face, hoping the stranger hadn't seen them, although he probably had.

The fairy glanced up and tried to say something but all that came from his sore throat was a hoarse cough. Alfred quickly went back downstairs to get him some water.

The boy gladly drank what was offered and tried speaking again. "Wh-Who are you? Where—" Alfred cut him off.

"Alfred F. Jones at your service!" Alfred bowed then, trying to lighten the mode and show he was friendly rather than a creeper. "What's your name?"



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This story is almost Completely AU from the Harry Potter books and slightly AU from Hetalia