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It wasn't very long before things went back to normal. Harry continued to search, hoping to figure out something other than what he had already. Alfred continued to be Alfred. Though there were times that he'd stray from character, especially about Harry's weight.

And Harry slowly began to heal from his nasty fall. He could move his wing slightly now after week of complete stiffness. Alfred had smiled when He first noticed this, saying that Harry was healing really well if he could do that.

Harry didn't know if he should be happy about it either. The faster he healed, the harder it would be to figure out Alfred's secret. And the faster he would have to leave Alfred's company.

Harry glanced over at Alfred, who was playing some computer game. He was hunched over the desk his laptop was on. His eyes were glued to the screen, almost literally, and his mouth hung open with his concentration. Harry smiled with mirth and leaned on the door-frame to watch him for a moment. Harry would be the first to admit that he was developing feelings for Alfred. While he would never go so far as to say he loved him, because he didn't, he would gladly say he could see himself being with Alfred like that.

Harry's smile turned sad as he pondered this. He knew that he couldn't have a relationship with Alfred. He was going to go back to England when his wing healed and Alfred probably didn't even want a relationship anyway. But even as he knew this, he found hope in the looks Alfred sometimes threw his way. They told Harry that he was at least interested in him, though in what way was still a mystery.

Harry focused on Alfred again when he shifted a little closer to the screen. "You're going to blind yourself doing that."

Alfred jumped. "Harry! Didn' know you were there!" There was some unholy screech from the speakers of the computer before the screen changed abruptly. 'You Fail!' flashed dramatically as a maniacal laugh filled the air. "Damn it! I was soooo close, dude!"

Harry sniggered at Alfred's whining. "I'm sure you can get there just fine again…" Harry turned toward the kitchen and paused. "…Without destroying your eyesight, preferably."

He managed to hear a mutter of "Yeah yeah…" before he was out of earshot. Harry began gathering things he would need to cook lunch and giggled quietly to himself. Yes Harry could see himself falling for Alfred.

It wasn't long before the smell of pasta wafted into the living room from the kitchen, making Alfred's mouth water. Alfred wasn't usually into pasta but Harry's food could make anyone drool all over themselves. Especially his hamburgers (in Alfred's opinion…).

Alfred had practically teleported to the table. When Harry said as much, Alfred's exclamation of 'I wish, that'd be epic!' was loud and excited and Harry resigned himself to another rant about superheroes. He realized with growing delight and horror that he was becoming used to, and even fond of these.

"…. And you can't say Captain America's a pussy because he isn't! He's the most awesome hero ever!" Alfred finished his rant as Harry placed a bowl in front of him.

"You know, Alfred, one would think you've developed a bit of a boy-crush on 'Captain America' with the way you talk." Harry teased. He took his seat on the other side of the table as Alfred sputtered around his food.

"Ah duf nah!" Alfred attempted to yell with his mouth full. He flushed in embarrassment when Harry shot him with a look that said 'Really, Alfred?'. He swallowed and coughed before repeating. "I do not…"

Harry only laughed.

As they were eating, a knock sounded at the front door. Alfred got up to answer, leaving Harry to clean up in the kitchen.

When he opened the door, he came face-to-face with Lovino and Feliciano Vargas. "AMERICA! Me and fratello came to see you~!"

Alfred started in horror as Feliciano shouted his official name and tugged both men inside shutting the door. Lovino smacked Feli on the head. "Idiota! You can't just shout about that kind of stuff in public, damn it! What if someone finds out about us! Bastardo!"

"Ve! I'm sorry fratello! I was just excited to see mister America again." All through this display, Harry stood in the doorway of the kitchen, staring agape at the trio in the living room. His eyes slowly focused souly on Alfred, who was too busy trying to shut the loud twins up to notice him.

Harry was not stupid by any means and he could easily determine the meaning behind those statements, considering everything else he already knew. Somehow, someway, Alfred was the country of America. Everything made sense with that thought. While Harry could easily have assumed it was just a nickname, many things wouldn't have added up.

Harry promptly dropped whatever was in his hand, which was only a rag but it was enough to grab the attention of the three men there. Harry didn't think Alfred's eyes could get any larger. The man with the darkest hair snapped his head in Harry's direction and cursed loudly in another language (Harry thought it was Italian) "Who the hell is this, hamburger bastard!"

The other man only stared at him, or so Harry assumed because his eyes were closed. Harry looked Alfred in the eyes and said. "You owe me an explanation…. America." He then turned on his heel and moved up the stairs, leaving the rag on the floor. The last thing he heard before he closed the door to his bedroom was loud Italian shouts.

Harry needed to think…


And cut! I thought it would be kinda funny if it was the Italian Twins that broke the news about Alfred. (Even if it was accidently.)

And yes, in my head canon Alfred has a good friendly relationship with both Italians. (ROMERICA… sorry wrong story idea)

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